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4/21/2015 c1 Guest
Please update! I wish I was here sooner to see how the old chapters once were. But BeastBoy deserves the jealousy and regret.. DESERVES IT.
2/22/2015 c1 2Epoch95
Update your story! Seems like it would be really good
2/15/2015 c1 dj25taz
Ultimate betrayal from beast boy
2/10/2015 c1 6Attackme
Not bad at all, please continue.
1/14/2015 c27 star5699
i want more
12/24/2014 c27 XxMetztlixX
i still like this and i cant wait to read the sequel but yea i need to fix up my stories as well who knows maybe we could help each other with our stories anyways im still interested in this story and all your other stories keep on writing and send me a message if you think we could work together with our stories
11/22/2014 c25 2pineapplefish
8/12/2014 c4 Guest
I love that his cape is a power!
4/28/2014 c25 5xxgrrl
Good so far... Engaging story line and interesting plot. I would love to know how this ends.
4/13/2014 c24 1TheNarnclock
OM! Please telll me you are going to continued i just read it all today and i love it YOU CANT LEAVE LIKE THIS!

big fan
4/13/2014 c23 TheNarnclock
very nice but what happend to cyborg
4/13/2014 c22 TheNarnclock
figth figth kiss kiss
4/13/2014 c21 TheNarnclock
my my... i hope beast boy knows that raven just save his life
4/13/2014 c18 TheNarnclock
my my this fic like my gravy... it is thicking
4/13/2014 c10 TheNarnclock
whyy? kyd my fellings
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