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for Robin Hood

12/16/2013 c1 1peanutlee33
Very enjoyable read :)
Any other similar stories?
10/28/2013 c1 2Temporal Leviathan
lol cute. as stubborn as always.
10/27/2013 c1 6what evil lurks
charming! Especially Daryl teasing her about it needing muscle. I loved the shot in 4.02 where we see Reedus actually loading the crossbow for once - didja see his arms flex! Woo hoo!
10/27/2013 c1 8Claire Randall Fraser
He is like Robin Hood. This was nice. I particularly liked the kiss at the end.
10/27/2013 c1 24serpetinefire
:) are you going to fill more of the prompts? Please say yes.

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