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4/2/2015 c12 3Kharina1990
Really interesting! It's good to learn more about the backstory of Arash and Morkis and how they both relate to Lucas.
3/21/2015 c12 Daenerys
3/21/2015 c12 16Anifan1
Yay, an update! I have to say, I wasn't too surprised when I learned that Arash had been having this conversation with Morkis, but I had assumed it was after Arash had infested Lucas AFTER his initial infestation with Morkis. Is that what you wanted the readers to think? Because I had to go back and reread the chapter after I read the ending...and saw that Arash had been Lucas' FIRST Yeerk. Wow. Very creative! Got to say, it kind of lessens my like for Arash, who was always a little odd. I have to say, I don't think that Visser Three would have really cared about how Arash was treating Lucas, especially if it meant he didn't rebel. But, he couldn't know that for certain, and I could see him being insecure enough to let Morkis infest his host. One thing: wouldn't Lucas have remembered Arash as his first Yeerk? Couldn't he have used a different name the second time around, or a different number? Anyway, looking forward to reading more...as well as the next chapter of your second Animorphs fic.
1/23/2015 c11 Daenerys
I am so excited for the next chapter.
12/26/2014 c11 9khloride
Can you say wow? I haven't been on ff in over 2 years and this is one of the best new stories to come back to, you really drew me in.

There is a hefty amount of merit in the lessons that Arash gave to Lucas. How many people remember to take a step back and fully enjoy their senses so that they can enjoy being? Not enough in my limited experience. But then again, how many people aren't begging for the chance to have the reins taken away? I have seen countless people perform actions which are really hurting themselves that display underlying trauma that has not been worked through in order to stop the harmful behavior. It's wonderful that Lucas is willing to share. It's wonderful that Arash was able to being the recovery process for him. But Lucas has stopped growing personally by not wanting to be in control of himself. Lack of will to be part of the process rather than just there for the process is a sign that Lucas doesn't really care and that he'd still rather be dead than alive.

Anyway, this is great. I can't wait to see the development of our young protagonist.
12/9/2014 c11 Anon
I just wanted to leave a comment to encourage you to write more. I am enjoying this story quite thoroughly.
11/17/2014 c11 Daenerys
Wow, Lucas's mom has some backbone!

This was a really affecting chapter, although I wonder if Lucas made the connection too quickly?
11/15/2014 c11 17Ava Blook
Great chapter! I love how hesitant Delnik is, how he realizes something about Lucas that Lucas himself didn't. Can't wait to see what Lucas will remember!
11/10/2014 c11 Anon
Really, really good.
11/9/2014 c11 16Anifan1
Oh man, I feel so bad for Luke's mom. She must really feel like her son was involved in some kind of cult! But at least he's starting to second guess things, so there's hope. I'm not sure how I want this fic to go. Obviously, I'm very pro voluntary Controllers and I don't believe that Arash is a bad Yeerk. I guess it would be best for Luke to find the balance that Sonja does...probably with a Yeerk *other* than Arash. Just some random thoughts on a Sunday morning. ;) Looking forward to the next installment!
9/19/2014 c10 review
Please please please update this amazing story soon! Don't leave us hanging like this!
6/7/2014 c10 Snow
This is an amazing story, please continue writing!
5/12/2014 c2 Guest
I can't help wondering if there's romantic attachment between Lucas and Arash. I mean, considering Yeerks are sexless, it's likely homo/hetero/various forms of sexuality isn't really an issue for them. Just a thought.
5/7/2014 c10 Guest
Excellent chapter! What a cliffhanger! Ahhh I'm anxious about the confrontation.
Sorry, I'm probably being reeeally petty/nitpicky here but... I noticed you used the term "sharpened" to describe his eyesight twice? I don't know why it stuck out to me, I feel as if saying his eyesight became clearer somehow sounds better? Again, I'm being super petty here. Sorry.
5/6/2014 c10 17Ava Blook
Yay! I love how Lucas is coming to the realization that Arash might not have been all good and how he couldn't plan or even think for himself. It's realistic, gritty, and awesome to read how the seemingly perfect Yeerk/human bond is falling to pieces. This just keeps getting better and better. I'm loving this story and can't wait to read more. Arash is seeming like less of a good guy when our protagonist isn't sharing a brain with him, it's interesting. Wonder who the mutual friend of Gedis and Arash was? Not someone likeable, I'm guessing. And Arash? Is he as good as Lucas thinks? It's not looking that way. . . Anticipation abounds!
By the way, your Yeerk names sound great. How do you come up with them, if you don't mind me asking?
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