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1/4/2018 c6 asult1999
Awesome story can't wait to see more please update!
8/20/2016 c5 MysteryCooper99
Alright... love the story, but i wanted to see more originality. I could scroll all the way to the end of the chapter and I knew what happened. I had the same problem with adding in my oc. So ive decided to redo mine. I hope to see more of marceline and learn more about her. Keep on writing!
6/11/2016 c5 10paranoiac666
i accidentally deleated chapter five by accident, but i will rewrite it and have it back in a minute
7/23/2015 c7 scarlettravencrove
Hope you continue !~
1/30/2015 c7 teRaRadragOon
I've waiting for a VitalyxOC qwq plz dont discontinue it QwQ I will cry to a waterfall if you do TwT
12/23/2014 c7 46Tiryn
Well, happy holidays then!
12/23/2014 c6 Tiryn
I love it, even thought it was short :3

I still liked it and I do hope you update soon!
12/21/2014 c6 5keller75863548274483
What language is this!?
10/16/2014 c5 Guest
ohmehgerd UPDATE PLZ this is pure gold i luv it vitaly is mah fav! :D
8/19/2014 c5 Transformers Cowgirl
Must continue!
7/24/2014 c5 6Lina Marie 02
4/27/2014 c4 5SheWolfMedjai
Please continue!
1/29/2014 c4 14Lina Marie
Aww haha more!
1/29/2014 c4 1Optimus Prime's daughter
Post a new chapter I want to know what goes on next
1/22/2014 c4 6Brightstar221
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