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6/12/2019 c12 107Lynse
This was a fun fic! I really only having a passing familiarity with the Criminal Minds folk, but I delve into crossovers like these because it's fun to see them deal with the weird that surrounds the Winchesters, and your fic didn't disappoint. Thanks so much for writing it.
1/7/2018 c12 Guest
Great story!
10/26/2017 c12 22aapenname
Fun read. Thanks for sharing!
8/16/2017 c12 5OminousKitten
Awesome story! Very well written and well researched. I can tell you spent a lot of time on it. Quality work. Love the plot and characterization. Great fic!
2/11/2016 c12 thedogzoo
This is perfect- 3 :)
11/8/2015 c12 Wunjo
Wonderful story, loved the cross-over, everyone was exactly in character - well done!
6/29/2015 c12 Guest
Love the story!
3/23/2015 c12 Lanhua
Actually, the correct spelling is "El Cucuy". No E. That's what they call it in the Antilles (Cuba, Dominican Republic, etc.). I believe in Venezuela, in the coasts, they may call it the same.

In South America (and for some unfathomable reason, Mexico), they call him El Cuco.

In Central America (where my country is) it is called El Coco.

There's a really sweet, saccharine children's song sung in my country, a lullaby, that it's actually fucking terrifying if you think about it to much:

Duérmete niñ , duérmete ya; que viene El Coco y te comerá. Pórtate bien, calladit , que viene El Coco y te raptará.

(Sleep boy/girl, go to sleep now; or The Bogeyman shall come and eat you. Be well behaved, be quiet, or The Boogeyman shall come and take you away). stands in for either "a" (niña is a girl) or "o" (niño is a boy). Adjectives are gendered.

Or something. Each family has their own variations.

Also? Fucking faved.

Good job, Jinx.
3/17/2015 c12 1Lil'Am
Nice story :)
Thanks for writing it !
3/10/2015 c12 7NoilyPrat
wow - what a LOT of research - very interesting reading through .. Like where you got the names from.

Have to say, (not really familiar with Criminal Minds) - had a bit of trouble keeping up with who was who. Plus all the deputies, and the other characters .. felt like I was reading War and Peace again, trying to recall who was who..

Great story overall. Love it.
3/10/2015 c11 NoilyPrat
ha ha.. far too comfortable with this..

race you to the top!
3/10/2015 c10 NoilyPrat
yeah, makes sense.. keeping agent on the Winchesters.. love that line - So long as they can keep up! .. LOL - newbies!
LOVE the first interaction between Dean and "the goddess"! LOL!
and WOW - good thinking on Dean's part, about the bracelet. LOVE the line about Scooby Doo!

and there's a PLAN! (love it when there's a plan...)
3/10/2015 c9 NoilyPrat
and YEAH! Winchesters to the rescue!

love Sam's last line - "Boogeyman... Hope no one's afraid of the dark."
3/10/2015 c8 NoilyPrat
and, well, there's these profilers .. with a couple of nutjobs ... and doing their job of profiling the nutjobs *smacking head on table* WRONG JOB DUDES ...

laughing at the Winchesters escaping ... and nothing they did to help those lights, should be a CLUE they are RIGHT...
3/10/2015 c7 NoilyPrat
oh NUTS - they, of course, were going to grab Winchesters. Too good not to.

Winchester luck strikes again ... mid-morning to 2:48am. eh... 16 hours..?
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