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4/13/2014 c8 1TheNarnclock
asfdkdsfhfng! bbrae!
4/13/2014 c4 TheNarnclock
030 love it
4/13/2014 c2 TheNarnclock
niceeeeee i really like kyd wyykyd
3/18/2014 c25 3Blue Raven7349
Dont worry. We got the 100,000 signatures so it should be fine now.
3/1/2014 c9 12The Great Fanfiction Wizard
Poor poor rae
3/1/2014 c6 The Great Fanfiction Wizard
Rage o_0 poor raven
3/1/2014 c3 The Great Fanfiction Wizard
Its ok.
2/17/2014 c22 XxMetztlixX
OMG cant believe raven is pure evil well now she is the person she always said she was to be
2/15/2014 c21 4Teen titans fan 121
I read some of your story and you are a very good writer. Thank u for reviewing my story. I decided to add some bb and Rae. There will be more so stay tuned
1/29/2014 c21 1Dark Sides
More cliffhangers! Update soon
1/26/2014 c20 Invisible Dxrkness
Awww I love your story so much u are such amazing writer please update I love/
hate cliffhangers! D:
1/25/2014 c21 XxMetztlixX
personally i would still go with kyd he sounds so hot and beast boy though he is cute he just doesnt seem fit for raven he dumped her for terra and now he wants her back oh and is this going to be BB x Rae or Rae x Kyd cause the second one sounds so much better
1/22/2014 c19 BBxRAEshipper
Is there gonna be more BB and Rae (IS A FAN) thing becuz there mostly Kyd and Rea (not a fan).
Just wondering!
1/20/2014 c19 Dark Sides
Love this story! Update soon please
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