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for A Tale of a Nightingale

2/22/2019 c40 Guest
XD ohhh sooo good my friend! ;)) so I just start to read again and this is nice 3
2/22/2019 c59 Belladonna0X
yay! I’m so happy you updated! I’ve been dying to know what happens next with brynjolf and isobel. I loved this chapter, I think isobels brother is so interesting and I hope to see more of him, especially how he would interact with Brynjolf from now on XD
I can’t wait until you update again! XxX
2/22/2019 c59 4TheOneThatSeesGNS
An update!

Good luck with school!
2/22/2019 c59 P
Hiiii and welcome back, so happy for this and thanks so much that you always use your time for continue this, hope the best for you and I read again after chapter 40
12/12/2018 c58 Nina
I always thought that Brynjolf and Isobel had really grown up along your story and I love them, as friends and as lovers ! this was beautiful!so beautiful!
12/10/2018 c58 Belladonna0X
Wow... Brynjolf and Isobel just went from one of my favourite Skyrim couples to my absolute favourite, they’re officially my OTP. I just loved their dialogue here, and I’ve never read a sex scene so beautiful before, like I almost started crying for Isobel I was so happy for her! And I’m so happy Brynjolf is growing more and more too, you definitely haven’t shied away from making sure he is just as developed as your OC, and I appreciate that.
I CANNOT wait for the next chapter!
12/10/2018 c58 Guest
3 T_T
12/10/2018 c58 Sr. Gwyneth
This is just wonderful, SpiritOfJazz, even an improvement on the great stuff I had the privilege of proofreading. You did such a fine job of allowing Brynjolf to explain himself, how he had gulled himself into believing he was different than his father,...his callus use of women and is his apathy when Vex slept around behind his back... You put it in a nutshell with: "I have felt these last few months whittle me into something completely different". At last, both Isobel dn Brynjolf have a chance to explain themselves to each other and we are more than primed to watch them finally find some release in carnal satisfaction. And what a delicious love scene; better for giving us a taste but begging us to bring our own favourite dishes to the feast. The image of the fire-lighting going awry with a sudden pleasurable touch was dazzling. And as I said privately, the ending is absolutely perfect. Isobel's uncontrolled tears and Brynjolf's quiet knowing patience when he understands he isn't hurting her...the kiss on the forehead, and the straightforward resumption of his ministrations, was brilliant. One of the best sex-scenes I've ever read. ( and you can imagine I've read a few)
12/2/2018 c57 Guest
That was fantastic :)
12/2/2018 c57 Sr. Gwyneth
At last! Someone who actually gets the dread that signing over your soul would have! Bravo, SpiritOfJazz for allowing Isobel the presence of mind to consider the consequences, both pro and con. I am especially grateful for the passage where she realizes that her loved ones actually exist somewhere still (joy) and simultaneously that she has destroyed any hope of being reunited with them (agony). I always imagine that the chilly celestial reception the Dragonborn receives when she enters Sovngarde as a Nightingale would cause a sense of despair that would haunt her return to Tamriel. Her only real consolation is that Brynjolf is right there with her. Ye gods, he better be worth it, eh?
11/28/2018 c56 Nina
short but very nice chapter, there are many points and still Brynjolf who is too tired, still can not talk to Isobel ! but I love the sweet moment between them! Will they become nightingales?
11/27/2018 c56 TheOneThatSeesGNS
Poor Bryn is so tired.. great chapter, even if it's short!
11/26/2018 c56 Guest
XD oh my was very very good love this crazy guild!
11/14/2018 c55 Manu
I expected fire and flames finally between Brynjolf and Isobel, but I must admit that this chapter was beautiful and intense! I love the slow but inevitable involvement of Gray Fox with Brynjolf's guild ! I would like the next one to come soon, but I would like to respect your times because they lead to real pearls!
11/9/2018 c55 Guest
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