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for Muggleborn Teacher

10/15 c24 HoneyBear84
Love it so far and seriously hope you will start updating it again someday soon
10/10 c24 Ukia Catdragon
An idea for you: Perhaps the Head of the Department of Mysteries could come to both Fudge and Bones, or have them come to him for security purposes, about having examined the diary Horcrux and tell them what it is. Bones could decide to talk to Sirius about it, knowing how dark his family was, and schedule a time after his full recovery to go to 12 Grimmauld Place to look through the Black Family library for books on soul magic and Horcruxes. They could discover the mess Grimmauld Place has become due to Kreacher trying to destroy the locket Horcrux, ask the house elf about why he let things get so bad, learn of the locket and Regulus' story, and have the locket Horcrux destroyed. I imagine the Head Unspeakable would want to question Lucius Malfoy about the diary Horcrux, and perhaps learn of the cup Horcrux given to Bellatrix that she hid in the Lestrange vault.

I hope this helps get your muse for this story a jump start. Stay safe, and have fun writing fanfiction in your free time.
9/22 c24 GriffindorARMY
i wish you update soon.. this story so fun and relaxing
9/13 c24 m.lone.book.dragon
Update soon. This story is great. I really liked your base idea. Creative and interesting. Things with DMLE are very cool plus Keith is so nice!
9/7 c7 DanYHKim
Keith is as good as married to Jessica. There is nothing so attractive to a woman than a man who can take care of a child, I'm told. I imagine she won't let him get away.
9/1 c24 kbnsr
What happened to the Potter's invisibility cloak? Even if Harry can't really use it at night due to the checks it's still pretty iffy for Dumbledore to keep a Potter family heirloom... and if he remembers, Sirius should know from the letter Lilly sent him that Dumbledore has it.
8/26 c24 Scarletpixiern
Love the story, brilliant idea. The characters are fantastic. I just binge read the whole thing. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Keep up the great work
8/21 c8 2KoreGaDaijobu
Why is Keith tellibg all this to a Muggle? I mean I know he was being vague, but still...
8/14 c24 artlover8992
I love your story. I can't wait to see what happens next.
8/2 c24 4RT89
A fun story, I hope you get back to it.
7/22 c22 westwinder
There was a LOT of exposition in this chapter. I found your idea of magic/muggle genetics fascinating but I wish you had found a way to insert it into a conversation. That would have been much more fun.
7/22 c24 Teamemmettandkellan
Really love this story. I truly hope you’ll be back to it. And hope that all is ok.
Thx for a lovely read.
7/16 c24 Guest
I do hope that you finish this story. It is different than most and I have really enjoyed reading it.
7/16 c20 Joellel
Nice idea but mostly poor execution
Too much side story too little plot
Though i enjoyed the story i did skip lots and lots of babeling and it became hard to track actually important parts from the babeling and in the end there was barely ANY important parts
7/10 c24 csheila
Great chapter.

I love all your different plot lines. Good job updating through conversations. More interested in characters you created. This lets me (us) see plots and outcomes.
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