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9/2/2020 c14 Slycerr
I actually wonder ow you are going to explain or interpret Meowth of Team Rocket.
9/2/2020 c12 Slycerr
Janine has a complex... and that's dangerous...
9/1/2020 c84 1BloodredAi
2020 is what happens next... oh wait, that's already happening~ anyways, keep up the good work ()b
9/1/2020 c84 TheSummerSet
Cool chapter man, it's always nice to see the character interactions of Red and Blue. Due to it being such a long story, I was wondering if you could provide a pokemon list for Red, Leaf, and Blue. I'm sure that those also added more pokemon to their roster during the time skip about 10 chapters ago as well. Thanks for the update and keep up the great work!
9/1/2020 c84 1HerdingDog1
oh man... Now I'm wondering if Blue just didn't notice or decided not to comment on Red turning the renegades Pokemon against them...
9/1/2020 c1 7Adamant39
I'd just like to say how impressed I am that you can continue to put out regular, non-stop monthly chapters like this. Mad kudos. Looking forwards to the next one!
9/1/2020 c84 15ANarrativeCloud
Amazing. This is so amazing. You depth! The sheer thoughtfulness... thank you so much for sharing this to us.
9/1/2020 c84 lucario987
Loved the chapter
8/31/2020 c69 Fitzy564
Loved the One Punch Man reference.
8/30/2020 c83 1BloodredAi
So... just miscellaneous thoughts, unrelated to the current chapter, but... i was recently thinking about Mewtwo's one way partitions, with the undetectable personalities hidden behind them, and stuff like the mystery of how Malamar is both Psychic and Dark. I'm left wondering... If someone managed to encase their entire mind within a one-way partition, without leaving an outer-layer of personality to conceal it all, would they be Dark, or would they show up as just one massive partition to others? Just idle musing, really, and probably stuff other people have already caught and asked about, but ah well.
8/29/2020 c43 1CMY187
This will be my last review until after the 28th of September, as I have an exam on that day. With that, here I go:

“the population of abra in the area was largely depleted”
I wonder if that would affect the local wildlife and/or ecology.
“a grand total of 32, 38 and 47”
Wow…and abra are usually very difficult to catch.
“blank white stickers…puts one on each ball”
Sliph Co is probably working on a means of identification or labelling for pokeballs.
“their sales depress the market”
I love this. Also, I cannot help but think of slavery. (looks at N) Uh-oh.
“That’s unusually generous of you”
“you guys both need the fame for your goals more than I do”
This made me frown. Fame is a double-edged sword, as Leaf learnt. I suspect it would be more harmful than beneficial to Red in the long run.
“I figured I’d head down and get Sabrina’s”
So the Saffron Gym Badge was going to be his third one, until Red’s mission for Bill sent him to Vermillion. Interesting. You don’t choose the order in which you challenge Gyms for Mastery on a whim. In my opinion, you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their chosen order-of-Gym-challenges.
“Everyone who challenges Surge stops by Diglett Cave first”
This made me laugh.
“Donovan says he was tougher than Brock”
Of the eight Kanto Gym Leaders, I think there is no question of who is the strongest one. Which makes me wonder who the second-strongest one is.
“Last I saw he was still working his way through Victory Road…six wins up”
Hmm. Interesting. Looks like Victory Road in this story isn’t just a sprawling dungeon-esque area like in the games.
“the famous dragon tamer”
Blue likely has it in the back of his mind to eventually obtain a Dragon-type pokemon.
“A lot of trainers give up on their League aspirations somewhere along the way”
Honestly, you’d have to be at least a little crazy to keep going when you could easily get a comfortable job after gaining experience and strong pokemon from your time as a trainer.
“He just shrugs”
Blue is likely now seen by many as a prodigy. He may not be fully aware of just how much scrutiny he has been subjected to.
“She has to keep going, to reach her full potential”
Blue does not want to just become a strong pokemon trainer. He wants to LEAD. This may be his first real hurdle here in this scene.
“pre-trained pokemon”
Wait, what? There’s an industry and market for that?
“I wouldn’t give up! If anything I’d work twice as hard”
Defeat only makes Blue stronger.
“he also needs them to be stronger, bolder”
Red refusing to accompany Aiko into the unstable building. Still one of the most important moments of the entire story to me. This is really that kind of story; one in which Anyone Can Die.
“of romance now”
Somehow I don’t think Blue has any time for romance. His love is all for something else. He really is consumed by obsession.
“Is pokemon battling your love language”
Okay, that’s proof that Amy is evil.
“fight everyone I encounter for real at least once”
I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
“banking app”
I immediately thought of hackers and cyber-thieves.
“I’ve never participated in research before”
Are there any research facilities in Cerulean? If not, there may be one or more new ones due to the Cerulean Cave.
“returning to any location they’ve been to with the pokemon before”
This is a VERY powerful ability. No wonder psychics are viewed with so much fear and suspicion.
“teleportation has to be done outside…needs open space to move through”
Hmm. But Yuuta attempted it indoors, unless I am wrong about the details of the building.
“a pokemon can teleport from inside a building”
Oh, so the pokemon can leave but it cannot enter? ARGH!
“it cannot be a case of being simply unable to pass through walls”
It seems that way. So it isn’t solid materials being in the way. It’s something else.
“He still doen’t have a flying pokemon”
I thought of Aerodactyl. (looks at Charmeleon) Huh.
“the memories of his father and the finality of death”
Will Graham: (to Hannibal Lecter) ‘What god do you pray to?’
“Pichu on his shoulder”
That may become difficult if he becomes a Raichu.
“he promises his pokemon, then Blue and Leaf, Professor Oak and his mom, the whole world”
As of Chapter 83, Red may have killed a human for the first time.
“Its mind instantly connects with his”
I am very curious of what a Psychic-type vs Psychic-type duel would be like.
“Or is it the abra’s neck”
This is getting scary.
“That’s how abra hears human language”
This is amazing.
“snatches it out of the air with one claw”
I thought of Red catching the pokeball several minutes prior to this.
“hundreds of hours of practice, just to begin to use their gift in battle”
It may be difficult for Blue to fight through the Saffron Gym members to get to Sabrina.
“Your mind, your very brain itself, will change as a result of this process”
I love/hate this story. Too much, man.
“time you spend in another pokemon’s mind”
(looks at Bug and Dark-type pokemon) How many human psychics have tried numerous times to enter the minds of such pokemon? (looks at Mewtwo in this story) His psychic powers may not be very effective against Dark-types, but it turns out he can take them down using physical attacks. Needless to say, Mewtwo is extremely dangerous. Giovanni, what have you unleashed upon the world…?
“learning Amnesia”
Imagine a human launching Psybeams and Psychic attacks…Christ Almighty, a Renegade like that would be horrifying. Heck, in this story’s world’s history, there probably have been Renegades who were able to do such things.
“easier with pokemon that are smaller and have similar bodies, and even easier the more similar their anatomy is to yours”
(looks at Misty and her Starmie) Huh.
“You must also learn to feel”
I thought of Alistair in Dragon Age: Origins stating that while Grey Wardens can sense Darkspawn, Darkspawn can also sense them.
“I believe you will go far in this field”
Hmm. Perhaps Ayane sees great potential in Red Verres and hopes that in the future he would cite her as one of his former tutors. Business is business after all.
“if you ever pass through Saffron City, be sure to request a meeting with Leader Sabrina”
…and just like that, I no longer trust Ayane.
“about as many as the average 4-badge trainer”
This made me smile. Also, if Blue defeats Erika, he too would become a 4-badge trainer. But Erika sure as hell isn’t going to make it easy for him.
“it’s better to move from one project to the next”
I thought of Louis CK’s eulogy for George Carlin.
“All her calls go unanswered, her messages unreturned”
“being paranoid in believing that an unknown psychic dug around in her head”
Honestly, when it comes to the X-Men mutants, I have to say I am pro-registration. It’s not about race or homosexuality or transgender. Mutants ARE dangerous.
“walking through the crowds of pedestrians and tourists”
Is Leaf being followed? Is her room bugged?
“enjoy the city one last time before they hit the road”
Man is Kanto dangerous. Even the major cities are not safe. Anything can happen at any time.
“and a cold poffin for Bulbasaur”
Leaf, you’re spoiling him rotten.
“tries to walk through it, only to bump his nose…before he decides to start whipping it”
Ha! Huh…Bulbasaurs cannot see glass?
“waiting for someone to open the door”
She’s done this before.
“Why would you be worried about me?”
Zoey Palmer isn’t stupid. This incident alone would stay with her; Leaf Juniper for some reason being anxious for her well-being.
“Cerulean South…the home invasion”
“cluelessly bumbled around”
Zoey does not begrudge Leaf’s intentions, only her execution.
“this kind of blunt accusation”
Say nothing more without your lawyer present, Leaf.
“You’re in over your head!”
Zoey knows something. I now feel that she would not survive to the end of this story. Giovanni does not mess around.
“surely someday his luck would run out”
Yep. I don’t think Red Verres is going to die of old age.
“be a Professor with his own lab”
That goal is still far in the distance. At least he got his Researcher license, which is a big step.
“where some mythical pokemon awakens from the depths of the planet”

“shutting down all technology and returning humanity to the dark ages”
Christ Almighty, countless people would perish if that were to happen. Also, an EMP may disable pokeballs…
“teppanyaki grill”
And now I want teppanyaki. Thanks a lot, DayStarELD.
“Blue and Leaf argue over”
I always love when they do that. They are both very set in their ways.
“give up on people in outlying towns so he could focus on just saving those in his”
(shrugs) It’s what I would do. Then again, I’d probably just abandon everyone to save myself.
“his mind as a deep lake”
For some reason, I thought of the virtual torturing in Altered Carbon.
“Red blinks. They’re in the Trainer House lobby”
This is scary. By focusing so much on the minds of others he loses his perception of the physical world.
Ha! Now I’m imagining the pokemon as a fully-evolved Raichu that still insists on perching on Red’s shoulders.
“some need line of sight, others work like projectiles or area of effect attacks”
There’s just way too much to study about Psychic and Ghost-type pokemon.
“but it flips itself while in the air”
(looks at Metapod and Kakuna) Are they really that helpless? How do they defend themselves if attacked?
“leaps away on its short legs”
Apparently, Bellsprout are faster than Oddish and are better in terms of offense, while Oddish are better in defense (Bellsprout use Vine Whip and Growth while Oddish use Absorb and Sleep Powder)
“for her to get coated”
If Blue is going to fight Erika, he would need to prepare against poison, paralysis and sleep-inducing attacks. And watch out for Leech Seed.
“half a dozen large bubbles float toward him”
Bubblebeam is likely to be faster and more impactful.
“Red can see Blue flinch”
Have I mentioned that Blue is crazy?
“he can aim her by his position”
Blue has come a long way already since Pewter Gym.
“the sensation of liquid traveling up his throat with powerful force”
Water-type attacks are not the same as being hit by a blast of water from a hose.
“its bruised and cracked carapace”
Maturin is one heck of a tough cookie. Slingshot, Poison-Powder, Smokescreen, then Night Shade. It endured them all.
“a quick command brings it out of battle mode”
I wonder if pokemon from different trainers that have spent a lot of time fighting alongside each other would refuse to duel or spar against each other.
“you’re not doing them any favors”
The relationships of the Dex Holders in the Adventures manga to their pokemon. Red: Companion and parental figure. Blue: Leader to his soldiers. Yellow: Friendship. Gold: Partner.
“they evolve if you blow on them hard enough”
The Metapod frowns at Blue, then ‘accidentally’ falls on his foot.
“I mean, it’s a butterfree”
Red’s Butterfree isn’t going to like Blue, is it?
“that the pokedex doesn’t understand”
Sam Oak would be interested in studying this to update the pokedex.
“brings out his other abra”
I love that Red has multiple abra.
8/28/2020 c68 Fitzy564
Bro, red is kind of a whiny baby with the partition down. I get it, but CMON DUDE SNAP OUT OF IT! (not bashing your writing at all, I love it, and it's nice to get this level of frustration with a fictional character) keep up the good work!
8/22/2020 c42 CMY187
“I’m hoping to eventually publish as a YA novel”
Go for it!

“slow circles of a defensive perimeter around her”
I wonder where this story would take Crimson.
“it does so without warning”
I wonder how many people in Kanto had died from pokemon surprise attacks without being able to reach their belted pokeballs in time.
“knock over his target”
Leaf has no problem with training her pokemon with pokedolls and other non-living targets, but is averse to spars with other trainers. When you get down to it, pokemon training is a cutthroat business; you use defeated opponents as stepping stones and you risk and even sacrifice your pokemon in order to continue climbing. At the same time, Blue has created a group that he wants to help build and strengthen.
“enjoys the mix of challenging and playful elements of them”
Blue makes no bones about how he is raising his pokemon; to be soldiers in his personal war. Leaf on the other hand wants to own pokemon so she could raise them to not only protect her and themselves but to also enjoy their lives. There is a reason that she decided to give the Pichu in Viridian Forest to Red rather than keep it for herself.
“Maybe I can take up fishing”
Fishing carries its own risks. There is no telling what you may encounter on that line.
“I’m sorry to interrupt”
I wonder if Sam Oak has any interest or hopes in Blue eventually growing closer to others in a non-platonic way. After all, he is likely aware that Blue’s obsession with the Stormbringers could very well lead to his death, and Sam has suffered enough loss and grief in his family. At the same time, he knows that nothing would stop Blue from pursuing his dream.
“Better if you stay out of it”
Sam, you forget who you’re talking to. That is Leaf Juniper. Staying away from shady and suspicious activity just isn’t what she does.
“She sometimes worries that Blue wishes he had other travelling companions”
He does now. Red (maybe?) has the Saffron Gym members as at least his associates. Leaf on the other hand has yet to truly start a team of her own. Said it before; I believe that out of the three of them, her dream is the one that would be the most difficult to accomplish.
“Leader Giovanni is the least among them”
The lesser evil. Yeah, I can see him being that. And that scares me.
“Daisy and I are hosting a watch party”
(looks at Blue’s victories over Brock, Misty and Surge) It will only get more difficult as he progresses. More than one person has stated that he is insane to wish to save Giovanni for last. But Blue has refused to back down from that declaration. I suspect that Brock would not be the last Leader whom Blue loses to in a Challenge match.
Also, I firmly believe that Blue’s PR is only going to increase due to his involvement in the Rocket Casino disaster. There may be a LOT of people who would be attending his Challenge match against Erika, though it may be some time before that happens. And yeah, I still don’t trust Erika. What the hell is in that underground lab?
“You never know when it might come in handy”
Chekov’s Gun!
“almost unheard of for a second badge Challenger”
I love that Blue Oak is now famous as of Chapter 83.
“Dennis, that was it”
If it turns out that his last name is Reynolds, I’m going to break down laughing.
“the kid”
I wonder how many children had been traumatized by watching pokemon battles.
“Pewter Gym’s main coliseum”
Considering that Brock utilizes Onix in his Challenge matches, it makes sense that Pewter would be the largest Gym in terms of size.
“We’re using Indigo League rules?”
I smiled at this.
“I like to force my Challengers outside their comfort zones”
In my opinion, any Leader that DOESN’T do this should be questioned as to why. I wonder how many Trainers had struggled and won all eight badges in one region only to lose in the first round of the Indigo League. (looks at Victory Road) I’m still wondering how you would write that region, DayStarELD.
“with standard Indigo League withdraw limitations”
I can only imagine how much more harrowing and dangerous Challenge matches can become the more number of badges a Challenger has. Misty to me can be downright terrifying when she is going all-out in a Challenge match, aka at seven badges. I wonder how many trainers had managed to win seven badges only to suffer defeat after defeat at the last Gym.
“meant to simulate intense battle conditions in the wild. No pauses to talk or rest or strategize”
I approve of this. And yet so many trainers STILL die. Now I want to compare this story’s world to that of the Dishonored game series.
“A pokemon can’t be withdrawn and sent back out without a different pokemon going in first”
Hmm. Now there’s a tactic; withdraw a pokemon that is standing to your left, then release it while aiming the pokeball to your right.
Now I’m imagining Blue in a life-or-death struggle against a Renegade trainer on the ground, both clawing at each other’s throats and faces while their pokemon are also ferociously fighting to the death a short distance away from them. Blue somehow succeeds in breaking the Renegade’s neck, only to look up to find that the Renegade’s pokemon had killed his own and, despite no longer having a trainer, is turning toward him with murder in its eyes…
“hand shifts to Ion automatically, the ball already flying through the air before he recognizes the trap”
‘All warfare is based on deception.’ – The Art of War, by Sun Tzu.
“withdraws his pokemon just as”
Speed, precision, timing, all the while watching and reading one’s opponent to guess/predict what they will do next. When fighting for your life, be it against a wild pokemon or a Renegade, you cannot lose your composure. Panic and you die.
“materializes just in time to”
Is there a way to train your pokemon to attack, defend, etc even as it is emerging from the ball? Would they even know to do that? (looks at Adventures-Red’s Pikachu charging up its electrical attack while still inside its pokeball so that it could immediately fire its Thunderbolt attack upon being released from it) Hmm.
“Maturin ducks into her shell”
If there is one pokemon whom Blue can use in battles of attrition, at least against pokemon that are not strong against Water-types, it would be Maturin.
“send the blue spores away”
I’m guessing that the more powerful a pokemon is, the more difficult it is to repel/displace its spore attacks.
“leaving the shinx out an extra second so she’ll overcommit”
I love this. Makes me think of Muhammad Ali.
“He missed a catch”
In my opinion, all trainers miss a catch sooner or later, even the very best ones.
“locking her into a decision and shifting the tempo of the flight”
Control the battle. Make your opponent react to you instead of the other way around.
“until he’s just a tan blur in the sky”
I can only imagine what Zephyr would be like as a Pidgeot. ALL of Blue’s pokemon have been trained to be nothing short of warriors, though not without casualties and losses, both pokemon and human.
“the swanna can’t land its attacks”
Does Misty have any pokemon that could out-speed a Pidgeotto? Oh, right, she has a Starmie.
“but doesn’t go down”
Man, shiftry are tough. (looks at Red’s Snorlax in Gen 2) If you have no Fighting-type moves, fighting that thing is like fighting a damn wall; one that can rebuild itself.
“The shiftry strikes first…only to have”
When ALL pokemon are down, how does a referee and/or judge determine the winner of the battle?
“blades sinking deep into the marshtomp’s abdomen…poisonous sludge right into Kemuri’s face”

I’m guessing that after a certain number of badges, there are no pauses in Challenge matches for any reason short of danger to the humans’ lives.
“blood, feathers, and leaves that litter the sand”
Jesus Christ…and yet Viridian Forest and the excavation site were even worse.
“a picture that will be shown in history books”
I love this.
“an intense and invasive enough attack will mess with any psychic’s ability to concentrate”
I wonder how a Beedrill would fare against a Staryu.
“let the poison wear Ion down”
I cannot wait to learn of how Koga strategizes against his opponents. (looks at Muk) I’m guessing that utilizing physical attacks on Grimer and Muk is not a good idea.
“Starmie are ridiculously fast”
Imagine being attacked by a wild Starmie…
“What if this is her plan?”
I love this. Every single one of the Challenge matches in this story is great. Also, it made me look at the in-game writing of the Rival character in Gen 2. While strong and powerful, he is told that he pushes his pokemon too hard.
“shoots up into the sky, flips itself in a tight half-loop and rockets down at the starmie”
This battle is amazing.
“An Ice Beam hits Zephyr dead on”
Starmie is Misty’s ace, though I suspect that this is not the same Starmie whom Misty brought with her into the Cerulean Cave. (looks at Giovanni) Does he even HAVE a favorite pokemon? There is always one that you like more than all the others.
“Blue swaps Ion out rather than let it attack”
I can only imagine how Erika would prepare for her Challenge match against Blue. (looks at Grass/Poison-type pokemon) I remember that in-game, using life-draining attacks on pokemon like Tentacool and Grimer is a bad idea.
“but not breaking the grip of her jaws”
Maturin is a badass.
“Maturin’s jaws stay locked on the starmie”
This is terrifying. After all, they are NOT machines.
“His legs are still trembling, his heart threatening to jump up into his throat”
Congratulations, Blue. But this journey remains an uphill one. You still have a long way to go.
“one of Bill’s houses”
I wonder how much property and land Bill possibly owns in Kanto. I doubt all of it is only north of Cerulean.
“steps onto the brim of his hat and over his head”
Ha! First Charmander, now Pichu.
“in fancy robes”
This made me laugh.
“might have gotten myself killed off on a journey instead”
I wonder if Bill knew any trainers who were later killed during their own journeys.
“It’s promising”
I’m guessing that he usually doesn’t say this to people who bring ideas and/or results to him.
“high Other doesn’t predict high psychokinetic ability”
Researchers have been studying pokemon and human psychic ability for longer than Red has been alive and still not found the truth behind it. If Red wants to succeed where they have failed, he would have to do something that no one else has ever done before.
“their boards aren’t stupid enough to ignore something like this”
Coming from Bill, this is probably high praise for the boards.
“nose sniffing at the can”
I thought of Snowy in the Tintin comic series being addicted to alcohol.
“I hadn’t checked my mailbox in a while”
Goddammit, Bill, you need an assistant.
“I get invited every year”
Are Red and Leaf technically hired as temporary representatives and/or assistants to Bill now?
“some idiots decided to put one on a cruise”
Wine and dine the rich folks to increase the odds that they’ll buy or invest in something, I’m guessing.
“Red frowns at him”
“Is Red beholden to the inventor, now?”
That IS a genuine concern.
“If I can’t trust Oak then I’ve got bigger problems”

“so it can be perfectly reversed”
I wonder why Bill has this specific goal, and of the motivation behind it.
“We could send people into the future”
Altered Carbon.
“Mostly just numb to it now”
Nick Fury: ‘Don’t try to change the world. It has a habit of biting back. Mostly all you can do is keep it the way it is.’
“my dad”
“Sure, I could”
I really, really hope that Bill never goes bad (assuming he isn’t already…)
“When did you last leave your house?”
Is Bill AFRAID to leave? Is he a prisoner in his own home?
8/19/2020 c83 1SilverHatTrick
Mewtwo is released! And I am caught up, a feeling always nice and sad... looking forward to future chapters!
8/18/2020 c77 SilverHatTrick
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