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for We Know What We Are, Not You

3/21/2018 c7 Exodia3215
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! Please update!
1/8/2016 c7 1stankyledeansam
is there more
1/20/2014 c5 HotDogSavage
prissy pony butt

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I think she is my spirit pokemon

fluff how amzing can their "mater" be?

I don't understand why poke's don't learn their trainers name tbh
1/12/2014 c5 23Bigby the Big Bad Wolf
Somebody needs to put Terra in her place.

I sure hope everything works out between the ponies and the pokemon. Personally I've kinda lost interest in pokemon because, if you really want to be technical about it, it is pretty much animal abuse regardless of how well a human treats their pokemon. They capture them, they make each other fight until the other faints...

And I sure hope the ponies put up a good fight. Sure the pokemon are powerful but don't diss what the ponies, especially pegasus ponies and unicorns, can do.
12/17/2013 c4 HotDogSavage
peeeaacceee yoooo

jeez you go team beat up dem croags yoooo but uh ugh

i really hate how unholy strong pokemon are compared to ponies

for celestia's sake they have MAGIC GRRRRR

and uh yea if the moves were so freaking strong pokemon would die a lot more often in battle

but i'm just being a jerk again. this is your story, and you did faboo!
12/17/2013 c3 HotDogSavage

damn a lot of pokemon characters nad ponies daammmn


elena: lucario
ghost haunter thing?
purple: espoen

uhh moriarty lol wut

it's a lot of characters to handle, and I guess you want to be mysterious but nugget head me is getting lost a lot. _
12/17/2013 c2 HotDogSavage

thanks rarity! real sweet o' ya, y'know :*

guessing pokeymonz hurt the poor hydra

hope we get to see apple, dash, pinkie next!
11/17/2013 c3 23Jedi Alex Colbent
Not sure why this isn't getting ANY reviews. It's an interesting set-up.
Sure, how some of the characters talk isn't consitant with how they speak in the show and some of the grammar is a bit off, but the characters for the most part are still portrayed perfectly.
I'm only having a hard time figuring out which Pokemon is which, but I've gotten a few
Moriarty is the Haunter, Whisper is the Umbreon, Maria is the Espeon and Elena is the Lucario. But who's the Mawile?

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