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12/20/2014 c24 Anonymous Rex
Holy crap, that was all kinds of awesome! Thank you so much for sticking with this story and bringing it to a wonderful conclusion.
Keep writing!
12/22/2014 c24 16king of nightmares and dragons
great end to the story love the fight scence was worry there for awhile when the bad guy keep killing everyone but carrie came through in the end it was a great story to read hope that you do well in your other story
12/20/2014 c24 JUSTIN HUSTON
12/21/2014 c24 RobGill
Well...that's one way to resolve an otherwise unresolvable crisis. A bit of Deus Ex Machina, with extra emphasis on the Deus.

"Yes, Carrie, I am your father, your true father." Cue ominous Star Wars music from The Empire Strikes Back, specifically, the score from Anakin's now-infamous revelation to Luke. (Seriously, this revelation to Carrie would be equally unpleasant-or worse, given the circumstances surrounding her conception. No wonder Margaret was such a basket case.)

When you mentioned the Hulk going into orbit, where Banner would likely die, part of me wondered if the Milano was still in the neighborhood for some reason or another, thus allowing Banner to be saved from death by exposure, not unlike what happened with Gamora in Guardians.

And to say that the combined heroes were in over their heads says something; in fact, I'd thought that Thor (no help from fellow Asgardians being bizarre, as Chthon could've easily expanded his ambitions to Asgard after taking Midgard) and Ghost Rider (no longer deeming Carrie a problem, apparently, as he had bigger fish to fry-specifically, Chthon) would be more successful than they were.

And Wolverine's healing factor disappearing, putting him in mortal peril, is actually timely, given the recent Death of Wolverine storyline in the comics. A storyline I have yet to read, by the way.

As I feared, this *would* be an "I told you so" moment for Margaret, but I suppose that this is one personal demon (literally and figuratively speaking, of course, in addition to Chris) from Carrie's past that had to be put to rest, for her to be able to move on with her life. (I'd also expected an uber-pious Margaret to take offense at finding herself in Hell, even as Carrie survived; on the other hand, in her warped way of thinking, maybe she thought she had it coming, for not snuffing Carrie at birth.)

Coulson's experience: Hmm, I'd expected his return to be due to other factors. Remember Fury's quip about potential headaches resulting from the use of Project T.A.H.I.T.I. to revive the dead heroes? That was what made me guess that Phil's earlier revival would play a role in undoing the damage from Chthon. After all, Mike Peterson/Deathlock supposedly "killed" Garrett, stomping him flat, yet the 'Jesus Juice' (Garrett's words) running through his veins allowed his revival, albeit briefly (before Phil finished him off for good), so I'd assumed that Coulson would experience a very similar recovery from Chthon's "pimp hand," no matter how unlikely that may seem.

As for the absence of the afterlife keys and books, on account of being products of popular culture, were the pearly gates and Peter's Renaissance-painting appearance, likewise, images manufactured for Phil's personal benefit, to help him make sense of cosmic forces beyond his comprehension? And I thought that Coulson was dead for four days, not thirty seconds.

Steve Rogers' claim that the ongoing battle between Carrie and Chthon could wipe out anyone left in the town is weird, as you said something at the start about the whole town already being dead. By the way, did Carrie's revival of the heroes also undo any other casualties by Chthon since his release (i.e., the folks of Shaymore or the "No-mutant" community in California)? Or are they a lost cause?

"Hooraaaay, yay God, yay forces of good...could I rent you for parties, etc.?" Yep, if any secular individuals could be underwhelmed by divine forces beyond one's understanding, they would be Tony and Reed ("You don't even believe in me"-Mephistopheles). Hank McCoy's quotation from Nishan Panwar is, likewise, in character.

What does it say about young folks these days that Peter Parker and Kitty can use dated, decades-old pop culture quips from The Exorcist (Max von Sydow and Linda Blair, respectively), but Skye doesn't even know what a 'Kodak moment' is? Oh, well.

(Speaking of The Exorcist, a Linda Blair comparison *had* occurred to me in the previous chapter, when Carrie's head did a complete rotation, but I failed to bring it up.)

What is it about being operatives of S.H.I.E.L.D. that brings out the paranoia and secrecy necessary to have hidden safe houses that continue to remain off the radar, even after the rest of the agency is compromised? That said, Carrie *would* need an uber-secret residence, given that recent events are going to make it extra hard for her to sell her story about seeking personal redemption. And a costume with the Christianized S.H.I.E.L.D. sigil was a nice (and appropriate) touch, too.

Good to hear that you haven't written off this world indefinitely (as I'd actually expected it to end on a worse note than the ending we got, given Carrie's history), and I'll definitely take a look at the other fics you recommended. (Savage Love? Why am I reminded of a certain sex advice column, for some odd reason?) :)
12/20/2014 c19 1Arekanderu
Oh my god you included Sif! She is my favorite! So awesome!
12/20/2014 c24 43BenRG
I found the ending a bit jarring but, after thinking about it, it made sense. Carrie's story was, from the very beginning, wrapped up in religion and her faith. So, it makes sense that any conclusion would have to address these issues and do so from her perspective to have any kind of proper connection with her story.

There might be opportunity for a sequel after you've seen 'Age of Ultron'. After all, if there is anyone who might be interested in taking Carrie on for her skills and potential, it's Tony.
12/20/2014 c24 pocketpirate
Great story. I am truly looking forward to a sequel.
12/19/2014 c24 4Kmon13
Damn that story was Awesome you not only brought all the major heroes out to play but you had them fighting Chthon and later had Carrie punting a rebellious Archangel into china but like all good things it was sad to see it come to an end...

Shame she never got to make her peace with John Garrett and Alexander Pierce for those lovely accommodations at Hotel Hydra before she left on her own accord...

However she still has a chance to say her hellos to Ward, Whitehall, and Barron Von Strucker since they aren't wiped off the chessboard yet, Plus she can help Skye discover her true origins, plus there's the fact of Loki in Asgard... ((Lovely easter eggs by the by...))

Only question that comes to mind is will it stay that way or will you come back with how the story is never over...

Until then I'm going to look for those recommendations to read...
So again thank for the Awesome storytelling, Cheers, and if I don't get around to it Happy Holidays
12/19/2014 c24 10Wolvenstrom
*Slow clap, slowly building in speed, others join in*
12/19/2014 c24 darck ben
this was a great story please do a sequel maybe like carrie in avengers age of ultron fanfic
12/19/2014 c24 78erica.phoenix16
After much heartbreak, Carrie is reunited with Coulson and his team.

She has most truly earned her happy ending...for now at least.
12/14/2014 c23 13AwesomeMan327
12/12/2014 c23 Anonymous Rex
Oh, God! This is a horrible development for our heroes.
Keep writing!
12/12/2014 c23 43BenRG
I wonder where Ghost Rider is at this point?
12/12/2014 c23 darck ben
great chapter and great twist
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