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2/6/2015 c1 42Crimson Cupcake
Waaaaaaaait. You're telling me that the ROTP split was because fans thought they were gay?
I'M SHIPPING THEM HARD FROM NOW ON. ARGHHHHHHHH I AM SO DEVASTATED I just finished ROTP why did I bother reading it T_T Why would Salvatore bend Artemis so far out of character just for this and crush all our hearts, just when Jarlaxle finally proved himself a true friend?

AND IT GETS WORSE AFTERWARDS? HOW DOES IT-WHY-WHAT-FML. And I did wonder why this asexual assassin was suddenly falling for every woman he laid his eyes on. Jarlaxle I can accept. Artemis no.

Thanks for writing this xDD Suddenly everything makes sense and I don't have to blame the poor characters anymore...
1/5/2015 c1 7dmichelle312
Hello Ariel D.,

"The flute as your machination was retconned into the story anyway. And I said in 'empty joys' that I was going along of my own free will..."

Damn right. And I know a handful of dumb fans who should think about that next time they falsely accuse Jarlaxle of having "raped" Artemis. And as if Jarlaxle hadn't proved during Cattie-Brie's captivity in the Underdark that he would never do that.

And yes, it's so sad that they must turn to fanfiction to have a friendship. All this because stupid Bob ruined it all. I couldn't agree more with those fans:

"You can tell how far away from this fandom I ran after ROTP since I'm just now reviewing this fanfiction. Needless to say, we need as many fixes for ROTP as we can get. It's just too tragic if Jarlaxle and Artemis are not friends. So job well done."

"This fanfiction is dedicated to all those Artemis/Jarlaxle fans that believe R.A.S really screwed up in the end of ROTP."

"I've already reviewed this fanfiction over at DA, but I'll say thank you again. As you know, I had to write a sanity story too after reading ROTP. *Shake head* I think I'll just pretend that "Promise of the Witch King" and "Road of the Patriarch" don't exist."

"I love Jarlaxle and Artemis and felt betrayed after finishing ROTP. I can't believe Bob destroyed their friendship. Thank you for your fanfiction."

"Road of the Patriarch. Happy ending, huh? I knew there was a reason I stop reading FR for a while."

"I agree with Sonra; I felt betrayed by ROTP, especially the ending. I have wished R.A.S would fix their relationship instead of implying it got worse. And what's more, I don't buy it (figuratively or literally). I should write some new FR stuff for Arty and Jarl."

"I like your fanfiction and I agree with you completely on how RAS ended this trilogy. Everything about his ending seems well off really, but you managed to put it all back together and give us an ending we could accept."

"Great fanfiction. This is exactly what I needed to read after I finished ROTP. You've taken the mess RAS left the characters in, and expertly extrapolated their future. This story already has a breathless feel to it, as if the action is just around the corner, hiding. I love the interactions between Jarlaxle and Artemis, and especially Dwahvel - and I look forward to reading your next fanfic!"

"Disclaimer: If I owned Forgotten Realms and Artemis and Jarlaxle, do you think they'd be in such a mess?"

When I found out that Bob damaged them further and destroyed their friendship, I was torn between rage and tears. And then I found out that Bob had no intention of fixing it (if he really wanted to fix it, he would've done it a long time ago) and only implied (in the next books) that it got worse.

"R.A.S totally betrayed everybody. That backstabber should move to the Underdark."

"I have basically avoided FR since R.A.S published ROTP, which frankly broke my heart. It is with great surprise that I find myself returning here ( ). I have stedfastly avoided everything R.A.S has written since ROTP, and I only have the vaguest idea of the further torture visited upon Entreri's character."

"I just can't believe this. As if Artemis being abused as a kid and forced to run away from home as a child and then forced to survive on the street as an assassin wasn't bad enough, later on in the series, Bob tried to pair Artemis with some psycho who kill all her ex-lovers. Poor Artemis. How can you be so cruel, Bob? Stop damaging him. Shame on you."

When I found out that Bob damaged them further and destroyed their friendship, I was torn between rage and tears. Then I found out that Bob had no intention of fixing it (if he really wanted to fix it, he would've done it a long time ago) and even implied it got worse. I've fogiven many things in my life, but this... I'll NEVER forgive Bob for this. Unless he fix it in future books, and I don't think that's ever going to happen. I even suspect that he derived sadistic pleasure from destroying their friendship. All he ever does is damaging and messing them up further. He just make things worse. He ruined everything. And I'm not even talking about his snuffing out Drizzt's wife along with most of Drizzt's friends (yes, I've heard about that too). That was bad enough already, but... destroying the friendship between Jarlaxle and Artemis is really blow the bell. Just thinking about that stuff makes me feel angry, depressed and bitter. Jarlaxle and Artemis have suffered way too much already. Bob put them through the worse forms of abuse, damage, cruelty and loneliness, not to mention all of the lies they have been force-fed about themselves and the world during their childhood and some part of their adult life.

I love those two and I care about them so much. I'll never forgive Bob for all the hurt and damage he inflicted upon them, and destroying their friendship was the last straw. From what I've heard and seen, the post Sea of Swords novels just aren't worth reading, unless you're a masochist who enjoy being heartbroken and depressed. They offer no hope, neither for Jarlaxle and Artemis, nor for myself. They offer me no hope that things get better for damaged and broken people who have experienced so many hurts and losses. So why should I bother to read them? But thanks to fanfiction writers and their stories, I can smile and laugh again, because those fanfiction writers fixed most of the damage done by Salvatore and mended the friendship between Jarlaxle and Artemis. I love to read those fanfictions and see these two being such good friends.

But I'm not against romance/slash fiction involving those two, quite the contrary. A lot of people lately have been wondering about this, "why do women enjoy slash fiction?", and as you can imagine, there still doesn't seem to be much "objective" research out there, most articles outside the fandom are only just discovering the phenomenon and are only just starting to ask the question - far from providing answers. I didn't expect all the various answers out there to apply to me. And ultimately, the only person that can answer the question, "why do I like slash?", is yourself.

There might be other reasons why I like slash, but this is a major one for me. It's not just the sex thing which is not even the main thing for me at all. For the most part, it's all about the concern, vulnerability, abandon, gentleness, tenderness and commitment. First of all, I loathe fanfictions that are all about sex and dalliance, because sex without love is nothing and does not bring about a deeper and durable relationship. Secondly, we live in a horrid and sad society in which males are expected to be rough and tough, to never cry, to be emotionless, to show no vulnerability or tenderness and males who show such traits or qualities are told to "stop acting like a girl", "man up", "men don't cry", "men are in control at all times", "men are to wear masks of impassibility, stop being a sentimental fool", etc.

In other words, males show those traits or qualities, they are called "weak" and "effeminate" and those traits or qualities are eventually ridiculed and bullied out of them. In our sad society, males are expected to be freaking Rambos or robots instead of human beings, instead of people with feelings and emotions that are perfectly normal and natural. Feelings and emotions such as tears, gentleness, tenderness, vulnerability, abandon, even love sometimes... are painted as "female" or "feminine" qualities instead of HUMAN qualities (though non-human species manifest them in novels or fanfictions), and males who manifest them are painted as being "weak" or "feminized".

Slash fictions (a lot of them anyway) depict male characters who can freely manifest those qualities with little to no interference, who are free to be themselves, who are free to show deep care and passion, free to bond at a much deeper level, and when sex is involved, it's not just sex for the sake of it, it's an expression of those qualities within them and their love for each other. In that sense writing or reading slash fictions is cathartic and liberating. It also fulfill a need and fill a void that some people have, people who wish things were different in the real world's society, people who wish that sensitivity and emotion wasn't beaten out of the males with a lash that has "males don't weep and don't have a soft side now man up" written all over it.

Also, why would Jarlaxle and Artemis finding love and happiness with each after all of the suffering and hardships they've been through in life... be such a bad thing? Also, the concept of two broken people finding love and happiness with each other has always been appealing to many people (and that's one of the many reasons why I enjoy Jarlemis fanfics, especially Surreptitious Chi X's which I added to my favorites). Also, it's obvious to me that there is a real alchemy between Jarlaxle and Artemis, and if Bob and/or a handful of can't see that, then they are more blind than I thought they were. Also, that ship is a nice slap in the face of every racist and homophobic person who has a problem with people of different races/same gender finding love and happiness with each other. And that is a nice bonus. Jarlaxle and Artemis are my OTP.

I'm very grateful for the dozen or so Jarlaxle/Artemis fanfictions I found on here (some of them are about friendship, others are about love, I enjoy both). Bob only caused more and more damage to those two, while those fanfiction writers patched them up and mended their relationship, cleaning up Bob's mess. That should be Bob's job, but since he's never gonna do it himself, I'm very grateful that those fanfiction writers did it. Surreptitious Chi X said in one of her fanfic's description ("Discarded Muse"), "Disclaimer: If I owned Forgotten Realms and Artemis and Jarlaxle, do you think they'd be in such a mess?" No, no I don't think they'd be in such a mess if she owned
7/22/2014 c1 19Little Doctor
5/4/2014 c1 Mark
I loved this. Lots of fun and a good laugh. Thank you it was a joy to read :)
I stumbled upon this website and this is the first story fanfiction writer story that I have read. I'm sure RAS would get a kick out of it.
4/16/2014 c1 kani
sad but true... i mean, i don't care if they are gay or not, they're not mine so i dont choose what happens, but what happened with them being friends! why the sudden change?
3/13/2014 c1 9Ordis
Perfection. Complete perfection *-*
2/21/2014 c1 Guest
You make some good points. Have you ever thought of writing to RAS or starting a writing campaign? Who knows, it couldn't hurt anyway.
11/27/2013 c1 kate
I agree completely.
11/13/2013 c1 Guest
This is soooo true...
11/1/2013 c1 188Surreptitious Chi X
I often imagine that the characters in my favorite books are aware of the books written about them. I love this story. Jarlaxle and Artemis are in character, and it's funny and bizarre to hear them talking about their own stories.

Not to mention all the good points about how RAS totally betrayed everybody. . He's a frickin drow.

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