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5/10 c24 GiantFlower
You know what would be awesome would be an original special where the gang meets Danny Phantom from 20 years into the future, sent by a certain time spirit to warn them of a coming disaster that will ruin the future unless they stop it together. Present Danny (and Batman, too, for obvious reasons) doesn't trust the future him and Flash would be constantly pestering him with questions about whether he has a girlfriend in the future even though Future Danny keeps saying that he can't give too many details about the future. This Future Danny would have this upgraded suit that includes some sort of mask or helmet that hides his identity so his team of the past wouldn't immediately recognize him and a serious power boost with many new powers and skills. This just seems like such a cool thing that you just have to do either in this story or in Unlimited. Let me know what you think. Keep up the great work.
2/6 c24 Me2
It's been so long I do hope you update soon.
1/30 c23 Guest
Changing the episode from what I remember
12/21/2021 c6 Guest
Wonder woman is so old it dont matter who she dates lol
11/25/2021 c1 karim.rools
Good stuff keep up your work
11/4/2021 c24 julimart
a question i have: ¿the introduction of galatea will happen after Danielle's, or before? i ask out of narrative curiosity since the order of the encounters would affect how Danny handles the situation that comes after.
if you do follow the suggestion of reddj3012, please dont use the "no such luck" premise for the story. there are so many of the helluva boss/hazbin hotel x loud house fanfictions that use the bashing on the loud family to justify how lincoln ends up in hell that it losed it's originality.
speking of these crossovers ¿have you read "hell's loud"? is one of the few that in my opinion (enphasis in MY OPINION) that mixes the two shows great, and it doesn't feel like the characters acting OOC (not like some other crossover cough "helluva loud adventures" cough).
11/3/2021 c23 reddj3012
Can you please make a story about Lincoln in Hazbin hotel and helluva boss crossover
11/1/2021 c24 Richard1081
This story has a TV tropes page now.
10/30/2021 c24 reddj3012
Any updates on the story of The Ghostly Leaguer
10/29/2021 c1 BoredKing
Skyscraper? Since when does Danny live in a skyscraper? Do you mean building?

You should work on the flow of your writing, as it is it comes off as stilted. Too many lines describing things too robotically. For example, "Before anyone could react, the giant creature fired at the streets, hitting a police car. The vehicle exploded with a loud bang. The civilians screamed and started running away from the creature." would flow better of you didn't have so many stops. "Before anyone could react, the giant creature fired at the streets, hitting a police car. The vehicle exploded with a loud explosion and caused the civilians to panick and to start running away from the creature." flows a bit better.

Both Superman and Batman abandoning the city to go rescue Jon is ridiculous. It's ridiculously out of character, if Jon was that urgent then Superman would've told Batman the situation and had him go check it out while he dealt with the monsters.

Is English your first language? I'm asking cause I've noticed you use a few words that just don't fit the context of the sentence their in at all. Like, "He gasped at what he saw; people trapped in man-sized eggs filled with suspended animation. suspended animation doesn't fit this sentence at all. You could say that the people were trapped in suspended animation or that the eggs were filled will some substance (slime seems to fit here).
10/29/2021 c1 BoredKing
This is a nitpick but considering it's the first few lines of this story I feel like you I should point out a few things.

"After refusing his friends' persistence, he finally gave in and went inside the portal." doesn't make sense. Replace 'refusing' with 'giving in due to'

Danny didn't replace the sticker on his suit till after the he became a ghost hero. It wouldn't make sense for him to replace the sticker of his dad's face with the DP symbol before then since he wasn't Danny Phantom yet.

Aside from that, this chapter feels very pointless. It comes off as an introduction to a chapter that you cut off and posted by itself.
10/29/2021 c24 Crystal Da Pony
Ooh, I have been watching the ‘Danny Phantom’ series and just finished the ‘Reality Trip’ episode. That would be so cool to do for the story! Like the league’s reaction to Danny’s accidental reveal, maybe Batgirl and Supergirl joining the trio in getting the gems, and GIW with their little plan hinted in the beginning of the fic.

The Justice League vs. Freakshow with the Reality Gauntlet! An epic battle in the making!

One question though: isn’t Danny still about 14, maybe 15? During the Ultimate Enemy in the series, Clockwork says that Danny and Co. are 14 when he was about to explain his time manipulating awesomeness. Of course this is AU, so…
10/28/2021 c24 2Luke5921
One of if not they best DP/JL crossovers on this site.

So Can't wait for more
10/26/2021 c24 Guest
Cool hope see interact with these girls soon.
10/25/2021 c24 Danny P
I just realized that Danny hasn't met clockwork yet, I can't wait to see the justice league reaction to evil future Danny.
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