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for Clearing Out the Demons

10/27/2013 c1 21GeorgeAndrews
Loved it! You're so amazing at writing, Kates! I loved that finally clear of demons bit at the end, and to hear lindsay's feelings as Shane was always more of a Danny baddie, that is why put Lindsay with him instead and I'm so glad you got it cos you are so great at writing her and delving in to her inner feelings towards an awful time and situation that we never really got to hear from her. Just how she felt bad for killing someone. But what did she feel before that about the lighthouse and such? Glad u explored that! Great job!
10/26/2013 c1 44smuffly
This felt just like the sort of thing that Lindsay would do to help herself heal after such a terrible series of events, and I could just hear her voice as she worked through the memories, one by one. I really liked the way that you chose the graveyard as the setting, and Shane Casey's headstone as a representation of his character. Great job!
10/26/2013 c1 83LoveShipper
That is a good way to get closure; talk out your feelings to the person even if they are dead
10/26/2013 c1 82NYwLove
I like what you did here, giving us this inner monologue of Lindsay, her character really shines through her. Good job!

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