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9/28 c1 CHILD PORN
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9/26 c65 1bibink729
8/30 c46 1Kawaki1
I can say, whenever a person writes a Story, he imagine hinself as the protagonist himself. In this case Naruto himself. That means you like to be a bitch to others. Letting Rias Boss around him. Acting like a Beta Bitch sme as yourself. The way you write lemon scenes between Naruto and Rias is ridiculous. He actlike a beta Submissive bitch, instead fucking her into the bed like a Fuck alpha. That means you are a Submissive Bitch, who like to Let his girlfriend take the lead, instead of taking the lead by yourself like a man with a back bone.

The story is utter trash. Naruto is acting OOC. He ain't anyone's bitch. He won't bow to anyone at anytime. Only if the situation required. But in this story he is a Beta bitch like yourself. And opposite of his original personality.
8/17 c65 Thanks
I came alot.
Seriously,good story!
8/13 c31 Thanks
Rias and I haven't tried this yet, but I've always been curious to see how it feels after watching anime," Naruto said, bringing her foot to his face. "You'll have to let me know what you think."

She would have asked what he was talking about, but then Naruto
Rias and Naruto actually have done this before.
8/10 c1 Thanks
7/28 c21 Guest
why is naruto such a fucking pussy? dude you’re trying to portray him as a goofy badass but all i’m getting is a fucking idiot who doesn’t know how the world works
7/23 c3 ReviewerPops
You hate warms the cockles of my heart and nourishes my strength.
7/16 c18 DualXBeretta
Rias is annoying.

Like most stories shes fine one minute then she acts like a stuck up toddler very annoying.
7/10 c20 PierceHellAbove
complaints so far from binge reading:
contradictions (Did Issei take the mutated pawn or all 8?)
Naruto acting ooc.
important story elements that are mentioned but happen off screen
a stronger physical body but being able to handle less of Kurama's power.
what? he could handle the full Kyuubi in Canon as an adult, and has the Chakra Impressions of all the other tailed beasts.
and you're telling me that his old body which could handle that absurdity, cannot handle the Jūbi's power in a stronger physical form? I don't fucking buy it lol.

the tension from the holy sword arc was artificial. because we knew. that Naruto was gonna pop up. You took him out of the equation in a way that made sense but his lack of trying to escape w Asia was really odd. Meaning the entire siege on Kuoh, (which you've managed to misppel every way it can be when starting with K) was entirely unneeded, and completely fucking pointless.

I'm gonna give it a few more chapters to see if it's worth finishing bur as it is rn, it's not.
7/4 c65 1uchiha-rune
Gosh that took me forever weeks to finish this, great story though
6/27 c65 Guest
Shitty ass fanfiction
6/14 c23 10nexusplayer
Sate Sate Sate.
6/14 c20 nexusplayer
Akeno and Issei are breaking up?
aww phoey
6/8 c19 Guest
Dropped because of all the forced and unneccecary drama. Would it fuckibg kill you to have one fucking happy scene, you depressed psycho? Get some help
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