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6/29/2015 c21 Guest
hi I'm lovesclassicposts on tumbler, and I love your story. if you ever run out of ideas my mail box on tumbler is open. sorry if I'm rambling I just love this show and MTM and DVD.
6/22/2015 c20 Guest
please continue the story. I love the dick van dyke show.
1/23/2015 c20 retrospective-nostalgia
Wow. Things sure have changed! I still love the story and as always am looking forward to updates!

May I ask, will we be hearing more about Buddy and Sally and their baby?
1/11/2015 c20 Guest
OMG please continue ASAP I have no idea what to think I'm shocked excited kind of creped but please continue
1/11/2015 c20 Guest
sorry but did you time jump
12/21/2014 c1 Laura M. Petrie
Please continue I can't wait any longer! It's so good.
10/29/2014 c18 Guest
Very good!
10/23/2014 c18 Guest
please update I'm sick and reading this would make me feel better (sorry if that sounded pity)
10/3/2014 c16 4HeartieAngelica
Aww the twins have arrived- but is Laura...okay?!
10/3/2014 c9 HeartieAngelica
Buddy's so sweet! I'm loving this so far :)
10/3/2014 c6 HeartieAngelica
I'm on Chapter 6 and I'm still loving it! :)
10/3/2014 c3 HeartieAngelica
Awww poor Sally :( , but you wrote it very well :)
10/3/2014 c1 HeartieAngelica
Aww this was touching- I can't wait to read the rest of your chapters! :) Wonderful job! :)
9/27/2014 c17 Guest
Great chapter!
9/26/2014 c17 retrospective-nostalgia
I love the names! And I hope that Laura remembers the rest of her life soon :) Fantastic chapter and fantastic story.
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