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3h c10 6InsaneSmirkingRevenge
You're going into a lot of lore ab the evil pieces that doesn't really make sense but OK.
4h c8 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
Naruto's war spiel was so suddenly edgy I laughed. Please tone it down. What about his clones? They shouldn't have died just from going through handseals. He should have been able to dispel them and get Chakra back or call them back to kick risers ass. Also if Riser took that much damage how come he wasnt retired?
6h c1 InsaneSmirkingRevenge
I really hope Naruto takes issue with Rias scheming issei into her peerage like this and letting him get ganked like that.
6/18 c22 thiagopds13
Well it was really good while it lasted for me. Since Akeno isn't going to be in the pairing not much reason to continue for me, although you are a amazing writer I would prefer read something that I want.
6/18 c1 thiagopds13
If he can't use chakra then isn't this just a OC using Uzumaki Naruto name?
6/17 c13 Monkey King Omega




who else though irina question was legit to ask?
6/12 c1 NaaMaloom
4/17 c65 MoonKnight030
Hmm, this story was quite the interesting ride. There were good moments, bad moments and great moments.

I liked so many things about it that listing them all becomes redundant.

The only two major things that I disliked (And only mildly at that.) were the Harem and the choice of bad guy.

I don't like harems simple as that. I would have preferred a Rias only pairing. But it wasn't so bad really.

Yami wasn't the kind of bad guy I would have have liked for the fic but you used him so brilliantly that even I could appreciate him as the bad guy.

At the end of the day, the dislikes are more personal preferences than actual criticism so the story in of itself is great.

So I guess that's all I wanted to say.

P.S - If you wanna reply, I have an FF account by the same name. (I was too lazy to log-in on the website.)
4/15 c12 Julyus27
Se puso muy interesante jaja
4/15 c11 Julyus27
muy buen capitulo
4/9 c2 Robotops
When season 5 comes up?
4/9 c1 Robotops
When will u update this again?
3/30 c6 1Pixelitus
Ugh... Please don't ruin Riser too, he is a lot better in the novel... Also, the character I dislike the most in this story is officially Rias, and now I just straight up skip anything involving her. Which is pretty much everything. Actually, I should just quit the story.
3/28 c22 Freddielebron
The fact that he can sense emotions so easily including positive ones, yet you still make him dense is beyond me. Yes this story is completed but I feel like you’re abusing his denseness. He should be able to clearly feel that they love him more than a friend and be able to recognize that him denying her a date was making her feel sad. Literally naruto is a full blown empath yet he can’t feel peoples emotions except when you want him to? Kinda dumb to do all that for plot
3/25 c5 Pixelitus
I think you are exaggerating Rias a bit too much, seeing as how you keep repeating this same crap about her “perky breasts” and “hair” over and over. In “The Last”, didn’t Naruto admit he loved Hinata the whole time and he only liked Sakura because he didn’t want to lose to Sasuke in anything, even romance. He should still love Hinata here. Naruto has no reason to love Rias other than her hair, and he has met MANY people that should act similar, specifically on his 3 year trip with Jiraiya that you keep talking about. Over. And over. And over again.
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