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4/30/2014 c20 DanteZeb
I remember that mission with the bee farm. I tried to be stealthy but there were too many guards so I went in, fireballs ablazing. To steal Ulfric's necklace right from him was genius. I thought Isobel was just going to rob random wealthy homes but that was awesome.

I haven't played Oblivion either, though I have the game. It's in one of those "I'll get to it later" piles, but now I'm curious.
4/30/2014 c38 8TheGreatness1
Amazing as always, that heart to heart with Issy and Sapphire was amazing, very very emotional. Also when Thyrnn wanted her to love him but she said no, i think you handled that but very very well, writing it very tastefully.
Although, random thing, why are all the guys actually into her in the first place? don't get me wrong, i the reader does due to her being an interesting character, and i dont condemn her promiscuity at all. But the male characters, what do they see in her? all they see is a woan who sleeps around and steals things?
4/30/2014 c38 6Kizu Mizu
I'm enjoying the development of Isobel. Although you had me a bit worried with the whole Bryn to Vipir transition (the whole sexual escapades thing was kind of out of left field, maybe if there was a bit more foreshadowing this would come as less of a shock), nevertheless though, it has been wonderful seeing her character grow and change.

Keep up the great work
4/30/2014 c38 mia78
As always you can give space to each character! The dialogue between Isobel and Sapphire was very nice! Thrynn did well to try with Isobel, but she now realizes that her heart belongs to another man.! it's exciting! I'm anxious to see where this will lead! I loved the chapter!
4/29/2014 c38 MasterAssassinScrolls
Aw, she finally admitted it. After everything, after trying to convince herself different, after sleeping with another man, even after fighting with Brynjolf, she finally admitted her true feelings... Only took thirty-eight chapters. XD
Nah, I'm joking. It ended the chapter beautifully. So marvellously that now I cannot wait for the next one.
Oh, and about Sapphire... I've always felt sorry for that woman. Especially in the game, but now even more so. It's actually interesting that she'd be upset for the miscarriage of that baby, because of how it was created in the first place. I know that if I was in her position, I would've rather it to happen that way. Which is quite heartless, I know. But I just wouldn't be able to cope with having a child that was conceived through such an ugly, disgusting crime.

But anyways, yeah, until the next chapter. :)
4/29/2014 c38 9BlueSpartan107
Hmm. Adding in that detail of Sapphire miscarrying gives her good character development. One of my characters from my Mass Effect novel had a miscarriage, but she was only really hardened by Shepard's attitude towards her even though he didn't know the truth. And Isobel is really starting to show her resemblence to another certain character from my Skyrim story, but I'll let you guess which one. Hint: it's not one of the protagonists.
4/29/2014 c36 12Bre'Lakor
Aww, Vex and Delvin... I hope you'll help them get together later in this story, that would make me eternally happy ;) They kind of remind me a bit of Mimi and Rodger from Rent, if you've seen that! Bryn just needs a hug as well, but it's nice to see him finally admit some of his feelings and work things through with Delvin, even just a little bit!
4/29/2014 c37 lady73
I loved the way that Isobel sought information on Brynjolf! She still has him in the heart, and maybe now that everyone of them has thrown out the poison and the past, maybe in the future they can create a real relationship! At bottom, it is thanks to this past that they are so special! updates soon!
4/28/2014 c8 DanteZeb
I always disliked Mercer. I read one fanfic story on him trying to make something of a good guy out of him and it was a fail. He just isn't a likable guy, but Brynjolf is. I'm glad you haven't given all of the details of Isobel's past away, keeping her character interesting. And her terms for the guilds protection was one hell of a offer. Well done.

P.s. if I write one review after another in such a short time, it's cause I read while riding the train and when the train goes underground there's no phone service, so when I get back up I write reviews for what I read. Or try to.
4/28/2014 c6 DanteZeb
A calm spell. Genius idea to use in Maul, whom I never really liked. I forgot to ask, why did you choose a Breton over the other races, even though you said you prefer wood elves? That mission with framing the dark elf was fun, I admit. Took me two tries wheb I first did it but I got it right.
4/28/2014 c5 DanteZeb
Interesting that you skipped Whiterun and went straight to Riften. Using a carriage was a good idea since the road to Riften has tons of animals and bandits, especially that tower and bridge over the river. "Heidi" doesn't seem to be in any condition to take on anything yet, so that was a good move. Liking your story a lot so far.
4/28/2014 c2 DanteZeb
A very good start to a Skyrim story. Bretons are what I almost always play since they're the best for magic, at least for the a humam race. Good job.
4/28/2014 c35 Bre'Lakor
Ohhh I didn't even turn my laptop on over easter... and now there are lots of chapters for me to read during the week after work! I have no problem with this ;) but aww, little Isobel, she would have been so cute with bells and ribbons in her hair... even it's maybe not the best idea for stealth, it would still be adorable! Aww well, I'm looking forward to catching up during the week though! It will make finishing work extra lovely!
4/27/2014 c37 8TheGreatness1
As usual brilliant, i loved this chapter because it's nice to know about characters backstories, and you wrote it so well, making is feasible and very fun. As well as this it's interesting because we can see what moulded him to be the man he currently is, and you are giving us a little insight to why he is who he is.
4/26/2014 c37 MasterAssassinScrolls
Interesting to find out more about Brynjolf's life as a young 'un and more about his *beep beep* of a mother. I had to laugh when Dengier was unconvinced with her being a woman... Poor Isobel, she honestly can't be that bad. XD
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