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for Less Than Perfect

11/7/2013 c1 Sonra
I love how you represent young Entreri's conflicting emotions and how he is submitting to his twisted world. I've personally never seen as Artemis and Drizzt having similar minds. Maybe a bit of parallel structure to their minds.
I think Artemis really would realize the things people covet and covet them himself, not because it his nature but because he sees that they are a way to survive.
I'm glad that you finally feel inspired to write again. Good luck in your life. :)
11/6/2013 c1 20drekadair
You should have seen my reaction when I saw you'd written another AE fic! I'm very excited that you've returned to this fandom after so long. This is a great look into the intriguing relationship between Entreri and Basadoni. Salvatore hinted at its depth and complexity, but never fleshed it out; I quite enjoyed your take on it, and I hope you'll explore it more.
10/24/2013 c1 188Surreptitious Chi X
A sequel to The Third Level that could be published. This kicks ass. I want more of this: detailing Artemis' life in the Basadoni Guild, and explaining how he went from the Basadoni Guild to being a free agent hired by Pasha Pook. Maybe Basadoni had something to do with that. Maybe he didn't want Artemis to be politically pidgeon-holed.

Anyway. The first section is so perfectly Artemis from The Third Level that it really sets the tone and brings me back to that time period. I love your characterization of Basadoni. Without making RAS' judgmental mistakes, you present him exactly as I imagined somehow. He's got the right aura, the right mannerisms, the right way of speaking. He comes across way more balanced and intelligent than in RAS' clumsy rendering.

The second section of the story is chilling; I got so scared for Artemis. And I was frustrated by his partial defeat, on his behalf. I could understand why he was sulking and self-blaming when Basadoni checked in on him. And good for Basadoni for knowing he had to! I really love the interaction between them in the final scene, and how complicated Artemis' feelings are.

And the summation at the end is perfect. It closes out the story in the way of a slice of life short story should end, especially a retrospective one. Hints of the future, hints of personal growth on Artemis' part, and an eloquent explanation of the overall driving force of Artemis' intentions in life.

'Less Than Perfect' certainly does not describe this story, even though it is an appropriate title for the contents. -

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