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8/26/2014 c10 153T2 Angel
More action! Love it! Why does Spike INSIST ON MAKING A MESS?! ...Okay, yeah, Jet kinda blew it but whatever.
This Red Dragon stuff is very intriguing I'm worried when the two paths will cross. What a dilemma that will be!
8/26/2014 c9 T2 Angel
Wow! A lot of action there! So, Lee is a badass, too. Makes sense.
Now Jet and Faye are on the bounty hunt. And, as we all know, NOTHING can go wrong there. (Please not the dripping sarcasm.) Oh, this is going to be fun!
8/26/2014 c8 T2 Angel
Now there is some emotion. I can feel the guilt coming off of everyone. Never thought I'd say this but... poor Spike and Faye. I wonder how long they've holding on to their individual guilt. I hope they overcome it soon. Sounds like things might get busy soon. But, in all fairness, I get why they both feel that way. It's understandable and actually expected. Those hard exteriors have to break eventually.
Now, then... Dodge and Lee. Someone is getting shot. That is all.
8/26/2014 c7 T2 Angel
Another great chapter this is greatly deepening this story. All of the emotions of the Bebop crew here are just phenomenal. Dare I say, EXTREMELY in character.
My favorite part of the chapter? The talk between Faye and Spike. It's not secret that I'm a fan of them as a couple and that conversation was so in character, I could hear their voices and see the scene in my head. That's just good stuff.
The Red Dragon story going on also has my interest piqued. Shiro is up to something for sure. I don't know how anyone in any syndicate trusts anyone else anymore. Dodge may suspect it but I wonder if Lee does. This is great. I am so glad that this story is around. Thank you!
8/25/2014 c6 T2 Angel
Wow. Faye being the level head. Spike nearly dying effected her A LOT! Plus all the stuff with her past. Her attempts to talk with Spike are so very well done and believable. That's some writing there.
I'm excited about the editions of the new characters. That's adds to the excitement of the story.
Also, the Red Dragon storyline has me like... WOW! Lee and Shiro sound as bad as vicious. And THAT is scary!
8/25/2014 c5 T2 Angel
Sorry! I got distracted with a lot of other stuff and didn't get back to the story. I actually read ahead of this but I'm going to make sure I remember what's going on. Now, that I am back in the game, I'm going to review as much as I can!
First, I gotta say: I feel for Faye here. She's trying to be different but the men in her life are so damn stubborn. But, I'm sure things are going to turn around soon!
...Then again, this is Spike and Jet. They are boneheaded.
Also, so... Shiro is a little psychopath, huh. Can't wait to see how that goes.
7/9/2014 c17 badtzmaru2
Ahh this chapter was soo good! I think it really was the best one so far. I loved all the action and suspense, and I also really loved the ending. Great job and I look forward to the next chapter :)
6/30/2014 c17 1Sammyclammy23
Omg the action was great perfect setup with basque and Demetrius but please don't take this the hard way your great writer I love this fic but could you space it out a little longer I feel the dialogue is a little rushed and so is the action I'm not saying make it super slow but pace it back a lil . And this is now way a flame I can't wait to see what happens between spike x faye ! I feel drama is gonna happen with them always lol can't wait for the next installment it's totally movie bebop worthy keep it coming
6/30/2014 c17 2Imjusthere61944
Nothing kills a party faster than killing, huh? Lol. Too bad Demetrius got away. That and he managed to kill his target.

I wonder what Lee's reaction would have been if he had learned that one of the bounty hunters was a former comrade in arms? I guess we'll find that out later though.

Oh, more Faye and Spike time I see, lol.

Dodge and Lee are clashing as well. I wonder what Dodge is going to do about his sinking position within the syndicate.

Things are heating up, and that's always fun. My own story has kind of entered a lull, but I'm working toward some more action.

Nice chapter as always. Keep up the good work.

6/30/2014 c16 Imjusthere61944
I suppose that there is always that question of the honor morality behind what crooks do. I'm with Dodge on the subject, though. It's best not to think about it, lol.

Demetrius is teaming up with the Red Dragons now? Great, just what every syndicate needs, their own psycho assassin. Still, Demetrius strikes me as the jump type. Might just have to see where his loyalty really lies (course, it might just be with whoever suits his pocket most).

Always nice to see Shiro making friends with his fellow syndicate members, lol.

Nice chapter, I'm gonna move on to the next one.

6/16/2014 c16 1Sammyclammy23
Loving the tension between spike and faye I really like Donna I feel she wears glasses and has that slack and dress shirt appeal can't wait for your update
6/10/2014 c16 Sammy clammy
Please update I'm dying *_* ! I love your fic it's great please bebop stories are hard to come by I'm loving cause it's a fresh approach keep up the good work!
6/10/2014 c1 Sammyclammy23
I just favorited you by the way keep up the good work!
6/7/2014 c4 153T2 Angel
Good chapter! Great action! Cool stuff here!
6/7/2014 c3 T2 Angel
I like this. It's giving us a good insight into everyone. I like how you portray Faye, here. Good job.
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