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for White Feathers

6/27/2014 c1 Oh my god
Omg this was gorgeous
4/14/2014 c1 Pixie Moss
2/21/2014 c1 132charbrose
Siiiiiigh... this is why I love Mary and Francis so. I totes believe they are the only pure thing in each other's lives, that they've always seen past titles and 'future queen' and 'dauphin.' That's the best part of them. That and he sees her as an equal.

Love the lyrical feeling this has. It flowed beautifully and felt like you were really inside Francis' head, revealing his most honest thoughts of Mary.

I hope you write them again.
12/1/2013 c1 2THLadyNightshade
This is absolutely charming.
11/13/2013 c1 hayley
this is awesome. I LOVE IT FRARY FOREVER lol
11/12/2013 c1 8chrisrose
I should've reviewed this before - forgive me! It was a magical moment in the episode, the way Mary & Francis looked at eachother as the feathers fell. You did a nice job getting inside his head and describing their childhood connection/the way he feels about her. His "remembered innocence and trust and joy" ...really fits the expression of almost childlike wonder on his face in the actual scene. I liked his realization that she "was the only pure thing in his life" and the plausible backstory you provided, with the pressures of his position and the way "he could never be himself in front of others". It makes you root for M & F as a couple - them against the world! - in a way that reminds me just a little bit (but then, I'm obsessed, as you know ;)) of...dare I say...Chloe and Lex on Smallville? I see Chloe as being the one person Lex could've trusted and relaxed around. Someone who could love him for *him*, not his money and position. Unfulfilled potential on that show... but it could be fulfilled with Mary and Francis! (I didn't even make this connection between the fandoms/couples 'til thinking about your story!)

You've also made me wonder if Francis might've been putting on an act, in a way, sort of playing at being a jaded type who like a "care-free pampered prince" has a mistress (in the pilot) because it's almost expected of him... because his father does? We've seen his father trying to teach him how to be a future king in other ways (wrong ways! Stupid Henry!) and I'm glad Francis has been disagreeing with his father and trying to be his own person/do the right since Mary's arrival. Francis does seem changed and more likeable to me the more he interacts with Mary and seems to care what she thinks. :) Your fic really gets me thinking about her positive influence on him... Hmm. If the show (or fanfic writers like you!) further explore the dynamic between Francis and his father's (bad!) influence... the conflict between F's good intentions and King Henry's attempts to train him to be more ruthless... could be very interesting in a Lex & Lionel Luthor-type way! Now I'm pretty excited about the story possibilities for Reign. Just don't let Lola become a Lana Lang, and I know you agree with me there. ;) But Reign has the potential to deal with some of the character dynamics and themes that Smallville ultimately failed at (in my opinion).

Thanks for the thought-provoking fanfic! I also liked the lyrical language and the way the words flowed, in your descriptions of the dancing and the pillows and falling... Strong and poetic opening and closing lines too. :)
11/3/2013 c1 HeartPrincess
Awe this fic is adorable.

This particular scene in the pilot, and I think you capture the emotion of them so well.
11/1/2013 c1 meyermariea
Nice !
10/31/2013 c1 2TheGirlWhoLivedAndWrote
Wow. Just wow. I loved this. Beautiful.
10/30/2013 c1 SnowflakeBeautiful
Awww! 3 beautiful

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