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10/26/2013 c5 5WTFStarbucker
Good job, keep it up! :) I like it.
10/21/2013 c4 Kitty
10/19/2013 c3 Deadlyfox17
Kyd Wykkyd and Raven are like Mr and Mrs Addams when they fall for each other.
A Addams family romance.
10/21/2013 c4 3SecretGirl7516
Awesome! I cant believe she is doind that. I also cant believe she is having the guts to tell her team what she is doing. cant wait to see how they react. Please update soon. ;)
10/19/2013 c3 SecretGirl7516
great great great! This is all just great. And thank you for clearing that up for me. haha. Anyway please contintue. SecretGirl7516 out! Peace!
10/19/2013 c2 1EMA with one m
No! Please don't let Raven end up with Kyd Wykkyd, she belongs with BB! btw, great story :)
10/19/2013 c2 1Satan753
Keep writing
10/19/2013 c1 7SimplyaCritic
Good sad but good
10/17/2013 c1 4Kaarlinaa
Cliff Hanger! Continue!
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