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5/4/2015 c1 441917farmgirl
Not often Sheldon gets to save the day. Kind of a fun twist.

And again I'm being jealous because you wrote Ellie SO well. Is there a character you can't write? Don't try and answer that because I won't believe you.

Stupid boys.

(Loved the part about them probably seeing Mac really soon, because that's how he is.)
10/22/2013 c1 21GeorgeAndrews
Oh what an awful that Matt is. I hate teenage boys, well my mermories do lol. But Ellie and Jo have such a strong bond as demonstarted in that valentines ep and i really felt that here. excellent.
10/21/2013 c1 39Mahala
First of all let me say that you did another wonderful job with a set of difficult characters though having read this, it didn't seem so difficult after all as you made it seem very natural. I like that it was written primarily from Ellie's point of view. And all her thoughts on the members of the team. And all the little comments like the art of conversation being dull. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
10/18/2013 c1 10UrbanMuse
I love how your story, even with its build up of differing emotions, moved along so smoothly, following such a wonderful progression (or rather turn of the tables?). It truly represented one aspect of Ellie's growing maturity: coming to realize that what a true friend is really made of exists deep down inside, perhaps someplace you don't initially see - or bother to look.

Your writing in this one was so much fun. And quite a contrast to your last one-shot, "The Stranger in the Room". You really just dove headfirst into that alternate universe populated by "the teenaged girl"! Everything from Ellie's observations of the adults (regrettably) surrounding her to her sarcastic dialogue (both internal and vocalized) just fit perfectly with that turbulent stage of growing up. And I appreciated how it wasn't just the actual dialogue, but the whole narrative that sort of took on the voice of a teenager.

For some odd reason, I found your whole description of Ellie's hair absolutely fascinating. What a brilliant image - her "hair in a dark cloud", left "free", in hopes it would pass muster with Matt's preference for "a girl who let her hair express her personality" (even if she didn't understand "what it meant exactly"). :D That, to me, just epitomized those teenage years...

Ok. Enough about hair... Loved how you brought Jo into the whole scenario - the anticipated, yet anti-climactic, mother-daugher conflict. Here, seen only through Ellie's expectations, given Jo's rather subdued state of mind at the time. The continual barbs against "mom" were quite amusing, tempered of course by Ellie's gradual understanding of some of the "mysteries" of being a grown-up/mom/single woman. The stereotypical "Jo" bits were great as well - post-its everywhere (even wending their way into Ellie's habits) , the disorganized state of, well, everything in her apartment ranging from the clothes strewn about her bedroom to the state of her medicine cabinet (and that old fashioned mercury thermometer...), her quirky humor, augmented by the fever!

And the way you wove Sheldon in, even better - the brunt of even more brutal jibes, at least early on (although primarily in Ellie's mind - Jo wouldn't tolerate outward discourteous behavior from her children...). That initial scene after he arrived was priceless - their mutual discomfort, awkward attempts at communication, sharing only one thought - gosh, why couldn't Jo just have been ready to leave right away... It was so amusing to see Ellie mentally ticking off the list of more acceptable co-workers that could have come to fetch her mother... Don "still kind of good looking"; Adam "Jokes...up to date"; "the boss... no wait, that was icky" !? Aww, seriously, Ellie? ;)

I think my favorite part in the whole story was Ellie's internal dialogue directed towards Hawkes. So representative on the surface of how their interactions grew from awkward annoyance (the grown up art of conversation is rather dull, no?) to thankful relief, and how more deeply, she's growing up and maturing overall.

The whole thread related to Jo's state of dress (or undress) and Ellie's fear of walking in on her was too comical. You added it in at just the right moments to keep it funny without overdoing it. I could only imagine Ellie's horror at walking in on her mother - and Sheldon's shock had that come to pass!

Then, you managed to alter (for a while at least) the whole tone of the story with that one paragraph in which Ellie's mind is invaded with the stark reality of what her mother does - and the danger inherent therein. Highly unlikely she'd be dead randomly in her bedroom. But you just never know! I liked how you dredged up past memories of Curtis, and their current incarnation in the form of nightmares, for the both of them... Up 'til that point everything was quite humorous and entertaining, then all of a sudden - Bam! Real life pushes it's way in - and it can be pretty scary. Setting the stage for the real, but realistically less scary, situation of Jo's current condition.

Ah yes... Matt! I'd "clean forgotten" about him as well. Thank heavens Ellie realized that's likely the best response for him. Let's face it, there are so many better options out there... Let's go back to that list of mom's co-workers as examples - perhaps rethink the "Mac" option... He is a good example, no? ;)

There were so many little phrases and references here that I absolutely loved, I couldn't begin to list them - I'd literally end up quoting half the story and my review would end up being longer than your story. I couldn't help but laugh at all those silent digs at Sheldon and Jo - perfectly timed, perfectly phrased, by Ellie.

But if I had to pick, my three favorite comments, truly running the gamut, would be...
-"'Your *friend's* here.' *Sense the tone*." Whoa, watch out Sheldon!
-Sheldon studying the bookshelf "with the air of someone who was trying not to look bored. *Well, you won't be now,* Ellie thought..." lol!
-"*I'm so glad you're here,* Ellie realized. The thought was unexpected. Later on, she'd have to tell him." Ah, the pivotal moment...

Thank you so much for this wonderful piece.
10/18/2013 c1 9hap.e.daze
This was fun, even though it featured a SICK Jo! I could picture all of this easily - Sheldon playing it cool with the illness, the near panic by a teenager, and the realization that maturity brings more loyal friends. I'd like to think that once Matt realizes what happened he would be CONSUMED by overwhelming guilt. lol. I'm glad Ellie doesn't waste much time thinking about it. Great use of the Teenage POV - You captured it all perfectly and I thoroughly enjoyed this fic.
10/18/2013 c1 33Kates89
aw this was fab :) I loved how Ellie uses post it notes just like her Mum, but the fact the were love heart shaped was a nice touch to show that she was still a teenager :)
The line about "You're a doctor right? I mean not just of dead people?" made me laugh :)
and I'm glad Ellie wasn't to upset about her date going off with someone else, and she's right, real friends wouldn't just go off like that. :)
10/17/2013 c1 32NYwLove
Oh, oh, oh! I adore how your wrote Ellie and love how you tied all your prompts together along with a hint of JAC! Silly Matt doesn't realize what a good thing he is missing out on. Great job and a fun read!

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