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10/13/2020 c58 TheSinOfLust1103
This story is utterly amazing, it made me weep at the ending. Can you please make a second ending, to sooth my sad heart! The Plot is amazing.
7/27/2020 c58 bleedingangel95
Until death indeed.
7/27/2020 c58 RandomR15
You’re breaking my heart! It’s so cute and sad.
7/27/2020 c58 SkullRaid
Oh that’s just goddamn adorable. She’s already old and it just keeps looping over. I’m not sure if that’s wholesome works just plain sad...:)
7/27/2020 c58 thewhiteangel213
thank you so much for the update :D
7/27/2020 c1 DragonTone123
Any body know wtf is going on with the judgment story in this archive with like 138,000 comments that are all long live god you can find it if you go to sort by comments it's the top one is that some cult
7/26/2020 c58 Mary kitten heart
Oh my goodenesssssssss
This is wondrous, amazing
So Mar doesn't make any differences?
And Tobi remembers?
Do the dojutsu users remember as well?
4/19/2020 c57 1Fluffy Lightfoot
Nice twist. Can't wait
2/15/2020 c57 ACasualHuman
Hey. I've noticed that this is going to be your first review of this story in ~2 years.

I just wanna say, this is an amazing story. I have no clue why she didn't worry about funding during her stay in Konoha, and it bothered me a little but now I'm...

I don't know.

Distressed? Dismayed? Sad? Heartbroken?

It isn't a relief that it's a time loop for me. It's distressing.

The way I think about it is that she's going to get mentally older while staying in the same body, going through the same things again and again. That's akin to immortality you know? Some twisted, disfigured immortality.

One day she isn't going to find them, and if she's the key to getting them all back to Hi no Kuni then...

Then they'll drown in that lake. If someone else finds them, even then, they'll never get back to Hi no Kuni, forever stuck in the bodies of cats.

That would destroy Mar from what I've seen of her. She'll keep on doing it, ending up in Konoha, and sharing the same events play over and over. I don't think she'd ever be able to escape the guilt of abandoning her boys, leaving them to die, letting them get trapped in the lake.

Yeah, she'd have escaped the time loop, but...

but at what cost?

Slowly the guilt would whittle down on her, unable to explain it to her family or a therapist or psychologist, and then she'd break.

She'd kill herself.

And somewhere, it would begin again.

She'd suffer over and over until she'd snap and kill herself.


And then somewhere else, it would begin again.

I'm all for time loops. Time loops are a wonderful concept that I haven't found many writers attempting.

In fact, in one of my stories (Spoliersthe Antagonist and MC are trapped in one, although they never find out.

The Antagonist, Chiyoyuki (The name Amber was given when she reincarnated), is the first incarnation. Of course, she's defeated and dies, but then she wakes up as the MC confused and dazed. Then, of course, the MC's childhood was shit, so somehow, Chiyoyuki-now-Amaya, gets concussed and forgets her past life (lives) and mistakes.

Because of the carthesis she had before dying via sacrificing herself, she's set into prime Amaya. Since Chiyoyuki/Amber and Yasuka/Amaya are one and the same, Amber manages to fall in deep, irrational love with Chiyoyuki-now-Amaya. Since though, Chiyo-Amaya had given up on love due to the circumstances of Chiyoyuki's death, Chiyo-yuki was unable to return the feelings despite not remembering any of it.

Then Chiyoyuki (Amber) accidentally kills Chiyo-Amaya, and then Chiyoyuki (Amber) kills herself (thus ending up as Chiyoyuki instead of her former Amber) and Chiyo-Amaya get reincarnated as the First, who is killed by Once-Amber-now-Chiyoyuki, and then she turns into the second, third, fourth, so one and so forth, until Yasuka rolls around, the memories of Amaya in her head.

It's a constant cycle that feeds into itself after Yasuka lives a full and healthy new-life, she dies, her soul is properly treated (losing all memories) and despite the laws of the universe I've set up, end up again as Amber, no clue that she was once Yasuka/Amaya.

(Spoiler: Over) I think it may be the remembering part that gets to me. It's the mental degradation that hurts me, not the time loop.

That all being said, this is a wonderful story. It's left me in pieces and I don't think I'll forget about this anytime soon, the sorrow I hold in me for Mar lasting a while.

I'll be mourning her suffering and her death.

Now, I should've been in bed hours ago but I still have chores to do and meals to pack.

Thank you, truly, for writing this.

It's a shame I'm not a fan of Doctor Who or of the other stories' sources.

I hope you are going great.

12/24/2018 c57 8goldsprite
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5/13/2018 c57 Alex-chan2244
Gods, I love this story. This is the 3rd time I've read the series. I wanna cry each time. I don't think I'd be able to live on an infinite loop like that.
3/18/2017 c57 NatNicole
YARE DATTEBANE, words can't describe how much I absolutely LOVE this story from start to finish! *grins like Kushina*
3/14/2017 c57 44Wynter Spite
Ooh, time loop. I love a good time loop.
2/14/2017 c57 2Akane Shinigami
Awesome chapter! I love the idea of Mar being stuck in a time loop; I can't wait to see where you take it!
Great job! I'm super excited to see what happens next :D
2/13/2017 c57 bleedingangel95
This is gonna be interesting
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