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for A Tale of a Nightingale

4/17/2020 c62 Guest
hope that you life is good and hope to see you again there! :)
8/16/2019 c62 Sonia
I love so much your story.. A very big great and beautiful work
6/15/2019 c62 4TheOneThatSeesGNS
Binge read the last three chapters cuz I fell behind slightly... thank you as ever for the updates! I'm really loving your take on the quest line and I love Issy's story!
6/14/2019 c62 Manu
3 wonderful!
6/14/2019 c61 Manu
oh! my heart! this was so good but the final? oh wonderful update! so nice !
6/3/2019 c61 Nina
that was fantastiiiiic! ohh my ! great story ! :D a very great fight! but the end... hope the best for Isobel ! :D
5/31/2019 c61 Belladonna0X
OMG this was amazing! one of my favorite things about this story is how you make the game quests original and interesting to read, i love the eyes of the falmer quest and fighting mercer, but this was so intense and unexpected that i was on the edge of my seat the whole time! isobel was amazing! i'm so glad everyone got to fight together!
5/30/2019 c61 Sr. Gwyneth
Super-exciting cliff-hanger! This did NOT go as I expected. I applauded Karliah's mortal wounding as a much better excuse for her not returning the Skeleton Key (as per game action) but Isobel using herself as bait to allow Brynjolf to strike the killing blow? Nope. Didn't see it coming! But I did love that every Nightingale first got to get a good stab into that Bastard Mercer. Group effort! This is much more convincing than the vanilla game Noob-take-out-monster-villain-possessing-Daedric-weapon-to-boot. And Brynjolf deserves more than a puppets role in the Traitor's demise.

I also loved the way you treated the game dialogue during Mercer's original taunting, separating the lines so that every Nightingale had something meaningful to add.

On top of that, you've really laid down the path towards a satisfying future showdown between Brynjolf and Karliah over the reconstituting of the Nightingales and fear that Isobel will be Brynjolf's undoing. Look out (under)world! Brynjolf and Isobel are rewriting all the rules!

Can't wait for your next installment!
5/30/2019 c61 Guest
O.o soooooooooooooo nice! and OMG ISOBEL!
5/30/2019 c60 Manu
when you're finally so close to kicking Mercer's ass, you're facing Falmer ! FAAALMERRR ! hate this ! XD oh my thta was so nice !
5/20/2019 c60 P
not having the account I was going to miss this update ! it's great, very exciting and really original, I really love this part of the thieves' quest! I'm with you until the end of this! I hope life is good with you and thanks for that!
5/18/2019 c60 Guest
Welcome baaaaack... Loved so much this ohhhh can't wait for next but you know that I will miss your story so much at the end
3/17/2019 c59 Sr. Gwyneth
This is such a fine, tight chapter! The highlight of course if the brilliant fight between the Fox and Isobel, who finally speak as brother and sister. The image of the two prowling in the shadows, with the shaft of sunlight piercing the darkness between them, is a powerful image. When they finally grab each others hands, I imagine them suddenly plunged into the honeyed illumination. But the real fun comes when Macaulay pounces on the comedic idea of his kid sister falling for anyone, especially the aging Master of this miserable Guild, only to realize the truth: "What on ploughin' Nirn do you see in him!?" The glee with which the Fox crows about his sister's romance has all the joyful, brotherly malice of a kid with a snowball he can't wait to stuff down the back of someone's coat. (oh yes, I have brothers, and have born many a roasting) Of course he'd take it out on Brynjolf in the form of hugs!
2/22/2019 c45 Guest
this is the very most beautiful story of Brynjolf and guild and I love so much aal your characters
2/22/2019 c41 Guest
love and your DB is a great DB and love him!
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