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for Ippikiookami (lone wolf)

9/5 c3 erudite.cielo
the puppy really reminds me of Siri.
1/20 c4 Guest
Very interesting story!
7/30/2019 c3 2shadewatcher
SQWEEEEEE! LOVE the story concept so far! Hope it gets adopted soon. XD
11/6/2018 c4 ahb369
Aww it's fine. Atleast you left a note. Hope you are living happily with your baby... Don't worry about not completing the story.
7/3/2018 c3 ShadowLady89
pls tell us if anybody adopts this story.
7/3/2018 c1 ShadowLady89
who has adopted this? it is nice
5/1/2017 c4 Blanks
I hope you and your child many years of happiness! Love you and your writing, have a good day!
3/19/2017 c4 raquil.lowinraven
I'm glad its working out for you, and congratulations on Harry's birth! Wishing you well an luck :)
11/14/2016 c4 tamashiyuki
Oh! Entonces ya no lo continúas? Lo darás en adopción? O continuarás cuando tengas tiempo?
9/11/2016 c4 Guest
I would totally name my baby Harry too hahaha. Good luck! :)
9/10/2016 c4 6Blackwell
Aww you named him Harry! Congratulations on the baby! I'm glad you and the baby are fine. Don't worry about being with someone or not. My sister was a single mom for ten years (she refused to marry the reluctant guy) and met a nice teacher, married and now they have two more boys. One never knows, for myself, I'm happily single and just enjoying life as I go. And glad you feel better now!
9/9/2016 c4 2Confinedloner
Congratulations, dear. I'm sorry touch had a hard time with things beyond your control, but I'm very happy and excited for you. It sucks I don't get to read any more of your writings, but it's for the best, I think. Babies take a lot of attention and love, that unfortunately takes a lot of attention and love from small minor things like fanfiction. I'm happy your focusing on your new family more than us here on this site. Some things are just more important, and I can't blame a tiny child for taking the number one spot on the 'to do' list. At least what is posted will hopefully inspire others writers.

All my love,
9/9/2016 c4 1MookFree07
Congratulations! And goodbye :)
9/9/2016 c4 Idreamofdragons
It's all good, I'll miss ur story's, sending you good vibes and wish you well!
9/9/2016 c4 Floating Ash
I'm glad you found joy in your life and know you have a loving family. ️ My happiness goes out to you! Good Luck!
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