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2/5/2021 c3 MOONWATCHER404
lol rex just had an encounter with some great white sharks. Why is this so funny!? XD

Dammit, now I'm half wishing he ran into a pod of orcas and a few baby ones were just squeaking at him being confused as fuck. XD
1/24/2021 c2 Cooldude101011
Earth? This is gonna be fun
8/11/2018 c8 Hollow Truth
I fekkin love how the horses know what the fek to do! xD
7/18/2016 c10 noah.jensen.716
You need to add more but that's just my opinion
11/6/2015 c10 6Eregnar
Well. That was amusing. Bizarre, and Rex seemed a bit OOC, but definitely amusing.
11/6/2015 c8 Eregnar
All this talking to horses is starting to read like a fever dream... Besides, I thought it was mice that were the smart ones. :)
11/6/2015 c4 Eregnar
Well. Started reading this on a whim, and I must admit I'm amused :) Though I can't help but squirm a little at the fact that his translator can't make out the sign, since the Roman alphabet DOES exist in the Star Wars Universe (It's called High Galactic). Unless it's in some other alphabet?
10/21/2015 c10 5Ripley the Red
This story is genius, and such fun to read.
Love the "commando fish", "bread and smash", and the "previous disagreement" between Elsa and her eopies/equus'ians. Very clever.
4/26/2015 c10 404notfoundError
Haha this was a fun story to read! Great job!
3/19/2015 c10 blueravenchick
Love this story! I even stopped doing work at my job to finish reading it! XD
3/11/2015 c1 Random Stalker
Hiya :) I thought you might be interested in this: p/dave-filoni-bring-rex-back-and-have-him-and-ahsoka-together
2/26/2015 c10 Sajuea
Sweet little story. Thanks for writing it!
2/26/2015 c8 Sajuea
Hui, smart horses :)
2/26/2015 c4 Sajuea
Hihi, he crashed on earth :D :D :D This is going to be FUNNY! I got suspicious when she mentioned "...the internet...".
2/26/2015 c3 Sajuea
"I hate those commando fish". fekking awesome :D :D :D
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