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1/11/2014 c1 paperplanepilots
I actually half-expected Nagi to be faking and this all to be a big prank. But then again, that isn't really your writing style. xD But I really love this oneshot! I just love horror. So much.
11/1/2013 c1 15SheWhoDidItToEm
Oooohhh! I love it! A very excellently executed suspense and horror story. I have no idea who it could be... Yaya maybe but... still wonderful!
10/31/2013 c1 33Pika-Thunder
I actually really like READING scary stories. I cannot watch them for my life. But reading them are really entertaining. I really liked this. Your details were impeccable, and wahhh Cammie; your writing is fabulous. I miss your updates and you. I understand being busy though. I'm taking AP World History this year, and I haven't updated any of my stories in well over a month.

Still, I approve of this story, even if it is slightly heart-wrenching, and I hope to see an update of yours soon! :)
10/31/2013 c1 4iimikuii
Utau or amu

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