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for Pokemon: The Origin of Species

9/23 c106 1CMY187
“my explanation for why psychic attacks are strong against poison pokemon”
Hell yeah.

“You said we were preventing war. Not doing a criminal’s dirty work”
Oh, Michio, you innocent lad. You will learn in time how the world really works.
“It is not our way to be both judge and executioner”
Why not?
“at least do something in the world besides further the aims of others. I will not be a tool”
Is it wrong that I grinned evilly at this?
“if we are to ever leave them behind”
Nope. The shadows will always be there, no matter what.
“I will not bury my head just because it is difficult”
Spec Ops: The Line.
“children are expected to catch and teach their own pokemon, to naturally scale the power they wield to their experience and skill as a trainer”
I love the writing of past/historical events in this story.
“he was given fully evolved pokemon, and trained in how to command them, from the age of nine”
Training a Blastoise is not the same as training a Squirtle, though it may or may not if the pokemon has been with the trainer for a long time.
“the trainer battles he would be expected to win in his journey for power”
(looks at Sliph) A very powerful and influential man, whose actions and decisions could and in fact already have changed the world forever.
Sliph lied to Lance; he is not remotely interested in wealth. What he truly wants is power.
“Someday, I will free us all to be the tools we most wish to be”
I’m currently watching The Serpent Queen. Highly recommend it.
“a suite of tools specialized for a variety of purposes”
This is the man who grew to become a Gym Leader and is currently aiming to join the Elites of Indigo Plateau.
“fighting alongside his pokemon in a way that most normal trainers would find wasteful and dangerous”
I have to say I’m with the normal trainers on this one.
“a hanging scroll depicts a tangela and machoke grappling in the forefront”
Hell yeah.
“he has not killed since he was sixteen”
Giovanni has never stopped killing. Recently, his operatives assaulted a facility, leaving no one within it alive.
“With technology”
Science is what changes the world in my opinion, not religion or ideologies.
“Kyo raises his brow”
Imagine having a sarcastic father.
“say what he does next so bluntly”
He wants Janine to be a better Leader than he has been.
“counters seviper with zangoose, then drops into sandile”
There is really just too much interesting material in this story…
“Kyo gives his daughter a small, wry smile”
Being the daughter of Leader Koga. No wonder Janine is so temperamental toward Blue.
“something that would change the entire meta of pokemon battles the world over”
Red, Blue and Leaf have already made sweeping changes to the world, and will inevitably make more…for both better and worse.
“improving and evaluating the strength of the trainer as an individual, not as a group”
Does Janine not respect rangers very much?
“A coldness is spreading through Kyo’s stomach”
Giovanni does not mess around. If he decides that Janine is a threat to him…
“It seems he has run out of time”
I don’t think that Koga would survive if he were to decide to treat Giovanni as an all-out enemy.
“a tamed poochyena”
A nearby poochyena gives Koga a reproachful look.
“I have made what preparations I can, and plan to make more once I am part of the Elite”
Sliph feels threatened, and has turned to Red to help him root out a suspected renegade within his headquarters. Why Red of all people?
“You were doing what you thought was right”
Tell that to Captain Martin Walker…
“a Leader cannot also be a concealed dagger”
(looks at Giovanni) …
“drops onto all fours as soon as it appears”
Blue is one heck of a formidable trainer.
“for her crobat”
Have I mentioned that I hate crobat?
“tall as two men and long as three”
Jesus Christ…imagine encountering one of those in the wilderness.
“It speaks volumes about his battle philosophy”
Blue has developed and improved as a trainer throughout this story, but he still has a very long way to go; at the level he is now, he would not last ten seconds against Leader Giovanni.
“been some debate over whether it’s fair”
Giovanni does not fight fair, as seen in the Adventures manga. He would not even allow you to get your pokemon out to defend yourself with.
“the utterly audacious claim with a completely straight face”
I love Blue.
“Might be even cooler than Fuchsia”
Blue is the best.
“Someone who will help expose the corruption, rather than accept it”
Koga worries me.
“this thing called ‘meta-honesty’”
I call it, ‘How to lie and be obvious about it without hurting the other person’. (shrugs) Lies and deceit equal successful relationship after all.
9/15 c105 CMY187
"it’s too early for this”
Their reward for all their hard work is even more hard work.
“Blue stares”
I love this.
“no way he would keep that to himself”
Mistrust. Fear. Perhaps even paranoia. Blue is now uncertain and at least slightly afraid of what Red is capable of. He may have known Red longer than most, but how much does he truly know of Red Verres?
“the biggest psychic discovery of our lifetime”
Sliph is going to try to hire Red on a more permanent basis, isn’t he?
“really important we talk about how to talk about it”
Being a psychic sucks.
“making pokemon fear for their lives, even artificially”
I tilted my head at this.
“I probably won’t tell her”
Lies and deceit, Red. You’ve lied to Leaf before, and you will lie to her again. She’s lied to you too. Everybody Lies.
“what amount of honesty is the right amount”

‘The surest way to remain poor is to be honest.’
- Napoleon Bonaparte.

“How many secrets have you been keeping, exactly?”
The older they get, the more they experience, Blue begins to realize that he may not know Red Verres as well as he thinks he does.
“if he knows a renegade”
Of course. Giovanni. And in my opinion Red has to know. He just doesn’t want to believe it.
“he has wondered, now and then”
His perception of Red was changed forever after what happened in Vermillion.
“ruin his scientific career if it was wrong”
Is it wrong that I grinned evilly at this?
“there are things I could do that you can’t imagine, that would break the trust”

Charlie Luciano: ‘You ain’t got the green.’
Meyer Lansky: ‘You don’ know what I have.’
- Boardwalk Empire

“doing what you thought was best”

‘We…tried to save you.’
- Spec Ops: The Line

“fuse all the Stormbringers into some crazy three-headed mega-Legendary”
It is nothing short of an injustice that Pokemon: Adventures has yet to get an anime adaptation.
“How would that even work, fusing pokemon together”
I dunno, Red. Pokemon are weird.
“one tail, but it’s like, all their tails blended together”
A nearby screen-writer scribbles furiously.
“Not like a caterpie you idiot”
This dialogue is great. They really are like an old married couple.
“changed my mind about going to every Stormbringer battle”
As of now, the Stormbringers have yet to be seriously injured/wounded in any way. (looks at the Master Ball) …entire wars may be fought for just one of those.
“a unified, stronger whole”
I’m very worried about Blue. I can see him becoming an authoritarian leader in the future.
“if I go around saying that all the time”
I thought of Vlad Vexler’s videos in which he talks about a type of propaganda; its purpose is not to win you over to any particular side, but to make you not want to side with anybody.
“a slimy politician”
That’s the problem with politics; everybody is trying to use your words against you, so you end up talking like that all the time.
“lying with extra steps”
Red Verres is a younger Rick Sanchez. Somehow this makes way too much sense.
Imagine Rick being a pokemon trainer.
“two honest people”

The Invention of Lying (starring Ricky Gervais)

“if they ask if you believe in them”
People don’t want the truth. They want you to tell them what they want to hear.
“wondering again what secrets he’s been holding on to”
With great power comes great paranoia.
“helping hunt for them in Celadon”
(looks at the latest chapter) Of course there are renegades within the Sliph headquarters.
“dragging a protesting Satori away from the training hall”
“a lot of them on people’s laps or shoulders”
“more attention to him than their pokemon”
The pokemon just steal every scene they are in, as they should.
“No one moves”
The discovery of Dark people being able to utilize psychic power…the price of abra is going to skyrocket.
“all the teaching he’s been doing in Saffron”
I love this.
“practically everyone raises their hand”
“sometimes just telling someone…could break the trust”
Everyone talks about everyone behind everyone’s back. It’s just what people do.
“makes Blue suddenly wonder”
This made me grin from ear to ear.
“how to be honest without lying when there are some secrets you’ve got to keep”
I love this so much. Red is an awesome character.
“Uh, our pokemon are here too”
I love that even the pokemon are listening to Red.
“everyone else staring as intently at the phone as he was…becoming more wary and protective”
This chapter is great.
“being told of renegade activity and not reporting it”
Why am I thinking of Brad from Mystic Quest?
“not just holding their own secrets, but also sharing them while excluding him”
Is it wrong that I’m still smiling as I read this? I’m a terrible person.
“the idea that he’ll never be able to teleport”
You are cruel, DayStarELD. All great writers are.
“Being indoors helps ensure they can’t”
Unless their trainer is Red, of course.
“pack of growlithe that nearly burned him to a crisp during one of the recent attacks near Saffron”
Wait, what?
“see if they’d let them run an experiment with it”
I shuddered at this.
“the trembling in abra’s limbs”
Yeeaahh, this IS morally questionable. But I suppose it’s one way to train pokemon to better protect themselves and their trainers from actual threats.
9/7 c108 1Alehhandro
Whelp... It took me at least two weeks of a bout three hours a day reading but i finally finished my binge of this massive chaos emerald of a fic.

this was absolutely amazing!

i'm honestly at a loss as to what i might say to show you that you got yourself a new reader but everything that comes to mind is swept away by the flurry of emotions i collected over the time reading it.

sooo coool!
9/5 c108 3Silver-ShadowSpark
9/4 c108 3Rusty Thebanite
Certainly not what I thought President Silph was going to say, but also just as much a task they may be grateful Blue is present for. Clearly this hypothesized rogue is whom Silph believes actually attacked Red's mother.
9/2 c108 Guest
Oh that's, that's weirdly relieving lol
9/4 c98 noosplinters
holy shit
catching up after a few months and i'm so stoked to see what comes next
9/3 c14 WITCDO
What is this story even about? You've spent 14 chapters on basically nothing so far. He's not really training or bonding with his pokemon, he's not really fighting anyone, he's just walking around talking, being an annoying douche. It's all description, lore, infodumps and 'scientific' talk.

Such an incredibly boring story.
9/2 c108 The Harmonium
Ooh, a cliffhanger! How exciting! I wonder who the renegade is? Also, this is promising because there might be some delicious ACTION next chapter!
9/2 c108 1Arlnoff
Well, that's a surprise. I'm interested to see what comes of this
9/2 c108 1WhatWouldEnderDo
By far the centerpiece of this chapter for me was two friends successfully navigating a dicey interpersonal dynamic, with greater skill than they had in the beginning, with skill earned and learned *from* their previous failures.

Red nervously prepping his ask, and making space for Blue to have a negative reaction, and trying to pre-validate that negative reaction, plus Blue being bluntly candid and then essentially asking for more time to think about it (as opposed to, say, feeling rushed to do it right in the moment) ...

9/1 c108 Shadobladez
Damn, what a twist, that was out of left field. But it is a good "out of nowhere" move. Very interested in seeing what goes on in the next chapter, cheers!
9/1 c108 4Parselmaster
Oh that's a thing. I don't think I have mentioned just how much I enjoy the depiction of the Silph president and the associated drama before, but it's excellent.
8/22 c65 Guest
Stormbringer, Endbringer... I see you fellow Worm fan!
8/7 c107 4boots1990
Possible mechanic idea: some sort of emergency recall function on a pokeball in order to prevent a pokemon registered to it from dying? There would have to be a maximum range or some sort of similar mechanic, but it would work right? Every time someone loses a Pokémon, I can’t help but be devastated. Still haven’t recovered from red’s rattatta
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