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4/24 c12 Robin.D
That was a good chapter :-):-):-):-) I loved the Story some of it was so funny lol :,-):,-)
4/24 c11 Robin.D
So they used Edward and his mate and turn them into zombies LoL :,-):,-). Good chapter :-):-):-):-)
4/24 c10 Robin.D
Bella's Dad was funny LoL :,-) good chapter :-):-):-):-)
4/24 c9 Robin.D
That was a good chapter :-):-):-):-)
4/24 c8 Robin.D
Good chapter :-):-):-):-)
4/24 c7 Robin.D
That was good :-):-):-):-)
4/24 c6 Robin.D
LoL :,-):,-) l am loving this story :,-):,-):,-):,-)
4/24 c5 Robin.D
You just have to love Bella's dad LoL :,-):,-) good chapter :-):-):-):-)
4/24 c4 Robin.D
OMG that was to funny LoL :,-) good chapter :-):-):-):-)
4/24 c3 Robin.D
Them two are funny lol :-D good chapter :-):-):-):-)
4/24 c2 Robin.D
Good chapter :-):-)
4/15 c4 Cheyenne83
If read this storry a koppel of times but this time it remins me of trump,s reaction to covid-19
Sorry fore the bad English
2/12 c12 6era-romance
it was great lol
10/19/2020 c12 southernpur-rica
This was hilarious and awesome
9/3/2020 c5 Missysue32
Oh my goodness I can’t believe I’ve always skipped over this story! I just thought it sounded dumb “Zombies”! But it’s definitely an excellent story so far! WoW!
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