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for Rise of The New Guardians: A Heroes United Tale

3/20/2014 c1 Timekid88-1.21
Needs more tacos more 4th wall breaking more of this Jedi guy he sounds too cool for school needs a sound track to go along with the story and NEEDS MORE TACOS and MORE JEDI And time travel just fix that and I'm good peace
3/3/2014 c1 6starfishy97
Very interesting! A little confusing in the beginning but I'm excited for future chapters.
1/16/2014 c1 24Sweeterthansugar
Iinteresting idea... A little jumbled and chaotic but not a bad first chapter. Curious astonishing what the threat is
10/27/2013 c1 2AnythingButNormal94
Ill admit, could have done better.
Oh well, theres always next time.

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