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2/8/2014 c14 RobGill
Oh, I got Fury's Sam Jackson-Pulp Fiction reference, right away. (Lean on the 4th wall, much? :) ) And who better to recognize it as a bogus Bible quote (or, more accurately, a corruption of Ezekiel 27:15 and Psalm 23) than a young lady known for debunking her own mother's BS Bible passages (such as the one about the raven and the sin of intercourse)?

Yes, I can easily imagine that a Carrie attempting to atone for her sins would have a new code of ethics that makes her hesitant to take lives; why, on the other hand, do I also imagine that not every agent she pairs up with in the future will be as understanding and accommodating as Clint and Natasha (the latter only being understanding because of her own past), viewing Carrie's ethics as a liability in situations far more dangerous than this? And unless she's able to think fast, and gets a lot more training for such situations, she might just end up violating that code of conduct, whether she wants to or not.

Owing to my ignorance of Rolisica, I'd initially assumed that it was just another fictional Marvel universe nation (either in the comics, or on the AoS series), not unlike Wakanda, Genosha, or Latveria; a little more research, however, reveals that it's a product of Japanese kaiju fiction (minus Mothra, of course). And Zodiac's "one man's terrorist equals another's freedom fighter" (and the reverse)...man, that argument's never going to get old, is it? (In, fact, I swear I even heard the argument conflating George Washington, terrorists, and freedom fighters on a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode.)

And, yeah, I can understand you putting the story on hiatus, if for no other reason than seeing how the remainder of the show's season (or the next Captain America and X-Men films, for that matter, turn out); hell, what little I've read in this fic has me looking forward to the AoS Season 1 DVD-and the season isn't even over! I do get a bit weary, however, of AoS chat groups whining about a lack of big guest stars such as Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Hemsworth (Stan Lee's cameo, notwithstanding). While cameos might be nice (and I enjoy the use you've made of some of them in your fic), I would think that a show like this has to stand on its own, and not always lean on such big names as a crutch.
2/8/2014 c14 1alessa-vulturi
Oh god dont put it in hyatus its fine if you dont uptadate for a while *weatever it takes* but dont say hyatus! Thats a bad word of searius bad luck! I know its sound stupid but that whats happens with most fics when the word hyatus is involded! XD
I enjoyed the chapter specially this part; ""I like it. But I hope that wasn't your attempt to quote the Bible sir, because most of that is not in the Bible."
"I know, it's from a movie I saw once.""
Jajaja Jajaja Jajaja Jajaja Jajaja Jajaja Jajaja Jajaja Jajaja
2/7/2014 c1 78erica.phoenix16
I hope things will work out for Carrie this time.
2/7/2014 c14 43BenRG
Carrie has got to learn how to use her telepathy consciously. At her power level she could have had those terrorists all dancing the waltz in perfect time, totally unaware of what was happening around them!

I think that you're doing a very good job of characterising Carrie very consistently. There's no great revelation or major out-of-character moments. She remains recognisable and her attitudes towards things are shown consistently. Even her naivete and her religiously-informed ethics are considered when you write her actions and reactions.
2/7/2014 c14 55iamgoku
I cannot wait for captain America 2 , and to be honest I haven't watched agents of shield yet

I cant wait to see what you've got to write with once the movie and the rest of the show is released
i am so excited , if the movie is good i think you should write it into the story ( like add carrie into the movie )
2/6/2014 c14 36robert32514
Until next time. Nice quote from Pulp Fiction movie. Same actor, different character
2/6/2014 c14 inMyOwnHead1990
Awesome! At least Black Widow and Hawkeye know that Carrie is a bad mofo. Hopefully whatever evil it is will be extinguished by her faith. Even after all she's done and learned, she still holds on to that. Most wouldn't but she has.
2/6/2014 c14 16king of nightmares and dragons
great chapter can't wait for the next chapter and it was funny Carrie and Clint also thanks for letting me know about agents of shield I didn't know that and there isn't very many marvel movie left I think there only 3 the punisher daredevil and fantastic four but keep up the good work
2/6/2014 c14 26Dark Magical Sorcres
I want to up date but the weather has been awfull so I haven't been abel to
but I do have more coming
1/28/2014 c10 32TorontoBatFan
Good chapter. I guess I should see "Thor" one of these days.

I think that Carrie DOES have a far greater than average level of power at her disposal. The key is allowing her consciously access it. So far, she's only been able to do it on an instinctive level. She has to learn when to call it up herself...as well as regulate how much she uses.

The London scene was cool. I'm guessing that was a follow-up to the "Thor" sequel. I am at a loss as to why normal flight operations were continuing if a monster like that was around. (I'd have thought the airport would be shut down until it's all clear.)

Interesting that Carrie seems to have even more powers than previously suspected. She certainly did calm the crowd...as well as show the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents what her life had been like up until recently.

Hmmm. What name would Carrie come up with for her "nom de guerre"? Would she be like Spider-Man in that she'd also try to conceal her real identity when using her powers? And, she definitely needs to watch "The Princess Bride". LOL
1/28/2014 c9 TorontoBatFan
Cool chapter.

Nice timing that Ward is able to intervene in a bank robbery. I personally would've thought that S.H.I.E.L.D. is so secret that agents wouldn't be mandated to intervene in local crimes unless it was a life or death situation.

I liked that Carrie was able to save him and he now sees that she's worth the effort Coulson is putting in.
1/26/2014 c13 262wingo
It's shame that there was so little internal communication between the various vampire clans, or else they'd know that the means of creating Day Star-immune vampires already existed. Like Drake said at the end of Trinity, any vampire created by Blade will have his immunity to Day Star.

Since Doctor Strange is not a part of this continuity (at least, not yet, I don't remember if you said that you were planning to introduce him even without a movie of his own), I no longer theorize that the force within Carrie is related to his enemy Dormammu, who tried this sort of thing in the comics on at least one occasion. I'm instead beginning to suspect that it is related to Chthon, the most evil of the Elder Gods in the Marvel Universe (inspired, coincidentally, by the Cthulhu mythos of H. P. Lovecraft, on which the Old Ones of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe are based).

Something that would be really interesting is if Mephistopheles were to appear before and offer her one of his Faustian bargains, maybe changing history so that she had everything she ever wanted right from the beginning.

I have several other ideas and theories, but I'll discuss them with you in your reply. But one thing that is truly essential is that Carrie shows that she can truly stand up to who and what she used to be, like if somebody at the Xavier Institute asked her, "Are you - you're THAT Carrie White? 'The Bloody Prom Queen' Carrie White?"
1/23/2014 c13 Anonymous Rex
Good stuff here. I like the way you utilize so many of the Marvel movies in this crossover. So - whatever's up with Carrie's powers may be supernatural, even demonic, in origin? Fascinating.
Keep writing!
1/24/2014 c13 RobGill
Ah, Carrie and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. meet the Blade trilogy. The more the merrier. By the way, as I've never seen the Blade TV series, my knowledge of live action Blade is limited to the movies, so just how much of what's in this chapter has its roots in the TV series?

Having a Chloe G. Moretz character fighting a 9 (or 12, if you go by Ward) year-old vampire almost reminds one of her role in Let Me In, and relief that this isn't a reimagined version of that character, despite an unsettling reference to such features as her bare feet, associated with the vampire Abby.

Ultraviolet weapons? You'd think that the vampires would be genre-savvy by now, since the release of the Underworld films, and thus be prepared. Just as well that they weren't.

The scene where the matriarch pull the vial out of...(fill in the blank). Why am I reminded of an unpleasant scene from Machete, for some reason?

And does Skye (in the TV series) always get this hot for heavily-muscled super-beings (first Thor, now Blade)?

Nice to see Carrie in training, and what WOULD Margaret make of this "immodest" garb?

On a serious note, the insight from both the matriarch and Blade, as regards what is lurking within Carrie, is hardly reassuring, and it isn't promising for Phil if (when?) the darkness shows its true face, thus making it clear that he's only providing Carrie with comforting lies. As we're seen before, she doesn't respond well to deception, and while I doubt she'd harm Phil, she might not exactly be thrilled with his attempts to conceal her true self. And given what she said (in the film, during one of her arguments with her mother) about her powers skipping generations-starting with her grandmother, and skipping Margaret-it might only serve to undo the self-esteem which she's started to get back, as this would only vindicate her mother's remarks about her powers being from the devil.

Also, no matter how warped her Christian upbringing was, it would still emphasize resurrection as being the exclusive domain of Jesus, and facing the evil within her might cause her to wonder if she isn't the Antichrist, as one sign of that being's manifestation is a return to life, after being assumed dead, as was the case with Carrie (assuming Margaret was obsessed with the apocalypse). Just one unpleasant possibility.

But yeah, your hectic work schedule (I sympathize), notwithstanding, I welcome your updates whenever you can find the time.
1/23/2014 c13 1alessa-vulturi
Im too lazy right now to say something exvep that i loved the chapter and that i wanna know more .
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