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11/12/2013 c1 3Black-mustang3
I feel like I'm foaming at the mouth to see how Daryl reacts to Rick when he tells him. This was well written.
11/6/2013 c1 30darylsdiva1
10/30/2013 c1 10amber24-03
"She's done wrong, but she's ours." (his).

I loved that line. It's true. Carol didn't take the best course of action, but she did what she deemed to be best for everyone, right or wrong. And I am confident Daryl will have her back.

I thought you did a great job on this, but I'm just a fan of your writing all around. I think you had Daryl perfectly in character. And I have no doubt once Tyreese finds out it was Carol, he's going to act something just like this.

Well done!
10/30/2013 c1 33Alamo Girl
10/29/2013 c1 1k+Val-Creative
Really enjoyed this. The bits of Daryl's thought process when he's fighting Tyreese, and how he is willing to defend Carol because she's one of /his/ family from the apocalypse and everything.
10/29/2013 c1 CastielIsMySpiritAnimal
Hoy sheeeet
10/29/2013 c1 2Tomte Mushroom
Have you been in TWD writers' room? :-) I can totally see this happening in the next episode.
10/29/2013 c1 GG
Wonderful! I wish I could hope for this on the show, but I know better. And it makes me very sad.
10/29/2013 c1 58superfelix
Amazing drawn little moment.
10/28/2013 c1 itsi3
Tyrese is definitely a bear!
Great job!
10/28/2013 c1 25Emerald Kitten
I loved the "Your girl killed mine" line. It sounded exactly like something Tyreese would say. Good job!
10/28/2013 c1 Ikkleosu
Oh my lovely Shipperwolf, you're making everything better. Thank you.
10/28/2013 c1 rebecca taylor
10/28/2013 c1 9Darling Dixon
So, of course this is fantastic. And if Rick does say something, I would love to see this happen on the show. Doubtedly, but a girl can dream. I know Daryl told Ty that he would put a bolt in whoever did it, but I honestly think they would all defend Carol, right or wrong. I expect(and think it warrants) some confusion and anger, but I know they won't kill her, or judge to harshly because, by this point, they've all had issues with other people, and if anyone understands taking out a threat, it's Rick. I think the biggest issue is going to come from her "new"? Reckless behavior and she didn't consult them, making it look a lot worse and more harsh a decision then I'm sure Carol intended it to be. If she did it at all?
10/28/2013 c1 9NurseKelly
I love the way you write Daryl!
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