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for Immortals

12/9/2015 c3 devongreen26.dg
love it
12/3/2015 c3 Guest
I really love continue if you can.
7/15/2015 c2 9mswitsend
Interesting.. started reading this one because I read the update on your other story "Studying Naomi"..
1/14/2014 c1 Dacookiemonsta
Wow! I absolutely love this fanfic! Just by three chapters I can tell its gonna be a good one. Keep up the great writing; I can't wait I see what happens next. XD
1/13/2014 c3 7marsupial1974

Of course Emily is Naomi's life mate ! Duh! I know you're going to clear up things, and I really can't wait for that:) I'm excited to see what happens next!
11/3/2013 c2 marsupial1974
Excellent chapter! I have a sh*t ton of questions, but I'm gonna just wait and see what happens:)

Great job:)
11/3/2013 c2 Artemis athena90
wow totally loved it! please continue :)
10/28/2013 c1 Arguitta
I would love to know more about this story :)
10/28/2013 c1 marsupial1974
Interesting...can't wait to see where you take this:)

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