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4/3 c26 Marshman101
This is so amazing and I hope more will be written
4/1 c14 DemajhaeS2003
I guess Reign Storm hasn’t happened yet since it happens after Pirate Radio.
3/12 c26 Guest
Will Danny hook up with Zatanna?
2/17 c12 kashriramji
I think what he's getting at is that the story needs to reflect that. It needs to be rooted in actual issues and reasonable motivations. Part of what I liked about the DCAU story with Aresia(Fury). It doesn't go into much detail, but it's not really long enough for that. Aresia's trying to wipe out all the men in the world since in her flawed reasoning menbad, womengood. One of the highlights is a scene where Aresia is looking at the aftermath of her plague and expecting women to celebrate but instead she sees them franticly trying to save the men she'd infected. then WW shows up and does a short speech about living together in peace.

It also has a few other neat moments. Like Hawkgirl talking with WW about her take on the issue. "Don't knock it until you've tried it." heh. It also had Hippolyta talk about how one of the men Aresia had been shipwrecked with died to save her. And how Aresia's ideology wasn't really what the Amazons believed. There was also a neat scene in the ending with a 3-on-3 fight between WW, Hawkgirl, and Hipployta vs Aresia, Star Sapphire, and Tsukuri.
2/12 c7 kashriramji
So I just found this video of Batman creating a contingency plan for Phineas and Ferb
I love that Series i love how he still had no idea that Danny Phantom is Danny Fenton like really?
Was that a joke or not.
2/12 c1 kashriramji
I've always thought that it's surprising that Lara Lor-Van never got a more exciting background or if she did, I missed it completely. This is my take on what it could be.

Lara Lor-Van was a famous Kryptonian general. But as it became obvious that the days of the conquest were things of the past, she, unlike her protege Dru-Zod, decided to try a different life of a person who saves lives instead of taking them. As she was struggling with her ability to learn a necessary knowledge, she met a famous scientist Jor-El who was fascinated by her attempts to change what he believed was her nature and offered his help by teaching her. As she was getting closer to her new tutor, she was contacted by her old comrades who decided that it was a time to rebuild Krypton into the empire it once was and they wanted for her to lead their rebellion. What she didn't know was that Dru-Zod had a secret reason to get her away from Jor-El and insist that her place should be with her army.

The last part I'm unsure about because having Zod love her and add that to his rivalry with Jor-El could be just too much. I suppose him simply considering her too good for him and being a loyal follower who believes she should be a new Empress could be enough.
2/12 c26 kashriramji
In this case, not Batman, Bruce Wayne, Megamind's Parents, somehow, targeted a wealthy family on Earth to adopt their child (Probably for easier access to resources) canonically, but also canonically another family in the same situation did the same thing, which is why Megamind's pod ended up at a prison.

If Metro-Man is being replaced with Superman, who's pod landed in rural Kansas, then Megamind's pod would never be redirected, so, the Wayne Family, or the Luthor Family, as the most well known and well off in DC, are the two family estates Megamind would most likely be shot towards.

Heck, if the Waynes are out with Bruce's Birth, Megamind could be adopted by Alfred.
Megamind and Lex just ends up as Phineas and Ferb, where two megagenius children romp through the city/world, having a blast.

Well, assuming Lex grows up loving his alien brother instead being a saltfest, lol
2/9 c26 Fantom
When you do the Justice Lords episode you should have evil Danny slowly go insane until he loses his humanity
2/3 c26 26ReaperOfBalance
Danny gonna have a war over him soon
10/4/2023 c26 89erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
9/30/2023 c26 DemajhaeS2003
Will this story be continued soon?
9/11/2023 c26 Fantom
When will Danny meet Deadman
8/23/2023 c26 Fantom
Danny should have an encounter with Mr. Mxyzptlk
8/18/2023 c26 50God of the Challenge
A vampire's fangs are also it's reproductive organs.

The more you know.
8/8/2023 c26 Khy Dragon
Good chapter!
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