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10/31/2013 c1 itsi3
Ahh! This would be AWESOME!
10/29/2013 c1 2Tomte Mushroom
Love it!
10/26/2013 c1 54Kayryn
Gods, if I was aching for Carol and Daryl to hug during the okay scene of the episode, I feel that new twice as much after this fic. I totally get why they don't, especially not at this stage, and I appreciate you keeping this very in character. Sometimes I just wanna push these two together though and just make them kiss already.

Thanks for another great story (I'm fairly new to the fandom and I'm going through fics; absolutely loving everything you've written.)
10/25/2013 c1 dkflpn
very well told, really enjoyed the story
10/23/2013 c1 33Alamo Girl

Also "THEIR" room? Wouldn't that be awesome to see!?
10/23/2013 c1 littleshelly0619
Oh, you're goooooooooood.

Excellent, insightful, beautiful one-shot! Love it!
10/23/2013 c1 9GhibliGirl91
Its going to drive me mental if they get closer and closer and closer and then there's nothing. You assuaged the itch somewhat.
10/22/2013 c1 GG
Why aren't you writing for the series? Seriously? Because a scene like this would fit in like a glove, yet be so wonderful to watch. It's just perfect. Thank you.
10/22/2013 c1 7cindergal
I really love these small moments between them. Beautifully done!
10/22/2013 c1 2missdaryldixon
Beautiful :) One question though: will you ever update Stitches? -
10/22/2013 c1 58superfelix
Great story...I like the tender moment between Carol and Daryl. Also your describing of the noises all around, draw a great picture and really pulled me into the scene.
10/21/2013 c1 3Black-mustang3
Ah, I was wondering when I'd see a new one from you on season 4. Awesome as always! I love Caryl so much! I keep saying I just want oooooone of my ships to sail darn it! They better get it on!
10/21/2013 c1 6BehindTheRainbow
aww, such a beautiful one shot!
10/21/2013 c1 12Fairies Masquerade
OH GOD, MY SHIPPER HEART. What are you DOING to me, woman?! This is perfect. Utterly, brilliantly perfect. It fills in the gaps from the episode - this instantly became my headcanon. THIS. HAPPENED. The characterizations are perfect. I can easily, after seeing Daryl for once stop to check on Carol without her instigating the conversation, following up with her like this. Just... love. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
10/21/2013 c1 3peonies01
Why oh why can't we get this in the show? Beautiful!
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