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8/22/2021 c18 Lauridc13
Hoping you find the time & the inspiration to complete this outstanding story in the near future
7/21/2018 c18 Vykki Q
Holy shit that was amazing! Do you have a idea of whrn youll update next?
3/27/2018 c18 Taekook2kookv
It's possible if suoh was the traitor , he's ASAMIs personal guard so he know anything abut ASAMIs schedule
9/6/2017 c18 NarupokeeAurorafan
Great chap ! And poor Aki, I hope he gets through this :( ! Till next time bye!
7/15/2017 c18 M. Singh
I really like this story. Hope you update soon!
5/15/2017 c18 maitaya123
Really well written!
1/17/2017 c18 bellieswtpea
Whoa, really powerful. Now Asami must pit is "A" game to a higher to beat Shouma's sociopath intelligence against him. I wonder if San is really "Kazumi," his broken mind shaped and molded to the drone San number 1. Will you eventual give us a peek of San's back story of how he became Suzumeibachi's most loyal drone? Asami's back story was perfectly written, short concise and to the point of how Asami's teenage year was the start of his coming age so sad but determined not to underestimated nor forgotten. It's like Asami to challenge someone telling him to let his truth self die in that wreckage and live as another person. Where most would out of fear, he was not about to do that. That evolution would also be a great back story too. Looking forward to the next update.
1/16/2017 c18 16xMoonlightDarknessx
Great chapter! :) Thanks for updating!
1/15/2017 c18 00JuJubee00
great chapter, can't wait for the next one!
1/15/2017 c18 SagenWarrior
Great new chapter can't wait to see more
1/15/2017 c18 SageSapis
That was worth the wait, excellent plotting. A total surprise and it fits. the background history of Asami answers a lot of questions about his early life. The younger Asami thinking he could take on the world unprepared is the way a kid that age would think. The older Asami realizing who his true enemy is reacting that way with anger, I could see that. you kept Takaba's reaction to his mother's death very much in character to this fic Takaba. Welcome back i hope you are feeling better. Great chap.
1/15/2017 c18 finderlov
Awesome awesome love it and welcome back
1/15/2017 c18 yukino76
so poetic
1/15/2017 c18 19Girl-luvs-manga
I wonder if Kazuma is the one who calls him master.
1/13/2017 c16 00JuJubee00
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one! Update as soon as you can please! I've been sucked into this story and love it, so you cant just leave me hanging! I NEED MORE lol!
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