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for The Selection Oneshots

6/19/2015 c2 Corinne
Cool story but longer please!
8/5/2014 c9 Tanishkamascara
This was amazing please update soon
7/29/2014 c6 12Someone the World Forgot
Maybe you could make this into a story! Chap 6 i mean
1/20/2014 c9 2SizzleLily98
OOOHHH! I wish this was a story! then gravil could be like with the rebels. AAAAHHHH!
1/15/2014 c9 winterprincess
Awwww... that was so CUTE! I would die to hear Maxon sing! Although I wonder how good it really is considering he laughs like he's having and asthma attack. O_o xD
1/14/2014 c7 winterprincess
:'( :'(
Noooooo! How could you?! Nooooooooo! No! Aspen lets just say when i get my hands on you…
*Queen voice*
"Off with his head!"
anyways, i like how you used the teaser in this.
1/12/2014 c5 5RosesandThorns11
Good job, once again! I really think the selection's love triangle gives for good fics.
1/12/2014 c3 RosesandThorns11
Nice chappie! I like it.
1/10/2014 c7 onlychoice
This aspen thing it is horrible but I love the story
11/17/2013 c6 2prnamber3909
11/17/2013 c1 prnamber3909
nice name for a nice chapter!
11/10/2013 c4 Antoinette Nguye
I love this fanfic! Keep going!
10/26/2013 c1 Mrs. Poland
it was to fast and quick. There where no transitions, keep up the good work though.
10/25/2013 c2 5sparklysparkle
so cute and protective:) Loving it!
10/25/2013 c2 5RosesandThorns11
Aw nice
Keep at it
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