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6/6 c7 Guest
noooo heartbreak not me
1/1 c4 Guest
Can you do a story on nico di Angelo and willl solace plaese
8/12/2016 c12 Sophie Cheshire
I think the separate story is a great could a Romeo and Juliet thing where they sneak off to see each other. I don't know if Aphrodite would approve of the Thalico thing but if she wants to make things interesting, she'll make it for the Percabeth they might encounter monsters together but we don't know their whole story so you can tell us that. And Bianca well we all know her fate. But I will tell you this...
"Now we can blaze a new trail or follow the path of our choice is in our hearts."
-Raven Queen,"Way Too Wonderland"
Anyway she said something like means you can decide Bianca's fate. Every author can choose the fate of their characters. This so long so good luck with the separate story.
8/12/2016 c11 Sophie Cheshire
So this was the one set in Ancient your fans that I thought this was so great and that their ideas were fans always come up with a great idea and you turn into magic just like your pen name.
"You sure live up to your name..."
-Maid Marian,"Save Me,Darling"
8/12/2016 c10 Sophie Cheshire
I think the new kid may be a plot for another an idea okay
8/12/2016 c9 Sophie Cheshire
You said it would be set in Ancient Greece. And another thing is I do love the work you've done but I'm telling you I HATE the hint of that time being so gender-based. I'm SO against that!
8/12/2016 c10 Sophie Cheshire
So who's the new kid?
8/12/2016 c8 Guest
Wow Riptide really is must have died of it because Percy looks at it so scared. I also guess he married a Lily after Annabeth died. Even though she's married to him she encourages him to find his past instead of their supportive wife.
8/12/2016 c7 Sophie Cheshire
Love how you twisted things to go along with the Frozen 's amazing and I love the reference at the end
8/12/2016 c5 Guest
Not the Thalico I thought in fact before Tuesday I didn't even know Thalico existed. This does go against the whole "Nico is gay" and the solangelo ship but it's so playful and that is my kind of relationship(or at least I want that kind of relationship).
8/12/2016 c4 Guest
Awww! Hecate's Horcrux had my idea from the chapter 3 review before me. Now I'm just stealing! Hmh!
8/12/2016 c3 Guest
It's so cute what you did! Playful relationships are so fun to be thing ever! You know if we could rewind things back to before the Titan war,I wonder what Silena and Beckendorf were like...
8/12/2016 c2 Sophie Cheshire
Who clicked the post button?I wasn't finished!What I meant to say is Jason always wanting to ask Piper out and turning down Drew in the process!Double win! I mean he chose to ask Piper out of all the Aphrodite girls! I love it!
8/12/2016 c2 Guest
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