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10/9 c1 haterz gonnahate
look, the idea wasnt bad, just 2 questions. First, I dnt care what others say family is not bound by blood. Minako wasnt a stranger. she was her adoptive mother, thus, her mother. Maybe the other woman cared and loved misaki too, but THEY are the true strangers. Second: why did sne change her looks? since when did misaki care about that? for that reason, none the less. Pls excuse me but ig was stupid. Plus, its not as if american all have blond haire and blue eyes. more than in japan, guarentied, but its not like everyone has it.

i apologise if i sounded rude. I was just trying to sate my opinion.
5/30 c15 seirra1567
Hi, I really like the plot and I know I'm reading it a bit too late but oh well. Anyways, I have a few confusions; firstly, it's regarding Misaki. During the initial chapters you said that she changed her appearance by dying her hair blonde and putting on blue contacts but in the get together chapter, you made her put on amber coloured contacts. So I'm a bit confused there. Secondly, you changed Tora's appearance. He is a blonde but in the previous chapter you described him with chocolate brown hair and same coloured eyes. Isn't that Hinata's description? Thirdly, when you wrote about Takumi's depression. I didn't quite get the cause. Which encounter? That was kind of vague. And lastly, isn't Nagi supposed to be 8 years old? That was what you had said when you first introduced her but now she's 5...
Other than that the story is really good. I really like the plot, it was just these things which were kind of confusing me so thought about asking. (I'm a bit too lazy to log in)
6/22/2017 c28 Fiona123
Tht was my sis reviewing not me.
I missed u
Update laterand i know haw hard it is when u forget ur dtory plot and then try tu update.( afteralll im a writer too[sweatdropss])
Sorry again !gomen
BTW Luvs ur story
6/22/2017 c28 Fiona6543
Seriously good that u came back and wrote a story that is continuing perfectly.
Okkkkk! enough with my business.
Ur writing style is awesome!
And eventhough u r getting inspirations from seein the anime i would suggest u to read ur story once or twice and then b a detective and imagin wht u r tryin to write.
Hope this was good enough but this story plot so far is really... ... good . :):)
Next time clear ur mind & update quiet a bit fast.
Fiona6543 a.k.a Fiona123
ur story.
10/21/2016 c14 2razorbladesmate
Pain Demands To Be Felt, huh?
It sounds nearly exactly like the quote from The Fault in Our Stars. (Which is by John Green.)
Did you mean to make that reference? Lol.
4/20/2015 c28 Crystal
It wasnt bad at all it was actually great and of course that was a smart yet fun way to propose someone
3/16/2015 c28 iamgio
sacute sacute! moe moe moe moe moe *satsuki pops out of nowhere* "who has not told me about this fanfiction?!" me:"um I don't know?" *satsuki takes laptop and puts on reading glasses and goes off* me: "it will be impossible to stop her" *usui comes out of nowhere too* me:"uh usui-san um I was reading f-fanfic and satsuki took your laptop from me to read it ehehehehehheehee." *usui looks at me with head to the side and sighs* usui:''it will be impossible to take it from her."*misaki comes in with usuis laptop* misaki:"I found this next to an unconscious satsuki leaking with moe flowers.. and is now being hospilitized.. hmm maybe she saw something surprising on the net?" *goes to history* me and usui: "NO!'' *misaki looks at history before we stop her* misaki: " WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS?!'' me and usui:"we can explain!" *misaki faints with legs up in the air* me and usui: *sweatdrops*
1/30/2015 c28 Guest
So romantic! Wuawwwwww! I totally love it :D
They totally love each other so I'm really happy.
Keep writing don't stop ... Just write what you want a big hug for you!
12/21/2014 c28 The Mystery or piesareawesome
(Insert more weird noises here.)
I missed you so much, Emi! Thanks for updating. I'm facing depression as well, but your story really brightened up my day.

I LIKE PIEZ! -The Mystery or piesareawesome
12/15/2014 c28 perezamalia83
I love it so far good job (ω)
12/13/2014 c28 Kimi Ayuzawa
it's cute...I can't wait to see how it ends.
12/12/2014 c28 soul reaper19
awww this is so cute i actually shed tears omg this was amazing no matter what anyone says and i would rather you take a long time and have an amazing chapter like this then rush and it be crappy. i am so happy you continued it though i thought that you quite the fanfic i am so totally still following this fanfic until the end
12/12/2014 c28 dl73ny
The story is wonderful your are a great author never doubt that and I'm glad your ok no need to be sorry real life happens I hope your battle with depression ends and you come out the victor
12/12/2014 c28 jazz
hey i like the party part from the 1st envelope to the last 1 and the ending ..! :D

12/12/2014 c28 guest
Just one request
Plzz update soon!
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