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3/25/2014 c1 1jayfeather10
Name: Maggie&Raven Right
Age: Maggie is 17, Rae is 16,almost 17.
Sex: Both girls.
Daughter of: They're step sisters,but Maggie is a daughter of Thanatos and and Rae is a daughter of Khione.
Lauguages: Greek,Ancient Greek,a little bit of Latin,English,and Chinese.
Hobbies: Hanging out with the gang,making things,playing video games.
Want to live in: House apartment.
Other: Maggie has brown hair and brown eyes anda goth style. She hates the sun,light,and microwaves.(Don't ask.) Rae has white hair and dark blue eyes. She hates her uncles(Zethes and Call),too much sun,and sun screen. Their weapons are scizzors,a base ball bat,and two daggers(Those are maggies) and a spear,sword and shield. (That was Rae.)
12/12/2013 c7 32Princess Of Flames
Sorry if I offended you by review but I just stated my thoughts.
Anywho, sorry if you were offended. Good chapter!
12/12/2013 c4 1rocky7787
Hey good story and all but where is Conner Stoll. because you could make it really funny with the Stoll twins.
12/7/2013 c7 dkay1
Write more chapters!
11/11/2013 c4 Dylan Kay
I prefer being Dylan Kay coz im dkay1 anyway
11/11/2013 c4 Emily
Emily Finnie
chocolate brown curly/straight hair, very tan, chocolate brown eyes, tall, athletic, pretty
Has a major crush on Dylan (son of Hermes)(please), shy, envious of charitys looks, nice to her friends b*tchy to her enemies, good friends with Dylan.
Hanging out with Dylan and Lou Ellen
11/2/2013 c6 4GloryToTheWind
Where is a new chapter? What are you doing? I NEED more!
10/25/2013 c3 11Song of the Felines
I have one more OC.

Name: Vashti Asherah Kamran
Gender: F
Age: 16
Appearance: Vashti is drop dead gorgeous. With her long, straight, and silky black-brown hair, dark brown eyes, light mocha brown skin, and full lips, she stuns the crowd. She is slender, yet curvy. She is 5'9". With her alluring and unique beauty, she charms every man.
Daughter/Son of: Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest and Seasons
Notes: She has two snakes, Ishtar (domesticated cobra; female) and Ehetere (domesticated cobra; female)
Hobbies: She loves to throw knives at targets, sculpt with clay, cook, and plant snapdragons, hollyhocks, and white roses.
Personality: Sly and full of street-smarts, she comes from a rich family, getting whatever she wants. She is very cunning, using her charm to get what she wants.
Languages: Farsi and Phoenician

Her outfit is a dark brown dress that gently flares out and brown heels.

Aine is given a diamond ring by Hecate, set in silver.
Valencia is given a garnet ring by Aphrodite, set in bronze.
Vashti is given a smoky quartz ring by Demeter, set in gold.
10/25/2013 c7 4GloryToTheWind
10/25/2013 c2 11Song of the Felines
By the way, when they arrive at camp, Aine wears a white silk minidress with a halter top that is loose and slightly hangs over the skirt and silver gladiator heels, plus a faceted diamond teardrop pendant on a thin silver chain. Valencia wears an earthy green sundress with dark brown wedges and a garnet necklace.
10/25/2013 c1 Song of the Felines
I have two OCs.

Name: Aine Avalon O'Durren
Gender: F
Age: 16
Appearance: Stunning. That's one word for this young woman. With her long, straight, and silky jet black hair that reaches her lower back, piercing dark hazel eyes framed by long, feathery eyelashes, tanned alabaster skin, and full lips that are always smirking, this girl is bound to pull a few heartstrings. She is a henna tattoo of a scorpion, making this girl one of a kind. She is slender, yet has some curves, all in the right places, long-legged, yet moderately muscled in her upper arms, making this girl one of the most gorgeous girls in the camp. With her rare and striking beauty (plus being 5'11"), she conquers more than a few hearts.
Daughter/Son of: Hecate, The Goddess of Magic and Sorcery
Notes: She is very strong, despite her slender build. She doesn't really like boys, preferring to play with her twin panthers, two gifts from her mother, Rhiannon (domesticated jet black panther with hazel eyes; female) and Lilith (domesticated ink black panther with hazel eyes; female). She has three weapons, a silver bow with diamond tipped arrows, a silver dagger with a diamond blade, enchanted by Hecate (Enchantress), and a rifle. She was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, but moved to Columbia, Tennessee when she was 9. Her favorite food is mozzarella cheese. Her favorite color is white.
Hobbies: Fighting, Playing the flute, archery, Tae Kwon Do and Karate (black belt), and sharpshooting
Personality: She can be haughty. She is very mysterious and secretive. She can be sarcastic, she also has a quicksilver tongue, and always has comebacks. She is very calm and clever, but has a raging temper. She has morals.
Languages: Irish and Gaelic

Name: Valencia Bella Marino
Gender: F
Age: 16
Appearance: This young lady is beautiful. With her long, curly, and silky rich cocoa brown hair, vibrant dark green eyes, sunkissed creamy white skin, and full lips, she's got a few men on her tail. She is slender, like a willow tree, and long-legged (at 5'9"). She, along with Aine, are part of the competition, both the highest contenders. With her exotic, yet classic beauty, she tugs at more than a few heartstrings.
Daughter/Son of: Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty
Notes: She has tons of charm. She has two pet doves, Anheline (white domesticated dove; female) and Angelina (ivory domesticated dove; female)
Hobbies: drawing, painting, and trying to learn etiquette
Personality: She is spoiled. When she wants something, she gets something. She spreads rumors and gossip about any pretty girl. She hates Aine with a passion, and Aine her.
Languages: Spanish and Italian

Need more info? PM me.
10/25/2013 c6 32Princess Of Flames
Nice filler but the chapters are too short. Longer please
10/24/2013 c1 Mae Ocean
Name: Maya Zuk
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: medium wavy-ish curly-ish light brown/blond hair, Hazel eyes, short
Daughter of: Apollo
Other: as a young girl her mother, Lilian, raised her with her husband and she thought he was her father. Her mother divorced and she found out he wasn't her biological father and Lilian brought her to camp at age 10. She stays there as a year round camper. Considered as a daughter of Athena, even though she is daughter of Apollo.
Hobbies: MUSIC! Sings, plays piano, dance, archery.
10/24/2013 c4 Princess Of Flames
Cool chapter! This is good! Thanks for accepting!
10/24/2013 c4 1HyperSonicCat101
Name: Andrew Raimondi
Gender: M
Age: 15
Daughter/Son of: Aphrodite
Other: Even though he is a son of Aphrodite, He is alright with fighting
Hobbies: Dueling,Hanging with friends.
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