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for Once Upon a Time on Crack (Season 3)

10/1/2014 c17 32willoffire123
Has anyone else noticed that the left side of Hook's mustache is longer than the right one? WHY?
5/27/2014 c22 belle
Love this.
You forgot the wedding. I want to know how you guys reacted with that.
Is it the fourth season yet?
I'm sorry for your OTP Juliet. Hang in there.
5/17/2014 c22 Guest
Juliet you balance Sabre and Ava out. I need you to stay and keep commenting. I feel your Marion pain, but I have faith that Outlaw Queen will prevail.
5/17/2014 c22 fluffybunny100
Omg me and my sister finished a whole water bottle! Thank u for being so awesome and so funny and I ur my fav part of watching the actual show! I'm so excited for next season!
5/17/2014 c22 3evilswanqueen101
that was pretty funny I can't wait till season 4
5/17/2014 c22 Guest
Charming is so stupid that he can track down and capture Snow within hours while "smart" Regina cannot even with numerous knights and public threats. Yeah she's really smart.
5/17/2014 c22 10ThreeHeadedMonkey8
Lol, before the episode my friend and I were discussing what the name of the baby would be. And she said it could be Neal but we both said that would be too werid.

Well thanks for writing these!
5/14/2014 c21 Guest
i will miss you girls over the summer. any chance you could go back and watch some select episodes from seasons 1 and 2 and give your unique perspectives on them? if not thats ok too just wanted to suggest. you could put it under a different title or leave it with this.
5/11/2014 c21 Guest
I glad you post this before the season final, I was worried you would not made it in time. Excellent as always, you ladies had a filed day with this like I thought after see the eposide. Take all the time you need with the season final, as long it is out before season four. Lady Ava, Lady Juliet, and Lady Sabre good luck with your finals!
5/10/2014 c21 belle
You better do tomorrow's episode. A lot of stuff you said I agree with
5/7/2014 c20 Guest
I accept ur drinking challenge! Season finale is bringing back Kathryn so would she count as a missing character bc technically she has been freaking missing for 1 and a half seasons! Ever since she was fake killed by rumple/regina!
4/29/2014 c20 Guest
yes i did catch henry doing a moose call as well, but not charming. will have to watch again. also your drinking game is cool. what about a shot every time theres a true loves kiss, or a shot every time someone mentions henry's family tree.
4/28/2014 c20 Guest
Laugh all the way through ladies!
4/29/2014 c5 19CeCeB
Yes! The family tree. Regina might be Henry's aunt and the list goes on.
4/29/2014 c2 CeCeB
Good point tho. All those years Pan hadn't seen women and didn't want any of them unless that's what he was holding on to Wendy for.
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