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7/29 c19 Guest
Literalmente lloro al inicio de cada capĂ­tulo... Porque tienen que ser tan tristes
7/24 c47 2dudepotatos
This story is legendary and to me, it will stand as a hallmark of how to write properly dark naruto fanfics alongside The Price Of Living, Tis Femina, and Shadows of Konoha: Bonds. Good job, I tip my hat to you
7/22 c47 MrinmoyP
Loved it...LOVED IT...I liked how ot ended...though wouldn't have minded if in the end Madara accepted her 'love' with lemons...a foursome is also not unappreciated...you know
Anyway it was great to find this gem...love author~
7/19 c47 1naina4641
perfect illusion
7/14 c47 WannaBeAShapeShifter
Holy moly. This was a ride, though it would've been interesting to see an ending where their fight was harder, where they still lost and the betrayal would've wrecked her loved one's world. Where Sasuke and Naruto still rose up, regardless, to fight against her and Madara. That would've been epic too, but this was good, really good. Thank you.
7/14 c42 WannaBeAShapeShifter
Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit.
7/14 c39 WannaBeAShapeShifter
But... what if that is Danzo?
7/14 c36 WannaBeAShapeShifter
Thank you for your efforts, it's been good. I look forward to the rest.
But I most confess myself to still be too soft inside. I do not REALLY wish to see Tsunade and the other characters I have come to like, hurt.
I will definitely laugh and think it's unbelievable and I'll move on soon after because they arentrealarereal (I love when madness is written with words merging together, I love it, truly).
Anyway, it's been good, thank you so, so much for the effort and hours put into this. I could only hope for it to be longer. nearly 300k words is barely enough for two or three days, but, they'll be well spent, so... thank you.
7/14 c35 WannaBeAShapeShifter
I don't think... I have anyone to get revenge on or forgive.
Everything is out of my control, I do not have the ability to destroy what I despise, as such, I can only internalize everything.
7/14 c33 WannaBeAShapeShifter
Damn. Yeah... I suppose my mind still isn't strong enough.
Seeing children die is a little disturbing indeed. Alas, such is life.
Pain and Death are inevitable. If I say it enough, I'll be fine, right?
How easy things could be if I could just create a copy of my personality and discard the pieces I don't want.
7/14 c30 WannaBeAShapeShifter
If I get powers and potential and talent to become great, to rise to the Apex, then... anywhere, really.
I have always been curious about what it'd take for me to finally break.
I love the misery of others, but my own... oh I want more of that. But not in the open. No, by myself, in the dark. I want to erase my Shame and my Fear so I can finally be myself even outside.
I want to be ugly and disgusting and I want to love myself. I want to be a girl too. And I want to be free. I want to feel and see death. I want to swim in a pool of blood. I want to be evil, scary. I want to be special, most of all. But a certain kind of special. And to be free... you must be free of inhibitions first. You must be capable of protecting yourself. Capable of killing anything and everything. Emotions are weakness, it's true, but without them... what has worth? Yes. That's why only a few need to go: Fear, Shame, Empathy and Sexual Desire. These are all inhibitions and blocks that prevent you from becoming truly great and free and powerful. With all of these gone, yes, I too... could be great. But my... shame, my fear, my social anxiety, prevent me from going out and breaking myself further. Instead I hide at home, away from the outside. I fear it... and fear breeds hatred, of course. I got by in my school years on pure hatred alone. I hated everything and everyone, glaring at them while trying desperately to keep up my mask. Any offense should be repaid with blood, and yet... the ability to fight back remains out of reach. And I do not have the ambition necessary to change myself, I have given up, probably. I hate myself the most, this fleshsuit, it's disgusting, weak and uncooperative. I told it to die many times, and yet it still resists my will. I hate it. Death is mercy, truly, but... if someone were to save me, because I can't do it myself, and gift me with the potential to become great... then I'd give all of myself to them, forever. I too could sell myself to someone, after all why not, I myself can't become great on my own merit. And if there's no one willing to take me, well (I'm worthless after all) then I might as well embrace the sweet relief of Death. The End of All. I will ascend into non-existence soon enough. Until then... I wish to journey deeper into misery, it is the only thing that is real after all.

But then again, this is just one of my moods. Perhaps I've even only copied it from this story, because I am good at copying an atmosphere. My emotions are mere spikes, I turn around or do something and they're gone, "reset". But sadly my anxiety is permanent, it would seem. If I could only just delete these pesky emotions, then I could be free. I could finally care about nothing and no one and waste away. I could resist my compulsive addiction to food and other unpleasant things. I too, could finally become something... more.
7/14 c29 WannaBeAShapeShifter
Oh, I love Howl's Moving Castle too! It's my favorite Ghibli Movie, I think.
Maybe if I rewatched all of them again, I could remember if there was one I like more, but in my memory, that one's the one I like most.

One can never have too much Drama.
I long and dream of the inevitable moment of Betrayal.

I watched as Madara-sama emerged from the casket, reborn and whole.
As I stood amongst the rabble, I felt a shudder wrack itself through my whole being upon sensing that familiar, burning, chakra once again.
This time, it was limitless, perfect and brimming with youth.
As if on instinct, our eyes met and the amused smirk on his face sent waves of excitement down my spine.
Soon, yes... soon. The End will come. It is inevitable, just like human greed.
They'll thank us later, all of them.

I'm not good at writing, but I do have some scenes in my mind sometimes that just NEED to be written.
7/14 c25 WannaBeAShapeShifter

I'm telling you right now, if I could consciously design and create a defense mechanism, I would probably create a Monster. Because, deep inside, I fear too much, everything. And, long ago, I have realized that the only way to fear nothing is to become the darkest, most disgusting and vile thing to ever exist. To stop at nothing to protect yourself and eradicate any last vestige of hostile intent. True Freedom is unlocked only if you have Absolute Power. Only then can you do as you please, anywhere, anytime. And with that power... I might just do nothing at all. I might just continue as I do today. Reading, sleeping, eating. This is the life I want, but I'm living it on borrowed time, it's not much longer now. The Ending is fast approaching, I felt it years ago, I just thought I'd have more time. A little more. Dreams will be left undreamt, stories unread. A pity, truly, but the End will come, inevitably.
7/14 c24 WannaBeAShapeShifter
Ohhh there it is, the pain. The misery. The Blood.

Red, red, red... right?

7/14 c22 WannaBeAShapeShifter
Please, fight against it, Rabu-dear.
We'll enjoy your misery in full.
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