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10/18 c11 408Aria Breuer
Well, this just proves Sauron is smart when it comes to Mary-Sues. And Ugluk, what are you up to? I give Ugluk credit for saving Legolas' life, though. :)

This is getting interesting. Can't wait to read more. :)
8/27 c11 1Ribke
Got one of my wishes, but now I wanna know about those First Age flashbacks! xD (jk, I don't wanna incur any Dark Lord's wrath upon myself o_O)

Fun fact: I've actually encountered a couple of fics which've had LEGOLAS as the dark!Sue, or something close to it (I mean, he wasn't evil, just got kidnapped as a child, raised to be evil, but always secretly wanted to be good; dunno if that counts...). At least one of them was pretty decent, tho. I forgot its name, but it was in AO3.
8/26 c9 5Lordban
And since posting to review was done too fast, and the rest of the comments refer more to this chapter...

It's a funny thing how Sauron is, objectively, the only character who stands to lose everything if the Quest succeeds. He knows he's facing unnumbered eons trapped on Arda without the ability to take shape again until the time of Dagor Dagorath comes - and then he'll be on the losing side again, and he has no idea what his place will be in the final music of Iluvatar. If he still exists at that point.

But he's also got one quality none of the other characters do: as one of the Ainur of canon, he had a hand in the making of Arda. He helped sing it into creation (even if he abandoned Eru's theme and followed Melkor's as one of his loudest voices), became bonded to it when he took up Eru's offer to descend on Arda, helped in the shaping of it, had a hand in the marring of it and its transformation into what it has become, and even now the making of Arda is long-done, he is the most influential of the forces transforming its history - an influence powerful enough that the Valar themselves felt compelled to let Eru intervene, which resulted in changing the very shape of Arda to counter Sauron's deeds and prevent a possible reoccurence.

For the other Walkers from Middle-Earth, it's about saving the world they were born in. For Sauron, it's about saving the world he made, and the very purpose of his own existence was its making. So as much as he's the only Walker who stands to lose everything after the Quest succeeds, he's also by far the one Walker who stands to lose the most if it fails.

Talk about bad karma :p
8/26 c11 Lordban
I recognize there the cunning of Sauron, who seems to intuit the best way to halt a Sue in her track sis to induce writer's block.
6/13 c11 10drwatsonn
Years later and I still love this story. That's probably a testament to how sad it is that I've been on this hellsite for so long, but I still love this freaking story. Curious to see who this "my lady" is that Ugluk is reporting to...
6/12 c11 6Whack-the-beetle
Oh this is just such a delightful parody!
Poor Legolas, imagine the indignity of having to play along with a Sue plot just to get out of a tight spot.
It‘s rather brilliant how you play this with the characters aware of what a typical Sue action or motive would be (I simply loved Sauron‘s deadpan reasoning why the Sue would not kill Legolas) and how they use that knowledge to fight them.
You really got it covered starting with the Dark!Sue (clearly a daughter of Sauron had to crop up at one stage) up to the flimsy plots, the weird looks and ostentatious names, and lets not forget the silly and completely pointless exclamation!marks. It makes me snigger and cringe at the same time because don‘t we all know these stories.
Now of course it looks like the valiant fellowship has been compromised or rather infiltrated by the clever Dark!Sue in league with the Uruk-hai, devious :)
6/8 c11 9TheDarkLordofDoom
Ah! The traitor! The daughter! Longsuffering sanity's slaughter!
My word, I am indeed chuckling rather gleefully after this chapter, what with my suspicions being confirmed and my expectations from the last one being met.

I do seem to be seeing a lot of Villain Curumo lately, whether or not it comes from my own pen. So Saruman and Uglúk are 'working' for Orinthia, are they? Quite honestly, I rather pity her.

His dialogue was masterfully crafted, with that perfect lilt that seems somehow honeyed and yet drips as would an oily tar.

Eru, I was rather hoping to cast the mid-sentence Sindarin switch from my mind forevermore, but you have sadly reminded me of it. How fitting that it should spout from the maw of that vilest of sues.

Sauron's impossibly potent abilities in deduction and the dissection of personalities is remarkably well-portrayed. I must praise the subtlety of the writing, as Sauron, ever the fine actor, in fact strays from his habitual quaint, archaic speech to deliver a thoroughly blasé 'Yeah, go ahead, whatever' to practically ensure Legolas' survival. The psychological import is conveyed in a trenchant manner, with Sauron using the sues' dialect to belittle and befuddle them.

Then comes the startling thought that Sauron purposely came up with the import of the number nine and crafted a doom in doing so, and a tenth member would most likely turn the doom awry. And when one observes in whose employ the tenth member is, and the thought becomes a certainty.

I wonder what becomes of Sauron after all this is over- as referenced by the introduction, he is very clearly alive, which indicates that the ring survives. Does he find occupation at KI, perchance? The thought of an advertisement in his name is amusing.

'Suffering from a Sue problem? Tar-Mairon Jewellers comes to the rescue: accept one of these elegant, exclusive rings of our local Dark Lord's own creation, and they shall cease to be a bother! (Ignore the rumors about wraiths. They are clearly baseless)
6/7 c11 112AzureSkye23
Mmm, well, we finally have our traitor, I see. I was wondering who it was going to be—none of the characters you already had in place seemed all that likely. But if Saruman is behind this...yikes those slayers back in Middle-earth better watch themselves. And then, of course, the question is who’s running the show behind him. And never trust a 10th walker, lol!

I will say, Hawk and Porter are being a bit unfair in this chapter. I get their immediate reactions, but Sauron did read the Sue (and a Sauron’s daughter Sue! That’s fantastic, lol) correctly, and take the right action to get her to not kill Legolas. I mean, come on, of all of them there, he *does* have the most experience in getting people to do what he wants. Hopefully some people will realize this once tempers cool somewhat. And having another character to hate other than Sauron might help the group dynamics somewhat...or just potentially make things worse, lol. Glad for this update, and this chapter might be the most entertaining so far!
6/7 c10 AzureSkye23
Yup, Sauron’s in a snit. However...he actually gave Legolas rather good advice, though I’m not sure Legolas is going to parse it well enough to see it. “You will have all sorts of wonderful rationalizations for it,” is actually something Legolas really needs to pay attention to, as well as “you should probably pay attention to what the people around you are saying about your actions,” both of which you can get out of what Sauron said. Also, evil cliffy! I’m glad you updated. :)
6/7 c9 AzureSkye23
Ouch. Just...ouch. I mean, Hawk and Porter have good reason to act the way they do—Sauron is being a pain in the butt on purpose—but he *was* banking somewhat on their support, or he wouldn’t have used it in the argument earlier in the chapter. He may not be surprised that they’re changing their minds and don’t trust him, but there’s no way that’s not painful for him, even if he doesn’t let himself acknowledge it. On the other side, he’s stubborn enough that unless he’s presented with something massively desirable, he’s not going to betray them now, just to prove Hawk and Porter wrong, lol. So they don’t need to be quite so horrified. They really don’t understand him at all, do they?
5/17 c8 AzureSkye23
I will admit, the title of this chapter gave me a mini seizure. I do remember when mid story author notes were common, and in some fandoms even used by very good authors. Most of them went back and cleaned them up, but some weren’t around anymore by the time it was seriously frowned upon—though somehow the ‘bad summary good story’ thing is still around, which is an automatic ‘don’t read this story’. Now the real question—are they in Fangorn, which would make almost-sense, or have we completely disregarded all logic and ended up in Mirkwood after all?
5/17 c7 AzureSkye23
Oh, if only the Hobbit movies were bad sue poetry...

*snickers* oh, the Legolas angst! *casts an amused glance at her own stories* You know, I’m gonna be a major hypocrite if I start talking about angst being amusing, so I’m going to go bury myself in the fluff that is the hurt/comfort genre.
5/17 c6 AzureSkye23
Lol. Did they honestly think it would go any differently?

The conversation with Veronica was interesting. Either there’s problems in KANON, or she’s Cassandra...I suppose I’ll just have to wait around and find out. I’d say we, but you already know, you author you...
5/17 c5 AzureSkye23
Sauron is absolutely petty enough to simply glare at Frodo. And I found it hilarious and deeply fitting that he’s gravely offended by being called an eyeball. His suggestion about Shelob was a good one, though Ungoliant might be a better one. Just let her loose on Middle Earth and see what happens...

So poor Sauron is going to be the odd man out on this mission, isn’t he. I mean, with 9, there always would be, but in this case you have 4 distinct pairs already in place. It’s shaping up to be a rather clique-y fellowship—hopefully Porter won’t forget that it was his idea, and work to mitigate it, though Sauron’s not going to make things easy on him and Hawk. *snickers*
5/17 c4 AzureSkye23
You know, I am sincerely loving the fact that all of your sues try to use English’s lost second person familiar, and keep slipping out of it. It’s hilarious.

And yes, that council meeting is going to be a headache...to put it mildly.
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