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for Pokemon: The Origin of Species

19h c72 1ddreamer9159
I thought it was interesting that blue despises red for not doing something he would hate his grandfather to do. To rush into death to save him from a Pressure related incident is similar to Red rushing into a burning building he knew would fall.

I don’t agree with blue saying there is a difference but I’m glad you chose to show him at least considering the two situations
9/12 c72 eneath
It was really interesting to get a look into Blue's head again, a couple of weeks after his fallout with Red. Thank you for writing this amazing story!
9/11 c17 Sai Og Sus
I like the undertone of racism. Really make the story alive.
9/11 c29 Sterr
Shouldn't a quarter of 70db be ~64?
9/10 c16 Sai Og Sus
Your Kanto is quite diverse.
9/10 c52 Cristoss
oh wait! not a typo! it's just not super clear that was in the past tense. lol. clarification might be needed, though i suppose she's not listed in the taxi...
9/10 c52 Cristoss
found a typo! "Aiko delighted Leaf by explaining [...shows she's with the group, but then...] to walk through the paths between the grid of pokemon pen clusters in search of Aiko."
Probably searching for her father?
9/6 c72 3Inferno Vulpix
I can really empathize with the way Blue's angry. Not so much the source of his anger - I'm still more on Red's side in that argument - but in the way he manifests it.

Tightly controlled. Keeping a stoic mask when irritated and snapping at people when the control starts to slip. It very much reminded me of the way I tend to behave when I'm angry, and I felt like I knew exactly what Blue was feeling internally.

It's a good contrast to Red's style of anger, which tends to come across as frustration when it's not mixed with depression and bitterness.
9/2 c72 Guest
"make due" make do
"understand you concerns" your
9/2 c72 KEB
Great chapter, love your writing! I prefer reading about Red's story line for some reason, so I was disappointed when this was a Blue chapter, but it was fantastic and I'm glad you write the other perspectives. The end(with Daisy and P. Oak) seemed to highlight Blue's hypocrisy. Does Blue think/realize giving up his promise to save his grandpa/accomplish his goals is the same as Red? We haven't been given his reasons for it being different as far as I remember.
Cant wait for next month! Thanks for writing.
9/2 c72 drizzly again
FORGOT to put this is my review and i can’t edit it so: just wanted to say i really appreciate that little snippet about daisy and her (female!) love interest. that kind of representation, though minor, is super important and it really warmed my heart :) thank you
9/2 c42 3AlernateReality
(After 42 chapters) Gotta say, Red is my least favorite character so far. He is kinda whiny, immature, and believes everyone owes him something, especially if he is supposed to be a super-genius. Just like how Bill should give him the ability to potentially stop his loved ones from dying.

That said, I do like Blue's character and the overall structure of the pokemon world. I think Blue is better grounded and a little more childish. Plus, at least he does things with his pokemon. The world itself is super realistic and I appreciate the pokemon deaths. Most avoid such topics.

Still on the outs with Leaf. I can't get over the fact that people are taking a 12-year-old seriously as an investigative journalist.

Now, I know they are supposed to be child-geniuses, but again I do think their ages should be higher. I doubt in a realistic world they would let anyone under 15 actually take such a journal, especially when it isn't required.

It's a good story, very well done with the realistic concept in mind, but ultimately, Red is holding it back.
9/2 c72 3Rusty Thebanite
This is a very melancholic chapter. and it was positively delicious to consume!
9/2 c72 3drizzzlybear
oof i really am hoping blue and red make up soon... i am definitely on red's side of the argument, but it's been really good to see blue's perspective and how he's been doing, and i think you've done a great job of making their argument realistic and justifiable from both sides! i may have said this before but i really admire your characterisation: so many ambitious and driven young people that are all so talented and flawed and yet so different.
hopefully you're not too close to dorian's path, but stay safe!
9/1 c39 3AlernateReality
Unless I am misunderstanding something, Leaf is 10... this story would be much more realistic if they are older. Also, no 10-year-old would ever be taken seriously doing investigative journalism
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