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for The Masked Meeting

5/31/2022 c1 Sallyb25
I love , really fun story.
10/10/2021 c1 Levenez
A very sweet and cheeky story. Thank you
12/7/2019 c1 alabastas
2/18/2019 c1 2NotACursedChild
This was a really sweet story! And for this one as well, I was smiling throughout! I really liked it (-:(-:(-:(-:
2/18/2019 c1 mangosmum
Cute story that covers the basic elements of the classic story. I loved that you took directly from the 2005 movie for their discussion about what he should call favorite part of the movie after that scene in the field!) Kudos!
5/20/2018 c1 liysyl
Cute. Thanks for sharing.
4/16/2017 c1 Colleen s
Lovely tale!
10/7/2016 c1 Motherof8
Loved it. Thanks
3/12/2015 c1 Guest
I have just discovered your little story, lovely and well written!
1/21/2015 c1 6Darcy.E.Taylor
Love 3
10/31/2013 c1 carnival queen
lovely story lizzy and darcy romance is the stuff dreams are made of. it just never gets old as much as i like fsog christian and ana, they will always be second bananas to this amazing couple, 8 children huh.
10/30/2013 c1 Happy Lizzy
So cute! To think Darcy could kiss anyone else after L, good thing it turns out to be L after all.
10/27/2013 c1 1Glory Bee
This was adorably sweet!
10/27/2013 c1 14LoriH
Very cute. I think it is a marvelous little bit of intrigue.
My only criticism is that people speak in a tone of voice, not a tune, that is for music.

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