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for My Life as Endou Mamoru

10/17/2018 c2 Skarloeyisyoung
3/3/2014 c2 Tanaka Yue
I luuuuuve it!
A great idea :DD
Update? Please? *v*
2/6/2014 c2 LaAcumuladoraDeImaginacion.N
good u
1/29/2014 c1 15DillyTheWombat
Eeeek! XD I LOVE IT, and I really like it how you make Endou more smarter, oh yeah is there any pairing? Endou/Nanami X ? That all for me and good luck with your fanfic :3
11/29/2013 c2 29Tsurugi Ichisuke
Cool story... I think i will write a self-insert FF, wont I?
11/27/2013 c2 24AlsiusHaku
Fun story XD
excited for next update!
aYe XD
11/25/2013 c2 Kulaso
I am so surprised that Nanami didn't let Megane in as 10. YOu made it look like Endou is smarter.
11/24/2013 c2 49Shiranai Atsune
I suppose it's time for the episode which you have to convince him to join your soccer club...
11/24/2013 c2 5Lydron
Cool! Haha, now you may fangirl of Gouenji ;p
The match was not that bad, thought it was kinda written in a hurry I guess.
Still, no grammar errors - so far I know XD
Update soon
10/22/2013 c1 7sparkling-akane
This was so much fun!
Did you only have to write one chapter for school?
Because if you'd write all of the episodes I'd defenitely(how do I spell this) read all of them!
So please continue this! (eventhough 127 chapters would be a lot of work(saying you wouldn't write GO as well))
10/20/2013 c1 49Shiranai Atsune
I'd always thought you'd be one of the managers...
10/20/2013 c1 1Expired-Milkshakes
DO MORE! $%T%$ %T $%#%#% %# $% I LOVED IT!

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