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for A Tale of a Nightingale

10/5/2018 c53 Guest
Wow loved so much, can't wait for the next and I love the Gray Fox and his companions... Hope in more soon
9/22/2018 c52 P
So in love with this update and I like it so much
9/20/2018 c52 Guest
yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!The Gray Fox and ohhh Brynjolf he is so in love and I like it!
9/20/2018 c52 4TheOneThatSeesGNS
9/18/2018 c51 Guest
Ohhh please Isobel must see Brynjolf
9/3/2018 c51 Nina
ok I can wait for the Gray Fox,this was so nice and hope that Brynjolf and Isobel can be again together they deserve that!
8/28/2018 c51 Guest
:D welcome back! love so much this update and I want Brynjolf with Isobel,they miss so much each other!
7/30/2018 c50 Nina
ohh ! The Gray Fox! XDDDDD cant wait for next
7/29/2018 c50 jorge.ibarra.carlos.casares
i guess that the shit just hit the fan with the guild
7/29/2018 c50 Guest
thx so much for this beautiful update cant wait for the next
7/29/2018 c50 TheOneThatSeesGNS
Ahhh, cliff hanger! Super excited for the next chapter! -
7/12/2018 c49 Guest
love so much and hope that you can update soon!
7/2/2018 c49 Belladonna0X
oh my gosh, i started this fanfic after reading your karliah story and i'm glad i caught up in time to see the reference you put in there from gallus and karliah's adventure for the lexicon. i love your attention to detail, you really make everything more real and interesting, and your oc is one of my favorites since she really stands out as a character on here. i can't wait for the next update!
6/30/2018 c49 TheOneThatSeesGNS
I loved this chapter! Awesome Karliah POV!
6/26/2018 c48 3AshMountian216
Awe Isobel, the guild doesn't hate you :') and you'll be on your way soon. Cant wait for that reunion, bet it will be an entertaining one at that lol and I'm sure she'll have a good laugh at the new way to get in the guild
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