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for Cielo Fiamma

9/25/2014 c18 Guest
Thanks for the update...your story is wonderful...ill wait for your next chapter...
9/27/2014 c18 Takatou
MORE! I really love this Tsuna especially when he is angry, I hope you show that side of him to his classmate so they will know that he's really strong and they will think highly of him, and about the english test, when will Yandere-sensei give it back? He will get 100 right?-seeing that he seem really confident- I wonder what will his classmate reaction be cuz no one has ever got 100 in english. Oh, and I see that Cielo can brew a really good coffee, can Tsuna make it too? And I really wish he can cook, an expert at that.
9/27/2014 c6 Hinatauchiha1
Ugh I don't want tsuna and kyoko together I don't know why but he's better without her in my opinion and I totally hate Hana she's mean and first she was all hater over tsuna and now she is supposely feling that he is worth it
9/26/2014 c18 8KYRAgabriela
Lambo and Gokudera came ! Will get even messier.
9/25/2014 c18 8Natsuyuuki
its a secret ...

by the way , please Update soon and good luck ...
9/25/2014 c18 RenaScarlet
Great chapter
Is Tsu will become Vongola Decimo or not
I hope he will become Sky Acrobaleno
Hope you update soon
9/22/2014 c17 Eman
Don't tell me Tsuna here is feminine? Oh please no... After all his training in Italy?! Couldn't he get more manlier? Plus, is blackmailing all he can do to defeat his enemies? really? Lame...

Sorry for this man.. But I'm looking for a strong Tsuna fiction..
9/18/2014 c17 Guest
Tnx for the update...i love your story...tsuna is the best...i love tsuna...please update again as soon as you can...ill wait...
9/19/2014 c17 8KYRAgabriela
This is quite fun! The interaction between siblings.
9/18/2014 c17 37Kuroi Rin
Hehehehe I love this Tsuna!
Nice ideas he has and blackmail Material! :D
Nyahahaha :3 even Kyoya was scared! xD
Uhhh this just got better!
9/18/2014 c17 10BlackNights24
About your poll. I did vote for Tonari, but I have an idea of what you could do for Tsuna is Tona-chan does get to become Decimo.

He could be the sky arcobaleno instead of Yuni. I like him like that. Also, I want to ask you. Who is Tsuna paired with? I personally think it should be Reborn, maybe that is just the yaoi fan in me, while Tonari gets Kyoko.
9/18/2014 c17 30deelnefire
9/18/2014 c17 RenaScarlet
Yeah, now Hayato coming
I wonder what is happen next
Hope you update soon
8/23/2014 c11 6wanna-play-a-game
103.92 Yen $1
8/11/2014 c16 30deelnefire
More more more more more. I love it :3 !
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