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for Nightmare At Canterlot High

1/4/2020 c1 Guest
What a great idea for a story! I'm proud of Sweetie Belle. Nice work.
5/1/2015 c1 Guest
dude you got to right More equestrian girl holloween specials
1/2/2014 c6 32MoonbeamKN
Great story! What a fun why to end the nightmare!
11/1/2013 c6 6DarthWill3
Sweetie Belle, you're so cute when you're blushing!
Rarity: You are a hero now! Embrace it!

Looks like your instincts serve you well, Sunset.

Discord: Heeeeeeeere's Discord! *notices that he doesn't have a gun* D'OH!

Pinkie, why are you so funny all the time? ROFL
11/1/2013 c5 DarthWill3
Discord may appreciate golf, but Dashie doesn't. LOL

Everything's gone chaotic around in dreamland. Need I say that this is Discord's kind of place?

Good thing they didn't mention the encounter with the chocolate rain to Pinkie... You know how she is with that. ROFL

Uh oh... Discord's gone Megatron and Doc Ock! The only prevailing personality is that of the Joker!

Dashie is such a natural with her athletic skills! No wonder she's able to keep herself from being hit!

Sunset, you're following into Twilight's footsteps pretty well. Good for you!

Did I ever tell you that I LOVE SoarinDash?

Girls, how could you sleep on the job at a time like this?!

Discord really plans ahead with his balloons, huh?

Sweetie Belle's quite the unexpected hero, isn't she?

For once in this story, Pinkie gives us helpful advice, what with Discord about to go pop! ROFL
10/28/2013 c4 DarthWill3
I Love Filly... Catchy. Kinda like I Love Lucy, if I'm not mistaken.

Pinkie just can't stop, can she? ROFL

Sunset sure is acting brave, considerate, and selfless. That's a big improvement.

Sweetie Belle, you cute little genius, you...

I think I see some Phantom of the Opera in that last movie... Great book and musical!

Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer vs. Groundskeeper Discord. Place your bets. ;)

Rarity never ceases to be generous, huh? LOL
10/26/2013 c3 DarthWill3
Lousy Smarch weather... ;)

How could Rarity's folks just burn Discord by accident and actually vote yes for the free fire extinguisher service on the same day? LOL

Principal Celestia, you need to take more precautions for emergencies in future. Plus, you need to listen to what your sister says. ;)

Discord seems intent on having the last laugh.

So Granny Smith dies when she sleeps all the time? ROFL

Pinkie, you've got a LOT of hunches. LOL
10/26/2013 c2 DarthWill3
I don't think Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon will be play golf again anytime soon...

Snips hating Fancy class and Snails being used as a plunger... Hilarious! ROFL

No need to be so grouchy about the whole budget thing, Miss Cheerilee.

One of the major differences between Sunset and Trixie: one is smart enough to stay awake at daytime and not dream about a big show event that leads to her murder. ;)

Dare I say that Discord can be s-s-s-s-sneaky?

Pinkie, why are you so oblivious and silly? LOL

Derpy, you're useless. ROFL
10/26/2013 c1 DarthWill3
I have to say, Sunset looks cute in a bikini.

Discord's gone Krueger!

"ShimMERRRR!" That landlady sounds a bit like Superintendent Chalmers.

Poor Fluttershy... Poor little Sweetie Belle...

"Bizarre cover-up," eh?

Way to go, Pinkie... NOT! LOL

AH! Rarity's partly bald! ROFL

This is turning out to be a cool Halloween story for Equestria Girls!

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