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5/7/2019 c1 4The Pairing Guy
The summary says "Spike x Faye and Jet x OC" but those characters are listed as non-pairings in the character field, hmm... So "x" must mean something different here than its usual meaning... maybe Spike kills Faye and Jet kills the OC? Intriguing.

The story's okay so far but the scenes with Roy just feel like killing time. I appreciate that Roy may have a significant role later on, but if so you should have held off on introducing him until you had something better to do with him than provide a sleeping place which Spike is going to just trade for an abandoned house by the end of the first chapter.

The characters are pretty faithful to how they are in the series. Spike, as usual, not giving much of a care about anyone. Decent fight scenes too.
4/21/2019 c4 Archmallix
"Just like old times, huh?"

Im really loving it so far, and im suprised by your commitment! Published in 2013 and updated this year. Awesome.

See you, space cowboy/girl.
1/18/2019 c26 153T2 Angel
I was so excited when I got the alert that this was updated! I LOVE THIS STORY! Like I said, "Desperado" was absolutely inspired by this.

My heart was BEATING OUT OF MY CHEST READING THIS! Like, what the hell?! Fasten our seat belt?! NO KIDDING!

9/2/2018 c1 z2MDM
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3/24/2018 c25 T2 Angel
THAT WAS INTENSE! MAN! I loved that! There was so much TENSION! I don't know what's coming next but I can't wait! This is just great! Please update soon! This is awesome!
10/29/2017 c8 Beautiful
I noticed that things were slowing down a lot in the past few chapters I think. The interactions are really good though, especially between the bebop crew and doge x shiro x lee. Looking forward to things speeding up. Good chapter though.
10/27/2017 c5 beautiful
Shiro low key kinda savage huh? He's a good worker, but I think he definitely has a dark side. Interested to see how you flush out his character.
10/25/2017 c3 Guest
Ah, I love the interactions between the Bebop crew. So good man, really excited for what's to come. The new characters seem interesting as well.
10/24/2017 c1 Beautiful Soul
This first chapter was so good. It really felt like I was reading a legit continuation of Bebop. You stayed very true to the characters, and I can actually hear the dialogue in my head as if it were a real episode. I'm looking forward to reading some more. Good job!
10/11/2017 c24 T2 Angel
Okay, this is getting just plain crazy! Sorry it took me so long to review it! But yeah, see, this is absolutely insane! Are Spike and Faye really gonna leave? Where's that gonna leave poor Jet? Or will Donna be waiting for him in the end? And what will the Red Dragons do? And what about Demetrius!? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

I love this story. It's one of my favorites. I understand having an ending in mind and taking a while to get there but you can do it, my friend! I look forward to more of your stellar writing! Please keep it up!
9/9/2017 c23 T2 Angel
YAY~! A NEW UPDATE! And WOW! What an update!
So, now, the Red Dragons are back in control and no more Blue Snakes. That being said, it doesn't seem like all is well in the Dragon household just yet.
Spike's still a bit moody and I hope he snaps out of it soon because things may get heated up again!
And then there's Faye, Jet, and Donna. They're definitely playing with fire but par for the course at this point. I'm so anxious to see where this goes with Eleanor and Demetrius.
This is sooooo good! Please update more soon! I just love this story!
2/26/2017 c22 MediaMaster 263
Love the story. Not only does it feel like how Cowboy Bebop should, but it's just a great story all together. I can't wait to see more of what the bad guys are scheming, Jet being able to get that money for his obvious crush, the development of Spike and Faye's relationship, and the restoration of Spike and Jet's friendship. Keep updating as much as you can. This is clearly a story worth anyone's time
1/2/2017 c22 T2 Angel
Great update! I still love this story and I can't wait for the conclusion! I can feel the tension building!
Spike and Jet, GET IT TOGETHER! Man, that are worse drama queens than Faye! She was right to leave them alone and head off. I don't believe for a second that their friendship will end just like that. Two stubborn ass alpha males. They've always been like this. Morons.
Anyway, Eleanor and Demetrius better move quick. All guns seem like their being loaded up and things are starting to get hairy again. I can't wait to see what happens next.
I still like how there is no clear resolution yet. I love it!
I can't wait for the next update!
T2 Angel Out!
4/13/2016 c21 T2 Angel
First of all, I AM SO HAPPY YOU'RE BACK, SPACE-COWBOY! Second, I am thrilled this story has returned! I really hope we can get the finish. I'm not rushing because believe me I understand how life can take you away from a project but I just love this story so much! You do an amazing job!
Now then, on to the Review:
I can see Donna's frustration with everything and Jet as well. They keep coming so close and yet are so far. The ISSP seem to be always so close but so far.
The Red Dragons seem to be in worse than shape than ever. Their leadership is more volatile than when Vicious was in control. I don't think the Bebop crew will need to do much to bring them down. They'll do it themselves.
I LOVE your progression of Spike and Faye. Seriously, that is awesome! I need a LOT more of that. The scene at the end was amazing!
You have done great work here. Exactly as I remember of the levels of awesome. Please, continue soon! I love it!
1/1/2016 c1 Guest
Loved the title
Would've worked for an episode
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