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for Captivated Redux

8/28/2016 c9 2Snowfur2022
Are you going to update this story? Cause I really want to know what happens next
1/14/2014 c9 Guest
I love your stories but it seems you get off topic a lot in them. What seems to be an aleheather story has a bunch of oc's who I can't quit remember but this actually is an enjoyable read. I'm just saying remember what your suppose to be writing about
1/16/2014 c9 6Tigersfury
this is a great story!
1/15/2014 c9 42SmilesThroughFandoms
First of all, Mal. You're a fucking bastard and I hope you die. I'm not afraid of you.
Second, Adam is an idiot.
And oh my god, the plot is thickening so much it kinda scares me!
1/14/2014 c9 6Starryoak
i've actually never thought about a design for Mike's dad...
that's an interesting idea.
i want to see Svetlana so bad ;3;
1/14/2014 c9 9KatieK101
Great job! This is a lot more interesting then Captivated. Though I do wish their was more Aleheather…
1/7/2014 c8 KatieK101
I love this story! I might have freaked out just a little when I found out you were the same person who wrote Captivated. I LOVED that story but got caught to it after you finished posting on it.

I actually think I like this version better for some reason. Keep going!
12/18/2013 c8 2angelvan105
Wow It seem like fate Alejandro was Heather true love! It quite amazing! It little sad for Adam was left behind and in friend zone to Heather however it least it show Heather have good side more because she have friend like Adam for sometime. I wonder why Adam stop being friend? will keep it up! I can wait for next chapter to come! It was wonderful work!
12/18/2013 c7 angelvan105
OH NO! Poor Artie! The way she did with Heather maybe gone too FAR! After all She did make up Heather friend Dakota but wrecking her stuff and worse stealing money on Alejandro family long ago! It quite ironic When Mal come out every time Mike with Artie but When Zoey goes with Mal Mike come out! Quite love triangle! It getting really bad! I do hope things work out! this is getting intense and dramatic more as ever! way to go! I can wait for next chapter to come! I hope their a happy ending! thank lots!
12/18/2013 c6 angelvan105
WOW! Jose for once acting true big brother for Alejandro! I do not blame feeling uncomfortable around him! But happy Jose finally caring for him! Hmm it seem the Alejandro family have connection past with Mal.. Must be dangerous knowing Burromuerto are very incredible people who have many talents seem outmatch with Mal..!? will keep it up! I can wait for next chapter to come! good job! It was incredible chapter way to go!

PS I do hope Heather taken offer to Dawn that she truly need gain ally like Dawn and Brick it wound be sweet that heather make more friend and show more of her sweet side which is my favourite part!
12/18/2013 c5 angelvan105
Wow that was most saddest, scariest and most dramatic story ever! So Heather really did post Gwen dairy in internet? or someone else? Did Dakota make up with Heather? and found out she did not do it? WOW! Mal and Artie relationship was dangerous and dark love maybe greater than Alejandro and Heather! So many question! I wanted to know everything about this story! It getting really good! will keep it up! I can wait for next chapter to come! super amazing chapter! good job!
12/18/2013 c4 angelvan105
Wow that nice that Mike and Adam seem to be good friend. It seem that the mighty Queen Bee Heather have good soft side as she seem appear. I would love the ideas if Heather befriend with Zoey so Heather can have more real friend than just Lindsay. It such a wonderful relationship between Mike and Zoey! Their so cute and so special in many way! Oh no! Mal might be back! Also more worse Artie have suffering from Mal in Mike body! I wonder if Zoey know about it? will keep it up! Way to go of keep things interesting! very awesome work!

PS Did Heather help Mike and Zoey out.? I confused? Did heather did something good today?
12/18/2013 c3 angelvan105
Wow Alejandro is too much romance for Heather taste. I wonder she can get used to all of Alejandro lovely lovely charm from him.? It seem their intense attention between Artie and Adam I can tell that Artie is right about Adam being too clueless not just because Heather being so awful but as well not seeing that she have feeling for him. I do hope thing work thing out for them! Poor Tyler! He do not deserve this! Jo is indeed a very ruthless woman to do anything to win! She like mix with Courtney and Heather into ones person but more tomboy. I glad that Alejandro is there to cheering for Tyler over a football team. It seem he fitting at school already! will so much dramatic but in good way right now! very fantastic chapter! wonderful job!
12/17/2013 c2 angelvan105
Too bad for Mike and Zoey but hopefully their love still grow! I wonder if Zoey know about Mike MPD? Cameron and Adam seem to understand of Heather became so cruel and ruthless that I hope so! I want other people to not judge Heather completely just least try to understand and get to know her. I wonder why Adam is so interest in Heather? It seem it more than because Heather is pretty? will very interesting and nicely chapter! way to go!
12/17/2013 c1 angelvan105
Wow what a great start for Alejandro during his first day at school! At same time he made at football team and hitting on Heather the most popular girl in whole school! wow what a DAY! good job! It was very great chapter!
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