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7/24 c42 Crackerjackalope
This story, I think, single-handedly got me shipping Carl and Persis, and contributed a host of Persis headcanons. Don't get me wrong, I also love Persis from your other series, but this one holds a special place in my heart, and has since I first read it years ago.

I desperately want Tamsin to be loved, and live with Nan and Jerry, and be friends with Nora, Birdie, and little Esther, since her mother can't love her. And maybe even little Scilla, so far away. It reads very Montgomery, the whole thing, and it's so good.
8/25/2021 c31 Andrea1984
Honoria Marilla, a wounderful name. Nora, why not.
Whats about Nora Nelson ?


8/26/2020 c42 5astarte.cupid's.wingman
What happened to the sequels to this story you had posted? Did you purposely delete them? Anyhow, your writing style is very much an interest of mine, love the references to classic poems.
8/12/2020 c42 47Tinalouise88
This was a lovely story. It truly was.

I am rather sad that Nan never got her baby, but I suppose if she is ready to try again, that maybe this time it will be different. Third time is the charm' usually after all.

Leslie and Anne are lovely, chatting about china and grandchildren.

Christmas would be a large event at Ingleside and a fun one it seems as well with all the kiddos and singing and cookies.
Persis's musing at the end were a nice ending as well. Give hope for a wonderful future for everyone!
8/8/2020 c39 Tinalouise88
I adored the small scene of Rilla and Ken, it gives us a moment that despite everything over the past few years and their issues they seem to be doing alright and that they do love each other still. Which is nice.

It's good to see Una up and about as well and that all the rain hasn't muddled things to much for everyone!
8/7/2020 c38 Tinalouise88
I adore how Shirley walks home in middle of the storm to meet his child, to only be absorbed in Una and how she is feeling and not actually greet the child, ask what the child is? hold the new little baby.

Esther is a pretty name, I have a honorary aunt named Esther, sometime called Essie or Etsy growing up I am told. I am happy that she arrived safe and sound. i did chuckle at the names worn to death...because really they were in canon haha.
8/7/2020 c34 Tinalouise88
Oh, dear foolish Carl...but how? but why? Well, I Carl thats why there are things called surprises lol. Persis is a dear though for talking him through it until he understood lol.
8/7/2020 c33 Tinalouise88
Aww little Birdie and another big brother who isn't all the jealous of the baby.

Poor Nan, its really not fair of Rilla to think seeing Nora would be that hard on her sister. Of course, it might be, but thats no excuse to stay away without truly knowing if it was true or not. I enjoyed how Una didn't think twice about it but realizes while it might be hard for her sister in law, it might also be good for her in a way.

Can I hit Shirley on the side of the head? Really man? Three months after having your daughter you knocked up your wife again lol.
8/7/2020 c32 Tinalouise88
Oh such a sweet little baby Nora and Gilbert being such a wonderful older brother.
I do worry about Rilla and Ken I think we all know that having a baby or another baby is never going to fix your marriage or relationship...at some point those issues will come back out and what will happen? Rilla ends up with another baby?

The chat with Rosemary and the differences between Little Jims and Gilbert years ago and the struggles of nursing. It was nice to see Rilla have her doubts about motherhood, she tries her best of course and she does love her children. But the magnitude of the differences must have hit her like a ton of bricks.
8/6/2020 c31 Tinalouise88
A baby Girl! I think our Rilla's have a thing for whimsical girl names..Honora, Nora is pretty, and much better then well Rilla Ford the second haha.

Now the cabbage patch, that made me chuckle so much. I had quite a few cabbage patch dolls, and a board game as well. Shirley being so stumped about it made me laugh. Common on Shirley get with the program lol. Babies start off in cabbage patches now lol.

I didn't know much about Groaning cakes...but know i wish i did before Ollie was born. Seems very Susanish to make!
8/6/2020 c30 Tinalouise88
All the singing and church things. Choirs and organs..It was very pretty to read.

Though Shirley missing her music, and his knowing how to unhoop linen. I think it might be something that will shock you...my mother used to leave her embroidery hoops on all the time. She worked on a table cloth for years and would have two hoops going on at once. if she got bored of one section she'd go to another. She used it once or twice and then decided she wanted a new one...( face palm).

The music reminds me how sometimes as we get older. We stop doing the things we love for lack of time. I hope Una plays more...while she can.
8/6/2020 c27 Tinalouise88
Silk shading, and making pretty things for herself. Good for Nan. Then again I always have a horrible attachment to a lot of things I make.

Mrs. Lewis seems like the Lowbridge Rachel Lynde? For a second I thought she was going to allude to Tamsin as being born out of wedlock or something. Like it was above Nan to care for such a child being fatherless or something.

Her pushing out Mrs. Lewis for lunch, was priceless though.
8/6/2020 c26 Tinalouise88
Oh goodness. Poor little Gilbert...it's never easy being in between parents. Even at the young of age, which i have my own memories of experiences of with my parents divorce.

Poor Una being caught in the middle of the Rilla and Kens problems...hearing each side every other day/week. God that would be exhausting. Then of course we get a hint of a potential baby?
8/5/2020 c24 Tinalouise88
Oh little John. ( that just reminds me of Robin hood!) Getting in the way of your parent's moment. Which was a very sweet moment, Shirley admitting he's noticed her distractions, but noticing again when she seemed lighter or happier?

Oh poor Nan, with that baby. I hope she will manage to have her own one day. As much as her nephews are a joy, it still must be hard for her.
Though knowing how to braid at a young age seems like much an accomplishment. Or i was just horribly behind.I believe I learned how to braid in Brownies.
8/4/2020 c23 Tinalouise88
oh dear dear Rilla. Back in the day, my grandmother said that super hot mustard baths would be an easy out. Not sure how well they worked...but I still remember mustard baths. lol.

It's and frightening moment for Rilla, and I am glad that she had managed to come to terms enough to not true any dangerous methods. To go off on a tangent about not wanting children, then to find out...well you are having another...it be like emotional whiplash to the face.

Una handles it all wonderfully, and the ending in the nursery, with shirley and little john. Its a sweet moment and i did Giggle at Shirley for trying to get her attention.
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